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Scotts Lawn Service / I wish I never used their lawn care service

Lisa 88888 on Jul 18, 2016
I wish I never used your service. I signed up a service package this year. After the crabgrass prevention applied, new grass were came out after I applied Scotts seeds. in March and April I saw bermudagrass and crabgrass came out and called the service. They just continue came to apply the...

Scotts Lawn Care / Annual lawn care program

D. E. Edwards on Feb 6, 2016
1. August 2007 we bought a one year old home in a wonderful 150 home development. This home has a 1 acre beautifully and professionally landscaped yard (garden). 2. The yard itself was fully sodded with mature Centipede grass. 3. We have and used an irrigation system per the direction of the...

Scotts Lawn Service / Billing for a service which wasn't delivered

Bryony2 on Jan 12, 2016
Late summer 2015 we signed up to lawn service (cus# 53736360) under agreement that if we were dissatisfied we could cancel the contract and wouldn't have to pay first visit. The first visit (9/9/15) lasted 6 minutes, was carried out in 90+ degree heat (when many fertilizers don't work...

Scotts Lawn Service / Weeds Weeds Weeds

Reviewer31250 on Sep 26, 2015
Date of incident - All summer Client Number -17531327 I was referred by my neighbor to try Scott's service in 2014, 2014 her lawn was beautiful, 2015 I got the service so my lawn could look better. This was a big mistake, my lawn now look worse than before, and now 2015 my neighbor'...

Scottslawnservice.com / They changed the price and conditions of our agreement

kaietta on Jul 6, 2015
We signed the contract with the company www.scottslawnservice.com. Basically, the made the work on time and it wasn’t bad at all. But they haven’t charged us we agreed. Also the price has been changed and no one warned us. We called to their billing department, but they only...

Scotts Lawn Service / Poor service, Lies about Service

zee11 on Jun 12, 2015
I finally called headquarters because I was being harrassed for a $39.90 balance, however, the service was never provided on date of question. No proof of it. Yard and shrubs supposed to be sprayed on regular basis. Never saw them after I requested to be called when they would spray my...

Scotts Lawn Service / non authorized service

capt-will on Oct 17, 2014
My letter to the local scott lawn service: This service was never authorized by me and in fact I refused it when solicited by phone! I responded to a phone call asking if I wanted the service; when I was told of the price I declined saying I had a local person who has been doing for me for...

Scotts LawnService / Poor service

MHHill on Jun 29, 2014
We noticed last summer our back yard was not looking as healthy as our front yard. We had been using Scotts for awhile. I called to ask for an extra service call, only to find out they had not been servicing my back yard. NOW they were charging me for the complete service, even though the...

Scotts Lawn Service / Fired for being a good employee

The GM fired me because he was caught running the trucks in very bad conditions. I told him my air condition belt was squealing at least two or three times. When confronted by a higher up he lied and said I never told him. I am an honest Christian hardworking individual and stood up for...

Scotts Lawn Service / Sales people not giving correct info to lure customers in for their services

Mrs. Jo Jo on Mar 22, 2014
Serviceman and Salesman contacted us many times about their lawn service. Each time we told him that their services were too expensive. The other companies who had given us bids were much cheaper than his. After several conversations with him, he told us that he would give a plan for five...

Scotts Lawn Service / all around service

mike H 2 on Apr 24, 2013
NEVER EVER USE THESE GUYS!!! The owner Will and I argued over service. First he starting insulting me, then he said he f--ked my wife.He repeated it over and over.Later that afternoon he called back and started cursing me out.I have heard a lot of others who have had similar experiences.I...

Scotts Lawn Service / Service and Product

Sadi Crowe on Feb 25, 2013
I have contacted them to NOT renew my contract and sure enough, they show up and leave a bill. I was told that when you use their services, it is automatically renewed every year. I was told that they are like the cable company. What? How is lawn service like the cable company? I called in...

Scotts Lawn Service / Billed for no service

David Chaves on Dec 12, 2012
Billed for service that was not performed. Have talked to manager, (Chris) he has told me the service person has talked to me about the service.I have not heard a word form George the service person. I was told today on 12/12/12 that George talked to me last week that is impossible i wa...

Scotts Lawn Service / Scotts Lawn Services Advertisement is a lie

Sineg on Oct 24, 2012
Received a mailing with an advertisement of free lawn analysis. Requested this service online. I received a call from Scotts representative in Elgin IL and was asked if I want any paid services. I said that I want FREE LAWN ANALYSIS as advertised. They told me that it takes up to 2 week...

Scotts Lawn Service / Fraudulent Billing

BadBetts on Aug 20, 2012
My son hired Scott’s to treat the lawns at my vacant house in 2011. Whatever they did to the lawn wasn’t effective enough for us to consider rehiring them. In spring 2012 we found a plastic Scott’s on the front lawn, assumed it was trash from someone else and didn’t think anything of it...

Scotts Lawn Service / Bad service

Paraguachi on Aug 16, 2012
I signed up for their Scottslawn Services of Wayne in September of 2011. On the first overseeding, they sprayed seeds on the flower beds, walkways and pavers. I let it slide as there was little to do other than blowing the seeds off. We are now at the end of summer 2012 and I now have more...

Scotts Lawn Service / they are supposed to come when I am home, they have times, but came when I wasnt home, n did half my yard not enitre yard

unhappie on Aug 16, 2012
When I called them to do my yard again this yr, *after a cpl yrs ago I was a little late on a payment, but it was made, they never came back out or called to finish my yard for the yr, but I thought I would try them one more time...I'm sorry I did now...these people DO NOT DO WHAT...

Scotts LawnService / Bill non-customer for service they never order

Johns 30022 on Aug 3, 2012
I have never been a customer of Scotts LawnService and have never ordered any service from them Start from 5/2012 they keep sending me bills for some lawn service that they claim they did for me. I called their customer service several times about the bills, and every time the customer...

Scotts Lawn Care / Poor service - won't stop

RSM JR. on Aug 3, 2012
UPDATE - I cancelled the service months but these crooks keep coming out - I asked them to leave my yard, few days later I chased the guys out of my yard...I had to advise and then demand they not return . I come a few days later and my yard had a treatment sign in the yard. They snuck...

Scotts Lawn Service / Billing for unauthorized services

PPP2012 on Jun 25, 2012
I had a lawn service from Scotts Lawn service in 2011. I was not satisfied with the service as lack of proper sevice distroyed my lawn. During winter of 2011, Scotts lawn service sent me an offer for 2012. However, I did not renew my service. In spring of this year, without my...

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