Save-A-Lotsavings and price - banquet fried chicken


I bought a package of chicken at save a lot on 1/7/17 in Plattsburgh NY for $6.79 and the box says Now Bigger! I get is home and all that is my box are 6 small drumsticks .No breast No thighs No wings Just drum sticks that's not bigger and defiantly not worth $6.79 for the box it claims to be 29oz but that is not possible for the pieces of chicken that were in the box .I used my home food digital scales and it was 19.5 oz of food in the box . The bottom of the box in the right hand corner the box says in small print average breast 9.37 oz vs previous 8.13oz and drumsticks 4.9 oz vs previous 2.96oz I would appreciate a refund and coupons for future purchases my family enjoys this product but not this time . The numbers on the box and the best by date are [protected]:44 j24 best if used by Oct 19 2017

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