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We were making dinner and my daughter complained who was helping said that there was something hard and sharp in her uncooked biscuit dough. After further inspection about half of the dough had hard shards of what looks to be plastic in it. We checked the ones that were already cooking and they also had pieces of sharp plastic in them. I'm very upset my family that has several younger kids in it about ate these and possibly choked on them. I did take pictures of the packaging and also video of the shards being found


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    Charles A. Kinney Jan 11, 2020

    Just picked up a Morning Delights Buttermilk Biscuit can a couple of weeks ago and cracked open the tube and noticed something like a hair on a biscuit. Looked closer and sure enough it was blonde and I pulled on it and it came right out of the dough. Ew... Not cool. The quality and control procedures at companies is becoming non-existent. How could a hair get into a batter mix? Seems to me the "blonde" didn't like covering up her hair and the company let her get away with it?

    Lately we have been finding hair in other food products too. From now on, I will drag out the old digital camera and start snapping this stuff.

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