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J Jul 05, 2019

To Whom It May Concern,
I am writing regarding a flight I took with Saudia Airlines on June 3, 2019 (from Abha to Riyadh (SV 1887) then from Riyadh to Istanbul (SV 267)). I ordered a vegetarian meal prior to the flight, as I cannot eat meat whatsoever. On the flight from Riyadh to Istanbul, the stewardess brought me my meal which she assured me was vegetarian. I asked her to confirm twice before proceeding to eat the meal that it was vegetarian and she said "yes". Trusting her, I proceeded to eat the meal which turned out to be MEAT. When I pointed this out to the stewardess, she was disgustingly rude and curt with me and said "well, I thought it was vegetarian" and then walked away from me, HUMILIATING ME in front of the entire plane. Not only is such behavior unacceptably disrespectful, but it is also undeniably unprofessional and the fact that she felt justified to insult my dignity so blatantly, indicates that Saudia Airlines does not respect the medical situations or religious/personal convictions of its customers, nor does it feel the need for its employees to treat its customers with basic human dignity. I asked to speak to the captain who took my contact information and promised me that customer services would contact me within 72 hours to rectify the issue and to make up for the pain and distress that your staff caused me. It has since been one month, and I have not been contacted at all. The fact that the captain promised me that customer service would be in touch with me in order to rectify this issue, and that I still have not been contacted one month later, further indicates that the pain and distress to which I was unnecessarily subjected by your staff, is, in your opinion, no big deal. It is by no means an exaggeration when I say that being tricked by the stewardess into eating meat caused me extreme emotional and physical distress—it made me physically ill and emotionally distraught, rendering me incapable of participating in any Eid festivities with my family and friends. I wholeheartedly regret ever booking a ticket with your airline, and I wish I had flown with Turkish Airlines, as I normally do (as they have always been respectful and observant of my dietary restrictions).
As a Muslim, I deliberately bought a ticket from Saudia Airlines, as I mistakenly thought that you would understand and respect dietary restrictions. For me, being fed any type of meat is equivalent to being fed pork—I have no doubt that you would view a Muslim being fed pork, especially when they have blatantly stated that they cannot eat pork, an unforgivable offense, so why is my situation any different? I would hate to think that I was treated in such a manner because I was a single Muslim woman traveling alone, or because I wasn't wearing a niqab or hijab.
I trust that you will rectify this matter immediately and will act accordingly to both refund me and compensate me for my suffering. I hope that no other customer is subjected to such awful treatment.
[name removed]

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