Saudi Airlinesmix - up lands passengers at wrong destination


01 September 2013
Saudia Mix- up Drops passengers at wrong destination .
In the strongest possible terms I am reporting the following incident which occurred to my wife Wejdan Ghazi Albataineh and two daughters Rama and Raneem Alawneh, all Jordanians, last Thursday, 29 August 2013, coming back from Amman to Jeddah on flight No : SV 630, for action by the concerned agencies of the Saudia Airlines .
According to their confirmed coming back booking the said flight suppose to be directly from Amman to Jeddah, leaving Amman Queen Alia International Airport at 14:00 hours, arriving at Jeddah King Abdul-Aziz International Airport at 16:00 hours on Thursday 29 August 2013 with no mention at all of Madinah Airport as a stopover . But for unexplained, unknown reason and apparently without telling the passengers the flight stopped At Madinah .
As my wife was not aware of this flight change at all, and knew according to the ticket information that it is anon-stop, believed the plane landed at Jeddah, she got off with the kids, had her passport stamped by the immigration, went to collect the luggage which did not show up after a very long wait . She became extremely shocked, broke in tears and about to collapse the moment she was told she got off at the wrong destination.
She and the kids were gratefully helped by someone who put them on the nearest next flight to Jeddah, where myself having a tough, long and boring time waiting for them at Jeddah airport .
Questions might be asked !
01-Isn’t it the responsibility of the pilot or the cabin crew to inform all passengers of the trip’s details from A-Z .
02- Were there any call saying the plane landed at Madinah and Jeddah passengers must remain seated ?
03- Shouldn’t the flight supervisor or whoever take all necessary measures and precautions to make sure that no passenger is getting off at the wrong destination ? like asking or checking the departing passengers available documents .
04- Was there any head count of the remaining passengers to make sure none of Jeddah’s passenger was missing ?
05- What would happen to my wife and the kids and myself, if they were not lucky enough to find three available seats in a next flight to Jeddah, and got stranded for a long time there ?
06- I believe based on IATA Rules and Regulations, my wife and the kids in such case are entitled to a compensation for the hard time and the moral damage they had secondary to dropping them at wrong destination .
You are kindly requested to investigate this error, and ensure that whatever procedural breakdown happened in this case will not occur . And I believe the incident did raise issues over security .

Yours Faithfully
Mohammad Alawneh
e-mail [protected]
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