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This year has been by far the most stressful tax season. Not only did I have to wait over 8 weeks (nothing wrong just slow processing) for an update to my transcript and a DDD from the IRS but my refund was rejected through Turbo Tax’s bank, Santa Barbara Tax Products Group (aka Green Dot Bank). I elected to pay my preparation fees with my refund. They sell it as a convenience to taxpayers but please BEWARE! This is the second year that I’ve filed with TT. Last year, there was issues too but at least they tried to attempt to take some responsibility.

As you can imagine, I was excited to finally update and see a DDD for 4/6. Well, that was short lived! I woke up on 4/6, no refund, 4/7, no refund and everyday thereafter. I checked the TPG log-in for taxpayers, it continued to remain either unknown or unfunded. I checked the IRS WMR tool, refund approved with the 4/6 date noted, 4/7 it updated to sent (I have all the screenshots). Still nothing! I called SBTPG on 4/6 and 4/7. Both times, I was told that they didn't receive it. Now, imagine that? The IRS indicates a date but never sends it? I’m not buying that. I’m then told to email support and call back on Monday, 4/11 because they (SBTPG) only process in batches on Wednesday’s and Friday’s. So just to be clear, through their own admission, if they get your refund on a Wednesday, it’s being held prior to being sent to you. So, taxpayers pay a fee for their service and you don’t even get same or next day funding. Still no reply to my support ticket or the one that I submitted through the help link on their website.

Well, Monday, 4/11 and still no refund. I called SBTPG again and you guessed it, still unfunded. They tell me to call the IRS and get the account, routing and trace where it was sent to. By this point, I’ve spent about 14 hours on the phone in a matter of (3) days and still no answers to the whereabouts of my $12k+ refund. Something told me to check WMR again and immediately it was in red to take action and exclamation mark with a number and a reference code provided. I called and was told that the refund was sent to a Green Dot account (SBTPG) and was later rejected and sent back to the IRS. This had to occur on Friday, 4/8 because my transcripts only update on Friday’s since I’m a weekly account. I was told by the representative that a check would be mailed in 4-5 weeks! Unbelievable!

I call SBTPG back to tell them this information. Well, I was hung up on when they were supposedly looking into it. Then, when I called back, I got the same script that the IRS never sent it. The last idiot representative when I asked her my Green Dot account information on file, she responded, we have your checking account on file for the deposit. Well, I know that but nothing is there. As I understand it, the IRS sends the refund to the bank issuer’s account, they deduct the fees and then are supposed to send to the tax payer. Well, that never happened to myself and thousands of others! I held the last representative to task and told her that I needed answers and still nothing beyond they never got anything. When I challenged her, I got “the reception is poor, please hold” just to be hung up on AGAIN! I AM LIVID! The IRS has no reason to lie but whatever games or cover up TT and SBTPG are playing should be criminal! Just check TT sad pathetic forums and online chat groups. Facebook is also filled with many with my same exact experience. Either SBTPG is holding money or claiming they never received it and supposedly missing deposits. Either way, my refund (and many other people’s refunds) are missing. SBTPG is failing to deposit them correctly or there is some glitch they aren’t acknowledging and neither is TT. Either way, the ONLY reason I was forced to go through them was because of TT. TT should be handling this mess but its deafening silence. Honestly, I’m sick of no one taking any responsibility. My refund is literally MISSING. This definitely will be my last year using TT and SBTPG. I’ve learned a hard lesson this year. An ounce of convenience has now been 5 days of sheer hell and utter torture!

Sadly, I have to move. I cannot wait another 4-5 weeks. I've already waited over 8 weeks. I filed 2/3. I need my money! To add insult to injury, the IRS doesn't forward checks so I'm basically screwed again! I’m literally praying for a miracle. I will be filing a formal complaint with the Better Business Bureau and my local legislature. The feds need to close this bank down!

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