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Unique Travel Corporation

Calle Aquilino De Guardia, № 8

Customer Support Phone Numbers

1800 545 8283(Canada) 1 1
+1 888 726 3257(Customer Service) 4 0
+1 866 503 8409(Spanish Language) 2 0
+1 876 952 5510(Montego Bay Resort, Jamaica) 1 0
+1 876 953 2231(Royal Caribbean Resort, Jamaica) 2 1
+1 876 974 5691(Ochi Resort, Jamaica) 1 0
+1 876 957 5216(Negril Resort, Jamaica) 1 1
+1 876 640 3000(South Coast Resort, Jamaica) 1 0
+1 876 952 4140(Sandals Inn Resort, Jamaica) 1 0
+1 876 974 5601(Royal Plantation Resort, Jamaica) 1 0
+1 758 452 3081(Regency La Toc Resort, Saint Lucia) 1 0
+1 758 455 2000(Grande St. Lucian Resort, Saint Lucia) 1 0
+1 758 453 0222(Halycon Beach Resort, Saint Lucia) 1 0
+1 242 327 6400(Royal Bahamian Resort, Bahamas) 2 0
+1 242 336 6800(Emerald Bay Resort, Bahamas) 1 0
+1 268 484 0100(Grande Antigua Resort, Antigua) 1 0
+1 473 437 8000(Sandals Grenada Resort, Grenada) 2 0
+1 246 620 3600(Barbados Resorts) 1 0
+1 305 284 1300(United States & Latin America) 1 0
+44 207 581 9895(United Kingdom & Most Of Europe) 1 0
+33 633 838 394(France) 1 0
+49 211 405 7700(Germany, Scandinavia, Spain & Portugal) 2 0
+39 229 521 977(Italy) 1 0
+7 495 628 6144(Russia) 1 0
+54 112 334 8562(Argentina, Uruguay & Paraguay) 1 0
+55 119 9303 3882(Brazil) 1 0
+56 950 911 428(Chile) 1 0
+57 317 640 9925(Colombia & Equador) 1 0
+52 155 5408 1424(Mexico) 1 0
+51 998 876 616(Peru) 1 0

Montego Bay Resort, Jamaica
P.O. Box 100, N. Kent Avenue, Montego Bay, St. James, Jamaica, West Indies
Fax: +1 876 952 0816
Royal Caribbean Resort, Jamaica
Mahoe Bay. Box 167, Montego Bay, St. James, Jamaica, West Indies
Fax: +1 876 953 2788
Ochi Resort, Jamaica
P.O. Box 771, Main Street, Ocho Rios, St. Ann, Jamaica, West Indies
Fax: +1 876 974 5700
Negril Resort, Jamaica
P.O. Box 12, Norman Manley Blvd, Negril, Jamaica, West Indies
Fax: +1 876 957 5338
South Coast Resort, Jamaica
P.O. Box 5000, Whitehouse, Westmoreland, Jamaica, West Indies
Fax: +1 876 640 3001
Sandals Inn Resort, Jamaica
P.O. Box 412, Kent Avenue, Montego Bay, St. James, Jamaica, West Indies
Fax: +1 876 952 69136
Royal Plantation Resort, Jamaica
Main Street, P.O. Box 2, Ocho Rios, St. Ann, Jamaica
Fax: +1 876 974 5912
Regency La Toc Resort, Saint Lucia
P.O. Box 399, Castries, Saint Lucia, West Indies
Fax: +1 758 452 1012
Grande St. Lucian Resort, Saint Lucia
P.O. Box G.I. 2247, Gros-Islet, Saint Lucia, West Indies
Fax: +1 758 455 2001
Halycon Beach Resort, Saint Lucia
P.O. GM910, Choc Bay, Castries, St.Lucia, West Indies   
Fax: +1 758 451 8435
Royal Bahamian Resort, Bahamas
P.O. Box 39-CB-13005, Cable Beach, Nassau, Bahamas
Fax: +1 242 327 6961
Emerald Bay Resort, Bahamas
P.O. Box EX-29142, Great Exuma, Bahamas
Fax: +1 242 336 6801
Grande Antigua Resort, Antigua
P.O. Box 147, Dickenson Bay, St. John's, Antigua
Fax: +1 268 462 4135
Sandals Grenada Resort, Grenada
P.O. Box 1636, Pink Gin Beach, St. Georges, Grenada
Fax: +1 473 444 2561
Sandals Barbados Resort
Dover, Christ Church, Barbados
Fax: +1 246 428 3602
Sandals Royal Barbados Resort
Maxwell Beach, Christ Church, Barbados
Fax: +1 246 428 3602

Worldwide Representatives

United States & Latin America
4950 SW 72nd Avenue, Miami, Florida 33155
4211 Yonge St., Suite 320, Willowdale, Ontario M2P2A9
The United Kingdom & Most Of Europe
32 Ives Street, London SW3 2ND

Austria & Switzerland
Grafenberger Allee 72, 40237 Düsseldorf

Germany, Scandinavia, Spain & Portugal
Grafenberger Allee 72, 40237 Düsseldorf, Germany

Via Bronzino, 20, 20133 Milano
Office 311, 3d floor, 5/4 Krivokoleniy pereulok, Moscow, 101000, Russia

Sandals Resorts / Unique Travel Corporation Complaints & Reviews

Sandals Resorts / Unique Travel Corporation — charges due to airline issues

To whom it may concern: On January 15th, 2020 through January 21st, 2020, I stayed at the Sandals Halcyon in Saint Lucia. I am currently a Sapphire Level member, there to...

Hotels  · Jan 24, 2020

Sandals Resorts / Unique Travel Corporation — refund not received

I went to Beaches Turks and Caicos over thanksgiving break. I had purchased through unique travel corp prior to my visit an excursion of which my daughter and I were very excited...

Hotels  · Jan 02, 2020

Sandals Resorts / Unique Travel Corporation — the entire resort

First I am a diamond member. I was told that Sandals emerald bay was the best. I must say it was the worst vacation ever. The place needs a remodel. We stay in what you consider...

Hotels  · Nov 10, 2019

Sandals Resorts / Unique Travel Corporation — requesting a refund - booking #[protected]

625963 Requesting a Refund for Baggage Fees. I was unable to locate on the invoice and e-tickets any details to baggage fees, therefore we assumed the baggage would be included in the...

Hotels  · Jul 31, 2019

Sandals Resorts / Unique Travel Corporation — bed bug infestation

625963 My wife and I were bitten severely and over 100 times each while staying at Sandals Antigua during May 23-28th. Unfortunately the sandals management continues to deny their...

Hotels  · Jul 08, 2019

Sandals Resorts / Unique Travel Corporation — deposit

Hello When I was in St Lucia Sandals for the. 1st time, I became a member and accumulated points. I was confronted bythe travel team to get discounts for a future trip, which I...

Hotels  · Mar 17, 2019

Sandals Resorts / Unique Travel Corporation — sandals royal bahamian

I did a lot of research and chose this resort due to the "endless" water sports and activities it promoted on their website, including unlimited snorkeling and diving. I have...

Travel & Vacations  · Jan 12, 2019

Sandals Resorts / Unique Travel Corporation — sandals select rewards program

~simply stay 70 nights at any of the sandals or beaches resorts and you'll earn a free, 7 night stay~ It all sounds so easy... I After our first vacation to sandals (montego bay...

Travel & Vacations  · Sep 27, 2018

Sandals Resorts / Unique Travel Corporation — unprofessional service

To Whom it May Concern, My wife and I have just experienced one of the worst vacations ever with Sandals Royal Caribbean resort in Jamaica. As soon as we arrived on 06/17 we...

Hotels  · Jun 25, 2018

Sandals Resorts / Unique Travel Corporation — vacation

We stayed at Sandals Antigua 2/27-3/6 2017. Butler Suite Rondoval with pool. I'm writing this almost a year later because I have been fighting with Sandals all this time for...

Miami Beach Hotels  · Feb 12, 2018

Sandals Ocho Rios Jamaica — concierge service paid for and was not provided

Numerous attempts to resolve, sandals no recompense! To: sandals corporation: 5/24/17 In response to request for online survey of our recent stay re: (booking #8340265-...

Sandals Montego Bay — Failure to provide full services at resort

135630 We booked a 5 night stay for our anniversary on October 13, 2016 from October 11th- 16th at the Sandals Royal Caribbean Montego Bay Jamaica. The reason for choosing this resort...

Sandals Grande Antigua Resort " Spa — Paid for service not received

We went to Sandals Grand Antigua, February 14-24, 2016, we paid the up charge for Butler Service $2, 150 USD and when we got there, there was no Butler Service provided. We...

Sandals Halcyon In St. Lucia — Second floor room, no record of being signature guest

After requesting a ground floor room we were assigned a second floor room. My wife suffers from a lung condition that makes stairs nearly impossible.I offered to pay for an...

Sandals Grande Antigua — Injury and employees

Good day. My name is Joseph Velez I'm here trying to contact someone of importance related to Sandals particularly Grand Antigua. Im very disappointed to say my 1st ever vacation...

[Resolved] Sandals — Service and Stay - Worst Service Ever

We have been loyal customers of Sandals and Beaches and have appreciated the excellent customer service provided and have never complained until our second visit to “Sandal...

Sandals — Worst company and trip

Most disappointing trip we have ever been on and it was my honeymoon. I went to Sandals Emerald Bay from September 28-October 5..I never complain on vacations because I'm...

Sandals Hotels — terrible client care

This is a copy of a letter I sent to Sandals Resorts. Be forewarned if you ever have a problem with a sandals resort they will never assist you so be prepared to kiss your...

Sandals — Poor service and scabies

215826 We went to Sandals Montego Bay, along with 43 of our friends and family to be married there. We had a great time with our family and friends, however, several issues due to...

Sandals Halcyon In St. Lucia — Horrible Resort and Company Run Down Dump

540030 My Wife and I booked our honeymoon with Sandals at the Halcyon in St.Lucia. Our trip was nothing like we expected it was horrible we spent so much time dealing with the management...

Sandals Halcyon Resort — Our Honeymoon Stay

536117 Sandals Customer Service, To Whom It May Concern, Hello, I’m writing you to tell you about the experience my wife and I had on our honeymoon, at the Sandals Halcyon...

Sandals Resorts — Refusal to accomodate or refund

In October of 2010, I vacationed to Sandals Antigua for my brother’s wedding. The resort was beautiful, the service was excellent and the experience was phenomenal...

Sandals Resorts — problems in Montego

Mid-April 2014 a friend and I went to Montego Bay for 10 days. I judge a venue's patron's successful experience not only by when things go right, but how they behave...

Sandals Grande Antigua — Food & Service

Following our 2 week vacation at The Sandals Grande Antigua Resort in April 2013, we wrote to the General Manager of the resort and followed up with their Customer Service Office...

Sandals Resorts — Terrible Service

My wife and I almost a year ago on June 12th, the day after our wedding, went to Sandals Latoc in St. Lucia for our Honeymoon. We will never go there again. We paid good money for...

Sandals Grande St Lucian — quoting of prices

Per a tape session with our travel agent - we were quoted $80 each to complete our scuba drive training, when we got there they charged us $300 each. We have tried to get a refund...

Sandals Resort Whitehouse — horrible lies

I'm an intern from a america and you guys dont know the half of it. its criminal without a doubt. Im a chef that just started here . and the food is touched by hands that are...

SANDALS.COM ST. LUCIA — stolen pre-paid vacation monies

I booked an entire week at the SANDALS Resort in La TOC Saint Lucia ON LINE. I also purchased travel insurance on the vacation. My companion at the time was interested in taking...

Sandals Resorts — Ripping off with false &upgrades&!

Sandals Royal Bahamian called one week before travel to ask if we wanted to "upgrade" for $350.00 to SIX room categories above what we had purchased...promising all kinds of perk...

Sandals Resorts — They Stole over $2,500 from me!!!

I purchased a trip for myself and a friend. I also purchased the trip insurance as my friend did not yet have a passport. I was ASSURED that the trip insurance (per the...

Sandals Resort-Jamaica — Theft by employee

A month ago we took at Royal Caribbean cruise including the port of Jamaica. My husband and I had heard that the Sandals all-inclusive resort was fabulous. We were able to obtain...

Sandals Great Exuma, Bahamas — Horribe Experience

Re: Sandals Stay – Great Exuma, Bahamas To Whom It May Concern: I would like to start off this letter with how we “ended up” at the worst Sandals Experience...

Sandals — Accident requiring surgery!!!

We stayed at beaches Boscobel 7/12/10 - 7/18/10. I fell on the pool steps on 7/16/10 @ approx 10:30 am. If you get the report I submitted to the nurses station you will have the...

Sandals Resorts — services

My booking number was 5102358 edythe johnson and my signature select member number is [protected]. I am not sure why you did not get my whole email, but here is the rest of...

Sandals Negril - Jamaica — Don't Waste Your Money

I am writing this letter to let you know that this was my first and last vacation to any Sandals Resort. We arrived Saturday December 5, 2009 and returned on Saturday 12, 2009. My...

Sandals Montego Bay — Bad Experience

Here is the letter that I send to Sandals customer service - I emailed them and recieved no response, so I maiiled in a letter as well. I never recieved any type of response from...

Sandals Resort — Do not use them

Last October, my wife and I sent our son and his new bride on a honeymoon to Sandals Resort in Antigua. They came back with reports of extremely poor management support and what...

Sandals Resorts — Worst travel experience!

I booked a trip to Sandals Montego Bay through my travel agent to take my wife away for her 40th birthday. I read hundreds of reviews on this property and was prepared to accept...