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Sandals Resorts review: Sandals royal caribbean cockroach infestation

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Reservation [protected]- The first day I arrived at the over the water Villa, we found multiple cockroaches, and I have a serious fear of bugs and especially roaches. We spent hours Friday evening dealing with them with the housekeeping staff and nighttime manager. At first the manager acted like I was overreacting, then they saw the infestation when they were inside the villa themselves and started to be a bit nicer and seemed to care more.

But I can’t believe the solution was to spray raid everywhere, my daughter even slipped on raid because there were raid every where 😂, I was so disgusted so I welcomed anything even raid at that point 😂. And then, so many more of the cockroaches came out and I continued to scream as they came crawling on floor and walls of the villa. At first, they said they didn’t have another villa, when they witness all the cockroaches themselves, they quickly kind of cleaned the villa next-door, but it was obvious that the floor was NOT swept, or it didn’t get through a full cleaning and it was left over from a previous guest since their belonging like some flowers were still there but it was pretty so we didn’t mind; we were just happy to get out of the cockroach war zone at that moment and it was 10:30pm already.

Then we found cockroaches in that new villa too the moment we walked in, there was a dead roach on the floor, the manager said it must have been on the bottom of the shoe of one of the house keepers (yes the infestation was so bad that she thinks one of them got stuck on their shoe and was brought to the new villa 😂. but at that point we were so exhausted and mad at the situation since no one seemed to know how to deal with them other than spraying raid every where that’s poisonous when used excessively like that.

Ok the new villa, the live cockroaches were crawling on the kitchen counter and on the cappuccino maker, but we just dealt with it and told the main manager during the day when we were checking out because they had no other vacancies anyway and I was just so fed up and nothing would help at that point, especially 20k points which mean nothing to us.

So that’s how we spent our vacation, we have to leave all lights on at night and the only way I could sleep was to take sleeping medication because I was so disgusted and so worried they will crawl on me if we turned off lights. Would you pay 16k to sleep 3 nights at a place that u can’t turn lights off and ur constantly looking out for roaches and couldn’t eat anything that was left out? I would say that’s the opposite of a relaxing and enjoyable vacation. It is really a shame because our butlers were amazing, the food is amazing, but I did not spend $16,000 to a cockroach infested place, holiday Inn would have been a better choice.

Here is another funny in an absurd way, the day operarions manager said at least 3 times within 2 day span: “we just learned the last few days that we should not fumigate outside without fumigating inside, but these villas are just so occupied”. How long has the resort been open, are they just learning that right now? 😂😂And the cockroaches were going to their homes inside the villa like cracks on the floor and walls. In the second villa, there were cracks behind the kitchen, and the cockroaches were crawling all over the kitchen counter, and where the coffee maker was.

How can a $500 credit on the $16,000 spent for just 3 nights in cockroachville a fair trade for three nights of restlessness with lights on and constant cockroach fear, we were looking out for them the entire time we were there and I slept terribly. I even woke up thinking I heard them or felt them, just a nightmare all around 😂And a fear of cockroaches crawling over us and getting into our luggage was just indescribably disgusting.

I have videos and pictures of cockroaches that I took from the villa that clearly shows roaches and that it’s the glass floored Sandals royal Caribbean over the water villa, They could have gotten into our luggage and then we would be the infestation home. So we threw away our suite cases when we got home.

Desired outcome: Refund

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