Samsungsamsung t.v.


About 4 to 4.5 years i pursed a 60 inch t.v. from sears. I paid 1265.00 plus a stand for it. I own it for about 9 months and the lamp went out. I at the time thought nothing much about it until I order a lamp from sears at a cost of 147.50 Part # BP 9601472A I installed it and low and behold it worked but only lasted for another 9 to 10 months. Another lamp cost 153.50 and it worked for at least 7 months and went out again, now i have to buy another lamp and it lasted almost a year and it, s gone again. This makes 4 lamps I have had to buy at a cost of 620.25. I was told by a Samsung rep. she was sorry and i would have to live with this since the warr. was long gone. Then in the same breath i was told that if i put a fan behind the t.v. it would solve my problems. Well it hasn, t I tried to call Samsung to complain and ask for help and now they claim there is no record of my complaint. I know this may not do any good but at least they could send me a couple of lamps to help out the cause since I am stuck with this bulb blowing machine. The serial # B19L3CKL8077879M The model # HLS6187WX1XAA The Version # PF01 Since I am on S>S. this is a cost I can do without . Please help if you can. If not I simply can not afford to continue buying lamps. The part number I listed above I think is a sears part number. i may be wrong but at least i buy them through sears simply because there is no repair service for this lamp in the Crawfordville area.

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