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Dear Sir/Madam,
I bought a mobile (Galaxy J5 Pro) (serial no. 356435/08/602019/3) in Cairo, Egypt on 24 July 2017.
On 26 October 2017, the screen turned purple. At first it was a small spot then it became the whole screen. I took it on the same day to Samsung agent, I2 (10 Obour Bldgs, Salah Salem, Heliopolis, Cairo). The assistant told me the screen was broken and I had to pay EGP 2, 000 to fix it, although the mobile is still under warrant. I told him I have not dropped and there is not a single crack in the screen but he insisted it was my fault. He was not helpful and his attitude was rude. He did not seem to care when I told him I will complain to Samsung.
First, I do not expect this performance of Samsung product.
Second, I do not expect such poor service from Samsung agent.
I have been a loyal Samsung customer for the past 10 years unlike my brother who is an iPhone customer. But I have to say that iPhone customer support is much superior to Samsung. My brother has dropped his phone and broken the screen and they replaced the phone - as it was still under warrant - although iPhone does not even have an agent in Egypt, but they provide customer service through certified sellers.
I am dissatisfied with the service and I would like a replacement of the mobile or at least a replacement of screen for free.

I look forward to your response.

Sandra Ashraf Shawky

Samsung Electronics

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