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ADVERTISIMENT reviews & complaints complaints 70 - sidecar

Was ordered on 8/13/21 was told 4-6 weeks arrived in December & it was the wrong color & has inferior brackets and parts. Price was $2725.20. We have a dispute with credit card company as of now. I am in appeal. Tried calling company several times was hung up on twice, getting nowhere. To return they said pay $600 shipping? To make this sidecar safe to drive it will cost an additional 2-3K because if inferior parts. They sent the wrong color as well when calling she laughed at that. This sidecar is absolute junk. The website says watch installation videos when u click there is nothing there, says minor installation which is not true, i have owned 2 sidecars prior to buying this one so I know what is involved and this needs a welding fabricator which I am not one Safer wholesale is totally not cooperating Very rude and unhelpful. I have seen now many bad reviews on company which is not good for me. It is stored exactly where shipper dropped it off. It is a useless pile of junk. If u give me mailing address i can send hard copies of other info i have found to be damaging to their company. I searched forums & found many complaints... Thank u Ed Morris [protected]

Desired outcome: refund

Dec 03, 2021 - Warranty Parts

I purchased this quad almost a year ago. When I received it there were a few things wrong with it. It is new not used. The seller claims a warranty. In their ads and on their website. I made a claim many months ago and since then have documented 48 communications
and counting. I believe I am getting the run around over and over.
I see you have 68 claims filed against them. Had I known the reputation I might have rethought the purchase. However, I am at their mercy to get the warrantee parts. Can you help ?

Here is the order number and Claim number
RE: [## 20056 ##] (WARRANTY) CLAIMS[John Gonzales] G733656--JS--

Desired outcome: Get the warantee parts - Motorcycle sidecar

I purchased this on [protected], after many calls and was always told it going out next week. It finally shipped10-21-2021.
I was told it would fit my bike, it needs major fabrication to get on my frame.
The receivers needed to have the excess weld ground out to allow the frame to fit in it the wheel was very small, and the fender large enough to fit a truck none of the pars were predrilled after being lied to so many times as to shipping and that it would fit my bike
I have no respect for this company and since I belong to two riders clubs the american legion riders and the v.F. W riders, you will not get good reviews from me

Desired outcome: the wheel to be larger or the fender to fit that wheel

ADVERTISIMENT - taotao125cc dirt bike

on 9/10/20 I placed an order FOR A TAOTAO125CC DIRT BIKE! on 9/18/20 I received A shipping confirmation but it was wrong! it said that I had ordered a Apollo 110cc dirt bike ! YOU KNOW THE REST OF THE STORY WHERE'S MY $964.95 OR WHERE'S MY TAOTAO125CC DIRT BIKE! I HAVE NEITHER AND YOU HAVE BOTH I WOULD LIKE MY MONEY BACK IN FULL I CAN'T BELIVE YOUR STILL IN BUSSNISS - I have been trying to get a replacement wheel for the pit bike I bought. Paid in full.

They are very rude on the phone and said I had to fill out a ticket. Still no word. I need the wheel this was a gift for my grandson. They should replace, I paid 1000.00. They need to be removed from internet, so other honest people don't fall victim to this site. I expect to get a replaced front wheel for the pit bike I bought. I will never buy from this site again and I will let their scam be known.

Desired outcome: Replace the wheel..

B - Customer service

Below is a conversation I had with one of the sale's reps on their chat function: 02:52 PMBrian Herring I ordered the Boomcat Motorcycle from your company. Haven't received it, but I am being billed...

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I ordered (a new but with some fright damage )Samsung refrigerator received an LG. Icemaker not work, leaking "away" from water hookup. Major exterior damage, was purchased with knowledge of SOME...

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Mar 20, 2019 - classic carport

Awful company. I paid in full $3750 by electronic check, 6 months ago for a carport. I have maintained contact and received nothing but excuses. No reduced cost, no refund, no product, no carport. I asked to speak with the manufacturer and was refused. The manufacturer, when they finally called, claimed I needed to pay them and the invoice contract they received from SaferWholesale was for the wrong product. I will never do business with this company ever again. I'm out $3750 and no carport.

P - sales & customer service

Customer service Purchased trike bike from saferwholesale for $1200 .00 on 12/22/18 had to cancel this order on 1/14/19 due to bogus tracking numbers an lies about order being shipped they kept...

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Oct 31, 2018 - sidecar

I purchased a Beemer sidecar in June 2018 from Saferwholesale. I was told the item was on backorder until August. The sidecar came in the in beginning of October from India.

These are my complaints:

1-Sidecar came in black, not OD green, which I paid extra for

2-Sidecar came with no extra tire, which I paid extra for

3-Sidecar came with no installation instructions

4-Missing sidecar cover

5-Came with slight paint damage

22 days later I have received no refund for the paint job, no instructions, no extra tire, and no sidecar cover.

I do not recommend purchasing from this company.

_____________________________________________________________________________ Activity Amount

Beemer Side Car Motorcycle Sidecar Kit - Fits All Models 2, 399.95

Year: 2017

Make: Harley Davidson (Soft Tail)

Model: 1800cc

Color Choice: OD Green 100.00

Add Extra Spoked Tire 100.00

Standard Parts Only Warranty 0.00

Standard Ground Shipping - ***Typically 2-4 Business Weeks 200.05

Due To Custom Fabrication and Assembly***

Reason of review: Not as described.

Monetary Loss: $350.

Jan 20, 2018 - l37lmpcv66z050027-three wheeled cycle

I requested a title for a purchased 300cc trike soon after I received the trike I requested a title about Dec. 20th I had heard noting so on January 19 I called to check on the progress. At that...

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Dec 11, 2017 - They lied about the shipping

Didn't expect it would happen to me too. I ordered an item (no matter what it was because my complaint is not about it). They said they would ship it very soon as they have a lot of same items in the...

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Sep 15, 2017 - Ridiculous

I bought an Electric Bicycle from them. Tried to make sure that everything is ok, contacted them several times knowing what shopping online it is. I needed to hear it from them to have proofs. Guy...

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Sep 04, 2017 - 360 ultraskiff / fraudulent actions, dishonest, rude, disrespectful

Great Sports Inc / Efficient Future Inc. has lied to me about sending emails so I could track the missing items that I have waited 5 wks for now. All 3 of customer service...

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H - worst experience ever. warning... do not buy from this company!

I purchased (financed) a golf cart May 16th and informed it would be 4-5 week back order. 1st thing I received the invoice over priced which they did fix, then my 4 weeks turned into 16 weeks. I...

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E - golf cart

I absolutely loved their golf cart. I had bought it on around early this month and actually, I've loved this cart whenever I go to the golf course. I've taken it out 2-3 times already and every time, I haven't really experienced a single problem with it. I would advise others to get it as well because no one else could actually find a cheaper deal at it. That felt really nice and comfortable and considering its price of three grands, I don't think anything better would've actually been possible in there. It's really spacious and nice and comfortable, something we don't quite get to see very often, now do we?

K - Solar powered gate opener

This was a disaster area. Not only did the solar gate opener take about 6 weeks to arrive with the most uncaring, horrible lack-of-customer service I have ever experienced, but the gate opener...

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Nov 28, 2016 - Order

I have made an order and purchased two things from My order was placed five months ago. They took my money very fast but I did not receive any confirmations and there was also...

Read full review - eBike Cemoto e08

Bought this thing a couple of months ago. Immediately had problem getting to talk to technical support regarding assembling it. Got a friend to help and figured it out.

Now throttle broke. I called and got a support guy who complained that they (saferWholesale) should not have sold me extended warranty because they don't sell it and have no parts. Asked what to do and he said he didn't know. I suggested sending me the throttle with the wires cut so I could splice it myself and that's what I had to do.

It's working now but company won't give me money back for extended warranty even though they can't supply parts or fix it if something else breaks.

Do yourself a favor and research before you buy things like this and whatever you do don't buy from SsaferWholsale, they are nothing but scam artist crooks.

And don't even pay attention to their responses here that they will take care of it. They're liars and are full of crapola.

Jul 14, 2016 - Poor service

I have made an order and when I received it one item was missing. Everything else was perfect and I was really happy about my purchase. But still there was one item missing so I emailed customer...

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