Safelink Wirelesstextbook case on poor customer service!

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Safelink wireless is definitely a textbook case on poor customer service!
This so-called company has no intention in providing or improving customer service. You will be connected to some clown in the philippines if you can possibly get threw the endless maze of their phone system without being disconnected. These people barely speak english, and definitely do not understand it. You will be given wrong information almost every time, and it is highly unlikely that anything will be resolved. Your best bet is to try to solve a problem on their sorry website if possible. No question the worst excuse for customer service I have ever encountered!


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      Feb 11, 2019
    SafeLink Wireless - Life Line Phone Service
    United States

    Good day,

    I am writing this letter to you in regards to the poor service of safe link wireless.

    I have given them my new SIM card number and the IMEI number but my still does not function properly, I cannot make a phone call, text and my phone has no data for the internet service. My cell number is [protected], [protected]@GMAIL.COM

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