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Ryobi Tools review: Battery powered lawn mower repair

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3 Months in the shop for repair. That is one entire season, an actual quarter, or 25% of a year to replace 2 controller boards. Total labor? 1 hour. Out of 2100 hours I waited, it took 1 hour to fix it.

As an added highlight to my experience, I had to pay $25 as a deposit. Deposit for what? I have no idea. It was promptly returned from the Ryobi authorized repair shop when I retrieved the mower, and frankly, the shop was courteous and friendly. They were 20 miles from my home as there are very few Ryobi authorized shops around. There were more but for reasons I can only speculate, they pulled out.

As I needed to cut my lawn, I had to buy a new mower and although the Ryobi got the job done when it worked, it struggled and overloaded often. The grass was not overgrown. It was simply thick and this mower did not have the power I needed. Therefore, I bought a gas-powered mower and will not return to electric.

If the Ryobi was repaired properly, I may keep it as a spare yet I have to test it over several cuts. The referenced failure was that the mower simply stopped completely, then the self-propel started up again with no blades. This happened numerous times during one cut.

I don’t remember owning a gas mower that failed. Now, I think about how the Ryobi just stopped and would from now on anticipate the surprise every time I cut the lawn. If it fails again, I am sure I would encounter another ludicrous extended repair period.

I contacted Ryobi several times. In my first contact I complained about how long repair was taking in detail. Their reply was “Thank you for choosing RYOBI. If we can be of any further assistance, please feel free to contact us again. We have created a new and convenient way to reach out to us via text messaging. Simply text the number [protected] Monday through Friday from 9am to 6pm. (est). Thank you again for choosing RYOBI and I hope that you have a wonderful day.

Further assistance? There was no assistance whatsoever!

Also, a suggestion for compensation for my trouble, having to buy a replacement lawn mower and 80 miles of driving was answered with “We cannot do that.”


My summary on Ryobi: NEVER AGAIN!

Desired outcome: I would like an apology and compensation for the extreme delay in repair plus compensation for a portion of the cost incurred while the mower sat in Ryobi's repair facility.

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