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Lights Of America Customer Service


Lights Of America Inc.

611 Reyes Dr.
United States - 91789-3098

Customer Support Phone Numbers

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Lights Of America Complaints & Reviews

Lights of America / &5 Year Bulb& lasted 2 hours!

Keith Bryce on Jul 3, 2014

Here is what I wrote to Lights of America regarding a 3-pack of 60W CF Bulbs: I bought one of these 3-pack of "Value Pack SDG&E) "5 year (CF) Bulb and the CRAP CF's didn't even last 2 HOURS!! I've tried 2 of the 3 in the pack and BOTH blew out within 2 HOURS! I no longer have...

Lights of America / False LED advertised life

junkjunk on Jul 10, 2011

Do not buy Lights of America LED bulbs. They burn out after a small fraction of the stated life. I purchased 4 Lights of America 1.5 watt 2026LED-30K LED Bulb bulbs in 2010. They did not have enough lumens to light up a room, but they were good for a bedside light to read by or to...

Lights of America / False Advertising Class Action

There are numerous complaints regarding the LED products of LIGHTS OF AMERICA ("LOA"). Recently, the Federal Trade Commission has filed a complaint against LOA for its practice of false advertising. A class action will be filed on behalf of consumers against LOA. If you have purchased a product...

Lights of America / Low Quality/Bad Warranty

Description: I purchased six CF floodlamps to replace incadescent floods. One of them failed out of the box and was returned to Walmart for replacement. To date, I have had three of these fail. I have no confidence that the others will last anywhere near the 10, 000 hours as advertised...

Lights Of America 7200led - Bn / Defective product


I've replaced all the leds again and put in a 320 ohm resistor in place of the 10 ohm fuse. When i mounted the puck i put in a 1 / 4 in spacer so it isn't right up against the wall or ceiling, giving it some breathing room. Seems to have done the trick. Been about a month now and still working. Way to much work for this pos.

Lights of America / Scam and cheating


I purchased a LED under the counter light set consisting of four light 'pucks' each containing 24 individual LEDs. The package said the product was warranted for 2 years. Within 2-3 months, two of the pucks had gone out. The set costs approximately $25 at Costco, but since I...

Lights of America / LED Flood Light

I purchased a 5w LED Flood Light at Sam's Club a few months ago and after a few weeks it started flickering until it finally stopped working altogether. It appears one of the more than 80 LED's burnt out. Most of the LED products on thier website claim 10, 000 hours of service...

Lights of America / Defective Products


FLUORESCENT CANOPY LIGHT 85 Watt Fluorescent Area Light - 750 watts of light output - 80%* lower operating costs - bulb lasts 13 times longer Model: 9385 Purchased 10 of these lights a little over a year ago at Home Depot. Purchased 1 light after installed did not work at all. Just...