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My son and I were at rural king in wooster, oh My son is handicapped and is autistic. The parking lot is jagged and a mess. As we came out of the store my son tripped on broken concrete falling and hitting his face on jagged edges. I had to rush him to the e.r for stitches. This was very traumatic for him and myself. I am going to talk to an attorney.

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    You fat troll you nothing about me.

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    When you assume you assume wrong!! You don't know me nor how I parent. You are trolling to try to get a reaction. You are ridiculous and I refuse to conversate with you any longer.

Sep 21, 2019
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  •   Sep 21, 2019

    Why contact an attorney when you weren’t supervising your child? Most parking lots have disclaimers stating that they bear no responsibility for issues relating to the lot. You are the parent and need to watch your child and not expect perfect parking lots. If your child is disabled and autistic, I can’t fathom why you’d allow them to be in an unsafe area without supervision.

    Feel free to be childish and call me names, too. The truth of being an unfit parent hurts, huh?

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      Sep 21, 2019

    Okay I am here to tell the truth. The truth is my son never fell. The truth is he was acting like an idiot again. I was so angry at him that I hit him in the face with a branch I found. I had a bad day and he would not stop crying. I hit him with a tree branch. I tried to blame Rural King because of their parking lot. The real reason he got hurt was because I was angry at him for acting like an idiot and hit him in the face with a branch I found. Sadly I hit him so hard that he needed stitches. Now he is in foster care. Someone saw me hitting and punching him, and telling him he is an idiot. They reported me and he is in foster care again.Since I am still being monitored by CPS because I hit my idiotic son before he was taken to foster care immediately. This is all I am going to type. You don't know how hard it is to take care of a idiot like my son.

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