Roto Rooterbonding insurance check


I worked for the roto rooter in Spartanburg SC and worked there for over a year And when we start for the first several checks they take out what they call bonding insurance due to they give you a truck fully stocked credit card phone everything basicly you need to do your job well upon termination of employment they are supposed to keep it for 90 days then if everything is cool they give it back well here it is way past time to get mine back I have called and he told me that he and his wife were working on it well I just feel like I didnt hesitate to let them take it from my check they should be happy to give it back to me ontop of that the owner of the franchise i worked at moved to florida to run a roto rooter company and now he wont return anymore of my calls i am wondering should I just got to the magistrates office and file some kind of papers or what cause I am not going to let it go money is money any help or suggestions would be great

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