Ross Dress for Less / manager threatening to call 911 for me for no reason

United States

On June 13th 2019 around 3pm, at Ross Dress for Less at Landing in Renton, WA I tried on some clothes (dressing room lady counted 8), came out intending to buy 3 items, the woman now counted 7. I had no bag with me, no intentions of stealing, yet they (two workers now) didn't believe me that I'd done something wrong. I went back to my dressing room to double check, it was empty. I said they probably miscounted to begin with, span around to show I had nothing from the store on me and no bag, and went to the register. Spent a few minuted picking up another item (a basket). When I got to the register, the manager George came to me and asked me to leave the store right now. I asked why and he refused to give me a reason, instead threatening to call 911 for me if I didn't leave. I tried to get the reason out of him for another minute, not wanting to leave because I wanted to buy the items I was holding. He kept repeating that I had to leave the store. I got too annoyed and left then, taking my business and money elsewhere. Very unhappy with George and the women working the dressing room. It made me angry, ruined my day and my mood, and was a waste of my time. Not surr what is to be done from here but would like to at least get a response.
My email is [protected]

Thank you.

Jun 13, 2019

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