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Please see the attached photo receipt. Yesterday (061119) I purchased a dress (see #1 & #3 on the receipt) . Today (061219) I brought the dress back to do an even exchange (SAME dress just a different size...see #2 on the receipt). I was then told by the Manager I owed $1.38. I asked why and was told when I purchased the dress it was on "Tuesday Club - 10% day" and when I exchange it that 10% NO LONGER APPLIES (see #4 on the receipt).

I understand that this is a small amount, but it's the principle. Whenever, I have EVER exchanged an item, within that Store's allotted time, it was an even exchange, even if I BOUGHT IT ON SALE...

I asked the Manager if the cashier has to ask for ID for your age, she stated no. So I asked, how do you know the age of the person. She stated SOMETIMES the cashier will just give you a discount "if you AT LEAST look over 20." This can be discriminatory...

I do not shop in your Store enough to know about the Tuesday 10%. I do think the customer should be told and asked for ID; how do you REALLY know a customer's age??

I do not think your process of making a customer pay for an EVEN exchange is fair. It should not matter if I purchased it on sale or not. My exchange should be honored with the price I initially paid.

There is nothing on the receipt that states if you bring back something purchased on "Tuesday Club 10%" for an EVEN exchange, you will be charged the 10% that was applied just the day before. I also did not see anything in the Store stated such.

I hope that you look into this complaint, and

Thanking you well in advance

Damita Bradford
1118 Windemere Ct
Ft Washington, MD 20744



Ross Dress for Less

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Jun 12, 2019

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