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bad delivery, customer service, very unprofessional

Where do I start? Well, I ordered a seven piece living room set from rooms to go and my delivery date was Wednesday Dec. 15, 2011. They called and said they woyld be at my home between the hrs of 7am to 11 am. They came at 8:30 am which was perfectly okay. I ordered a sofa, loveseat, two end tables and two lamps. Well, they charge a 99 dollar delivery and set up fee so they were suppose to set up my cofee table and two endtables. That didn't happen! The represetative who set up the delivery called back to check with us for quality assurance asked me if everything was okay? I said no my tables were left unassembled and in boxes. She saud they were suppose to set those up. She then called them and they said they were in route to clarksville, tn which is an hr away from nashville. So she calls me back and said they would be back at 3pm to finish the job. At this point my mom and I are mad. So we wait till 3 still no rooms to go. We wait till 5 still no rooms to go. So we call back and the place is now closed. So my mom and I are convinced they are not coming back mind you my tables are still in boxes.So 7:50 pm rolls a round and it's a guy supposedly representing roomg to go. He came in his personal vehicle! I live alone I wasn't about to let some guy in my house that I don't know! I wanted a refund because this service was ridiculous. So I had to assemble the tables myself two days later! I want a refund but, I called them and they said that it's nothing they can do.

  • Ko
    KOtisRTG Dec 23, 2010

    Lottab2004 - the occasional tables you purchase at Rooms To Go are customer assembly. Our drivers are asked to set them up as a courtesy if they have the time to complete that with completing their route that day. Your sales receipt should even state customer assembly required.
    If we do send a representative out to set up the tables after the delivery occurs - it is not uncommon for them to drive a smaller vehicle as their truck is not necessary and with the cost of fuel - it is more economical to drive a vehicle with better gas mileage. I am sorry that you were not comfortable with this.
    The delivery charge you pay does not include set up of the tables, therefore, a refund of the charges is not available in this situation. If you would like us to look into this further or provide more specific information, please email us your purchase information to [email protected]

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  • Ob
    obrienjackieo Mar 07, 2012

    ROOMS TO GO IS THE WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!!! I would rather go to Pottery Barn and pay double the price, but at least they will do what they say!
    I was extremely patient for 1 hour while my salesman tried to help three different people - I should have been in and out in 20 minutes because I already knew what I wanted...
    After an hour we finally had the deal done it was to be delivered today
    3.7.2012 (I watched him click the button for today) - It's on my receipt that I signed... so I called customer service this morning to find out which 4 hour window I was in for delivery...only to get the person on the other end to say, we see your order but there is no delivery date set!!! WHAT??? Is it just going to sit there in your warehouse forever, until I call and say I didn't get it? Now the first available ship time is over a week from now...So guess who gets to explain to her three year old that his bunk beds will not be here today (after I have pumped it up so much- he was so excited this morning it was all he could talk about) crush his little heart...not rooms to go, MOM! I don't care if someone from the store or the warehouse has to load it up on their personal truck and drive it from Atlanta to Birmingham but YOU NEED TO MAKE IT RIGHT!!! I knew I should have gone somewhere else!!! PLEASE DON'T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE I DID - Go to another store, deals are everywhere, and find someone who will actually do what they promise - You just lost a brand advocate RTG!!!

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A retail floor Sales Professional, as I have become to define it these last four decades, is the person having an enduring and relentless will to accept and persevere the repeated agony of customer’s disdain and impersonal rejection only to be occasionally eclipsed by the ecstasy of a consummation of a sale or going home blank, periodically followed by a cancellation thereof, whilst cognizant that you must be masochistic enough to endure the same experience numerous times each workday. Yet, despite all of this, you best remain enthusiastic with a smile on your face and the fortitude to voluntarily relive this cycle numerous times throughout the day.

The aforementioned notwithstanding, the Retail Floor Sales Professional is accountable for corporate set sales goals, appeasing the customer in any sales related issue and assuming blame in most cases when they are unhappy with your product or end result- regardless of who is to blame. The Sales Professional must sell the added products or services demanded of them without concern of its efficacy or usefulness. Failure to meet those requirements will find you revisiting the “Company Trainer” who sells less and probably knows even less than you as well. Retail Sales Professionals, more often than not, are managed by individuals incapable of accomplishing the very same goals, rules and demands required of you, (i.e. do as I say, not as I do syndrome).

You must have a thorough understanding of all your products, its features, advantages and benefits, aware of its respective availability and able to convey all of this information to the consumer at a moment's notice. You must stay current and adhere to all company policies, floor rules and front office procedures, and while you digest all of this, you best remain keenly aware of your surroundings so as not to allow your customer or you become prey for the vultures that are salivating and perching close by waiting to devour that customer you felt so sure would remain loyal.

Finally, you best document most conversations, invoices or quotes otherwise customers will throw you under the bus without thinking twice, you always being the culprit and at fault despite them suffering from "Terminal Convenient Amnesia". Remember customers hear only what they want to hear. You NEVER win, they NEVER lose.

  • Sk
    SKirkland Jul 24, 2011

    As a Sales Representative (not in retail because that is not what I choose to do), it is the same in all sales positions. I have to say that we have bought furniture at RTG 3 different times (used the same guy 2 of the 3 times, but he was not there the 3rd time). We went in to RTG on Friday to find "our guy, " who we were told no longer works at RTG. We said ok, and let the guy who originally greeted us at the door show us the matresses around the store. We said ok, and promised that if we decided to go with the matress from RTG, then we would find him. We discussed the promotion of a 40inch TV that came with a king size matress. We mentioned that a 40 inch might be too large for our current bedroom furniture, and he assured us that it would be a giftcard and we could buy whatever size we needed and use the rest of the giftcard for another purchase at Best Buy. We left to do more research, but decided (after measuring our furniture) that it was a good deal. We went back on Saturday and tried the matress out again. We found "our new guy, " and told him we were going to purchase it. He comes over to the matress and says, "oh well it will come with a 32 inch not the 40 inch." When I asked to talk to a manager to honor the advertised deal, the manager was a JERK!! I will be reporting this to the BBB because it was the old bait and switch. We ended up still buying the matress because it was not "the new guys" fault that his manager is a jerk etc. However, on our way out, who do we see...OUR original guy!! I will NEVER go back! If your company gave better customer service, then maybe you would have a better day. Besides, you don't have to work there...I'm sure there are several of the 1000's that are unemployed that would love to have your job.

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didn't deliver on time

On July 30, 2010 I ordered a dinette set w/buffet. I was told I could not get delivery until Oct 8. I agreed to wait but asked at that time if they could not meet the delivery date could I cancel my order and receive my $255 deposit back. I was told that would not be a problem.

On Oct 6 I got a recorded message stating my delivery would arrive on Oct 8

On Oct 7 I received a call telling my my order could not be delivered because each piece was damaged. They wanted to reschedule delivery for Oct 22. I then spoke to the manager and was told it could not be delivered because it had not been received from overseas. Obviously someone was misinformed because I'm SURE they would NEVER LIE about it.

I told the manager I wanted to cancel the order and get a refund and was told he would issue a store credit. A store credit is not acceptable since I will not buy from Rooms to Go again. The manager was pretty rude and we hung up.

I called again on Oct 8 and spoke to a different manager, Kevin, who was much easier to deal with. I stated my case and asked if he would find out the real reason my delivery was not made and said I would be willing to wait if they were willing to negotiate with me. Today is Oct 11 and I'm still waiting for an answer. I'm hoping I don't have to go to the store to get someone to listen to me and give me an answer.

[Resolved] rude customer service

We were charged a late charge on a bill that we did not receive until after the due date. When my girlfriend called the customer service was rude to her. When I called they were both rude and aggressive. They offered very little help and they actually had the nerve to raise their voices. Not that it would be right to do so, but they treated us like delinquents who never made payments; We have made every payment only they had processed the payment three after the due date. If you enjoy rude beligerent customer service then rooms to go is the furniture store for you.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Rooms To Go's response · Oct 20, 2010

    Did you contact the Rooms To Go Customer Service Center or the finance companies customer service center? Rooms To Go provides financing through 3rd Party banks and each has their own customer service team that are not a part of Rooms To Go.

    Rooms To Go would be happy to assist you with your issue and intervene with the finance company. You can email us at [email protected]

defective furniture don't buy from there!!!

I purchased a living room set from Rooms To Go in the beginning of August 2010. The furniture was delivered...

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delivered used furniture sold as new

I ordered a new bedroom set with dresser, bed and mattress, end tables... They were delivered wrapped in...

delivered used smelly furniture

We waited over 5 weeks for new living room set, set came leg was broke off of sofa, dirty, smelly looked used. Driver FORCED my wife to sign for the furniture and said she could not refuse to accept it. Cannot talk to anyone to come back and pick the **** up. DO NOT Buy from rooms to go.

This was the second part of the delivery. The first part was deliverd at 11:15 at Night. They said they would be arriving between 12:00 and 4:00 and showed up at ******* 11:15 at night! What kind of company operates like this

customer service and deliverr

Excuse my French but Rooms to Go in the biggest piece of s**t furniture store around. They could care le...

dangerous fumes

Not Rooms to Go - Rooms to WAIT. Minimum 7-14 day delivery wait at Baybrook Texas store.

The Taffy twin/full loft bed with stairs and built-in dresser emits horrendous fumes, making me ill, eyes water, throat burn, congestion, flu-like symptoms. Must leave room windows open and bottom of door sealed with a towel to keep fumes from rest of house. Afraid it might be formaldehyde from China-made pressed wood products. Store says no formaldehyde, will send a technician to review - in TWO weeks. Meanwhile, I'm afraid to let my grandkids into "their" room when they visit.

Damaged headboard and upper bunk safety rail this bedroom set; damaged headboard and media center other bedroom. Nightstand on back order, delivery set 2 weeks after rest of furniture. Now we discover that delivery driver did NOT notify customer service about damages and arrange for exchanges to come with the nightstand as he promised - now further delay and back orders for damaged pieces.

$2600 at Rooms to Wait - the last money we'll spend there unless they turn this deal completely around!

  • Mr
    mrm93925 Mar 25, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    what did the test say? what was you conclusion on the fumes?

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causes property damage

As of August 3rd it will be three years since the Rooms To Go delivery truck rolled onto my carport and caused damages. They have ignored us...stalled us and sent out countless adjusters to try not to pay this claim. SE Delivery is a Corp but it has the same address asRooms To Go in Seffner Florida. Here is the scoop. They hire a high paid Attorney now named Brendon Stuhan that graduated from Virginia Law School that just curiously has a boat load of Seaman Family Members as Alumni and donators to the College. Of course he practices in Pennsylvania which is where the Current CEO Jeffrey Seaman's family is originally from and are Quakers. Mr. Seaman's grandfather Julius and his brother took over the business after his father died and this has been the family pattern. Now Jeffrey's cousins and wife are part of Finco Financial Corp and ETI Financial Corp which is insurance premium financing and they are also leaving a path of lies, deceit and rip offs behind them.

damaged furniture/bad service

After mos. of searching for the perfect "big girl" bed for our 5 yr old, we decided on a twin/full step bunkbed with a chest of drawers from Rooms To Go Kids. We specified wanting white and pd additional for white. Our salesperson, who I just learned is Store Mgr, mislead us on the color. She showed us other white furniture in the same collection as bunkbed so naturally that was color we were expecting.

After waiting for 1 1/2 wks for delivery, bed was damaged when shipped as well as being damaged by delivery guys. The delivery guys also negligently left sharp furniture tacks that are over 1 inch long attached to chest side of bunkbed which my 5 yr old and 1 yr old found! Thank God they were not hurt! The bed is also not the true white we were expecting, however, is a poor attempt at a whitewash.

Called our salesperson about the problems with damage and color. She then backpeddaled about the color and stated we needed to contact customer serv. for damage. Upon calling cust. serv, I was informed a tech could come out to repair in 1 1/2 wks. I stated unacceptable due to just rec'g bed damaged after paying almost $2000 for the bed. I was then told a whole new piece would be delivered in 1 wk, however, due to all of our trouble the mgr I was speaking to was checking to see what our options were as we can't even paint the bed the true white we want without voiding our warranty. She was supposed to call back. After never rec'g that call, I called twice more and it was decided a whole new bed would be sent and tagged "red alert". The label was supposed to make sure all pieces were thoroughly examined before being shipped.

Our delivery was for yesterday, 7/17/10 between 2pm - 6pm. I rec'd a call Fri, 7/16/10, stating route had grown and so our delivery time had been r/s to between 4pm - 8pm. I told the cust. serv. rep that was unacceptable & my time needed to stay between 2pm -6pm. She said she would have driver call when on his way. I rec'd a call Sat, 7/17/10 at 5:35pm from a rude cust. serv. rep stating driver running late, had just got to town & would be here very soon and way before 8pm. The driver called at 7:20pm stating would be here in 25 min. They showed up at 8pm. After inspecting the steps part of bed, the piece was damaged worse than the one I already have. Obviously I refused delivery! So much for their "RED ALERT" plan!

Let's see how many more times I can be lied to tomorrow since they're closed today! I will never go back to Rooms To Go or RTG Kids and will do everything in my power to educate as many people as possible to stay away from that company. Apparently, they've made enough money that they don't care about quality or customer service!!

purchased a leather sofa, three months later noted a defect in the leather

Purchased a leather sofa, three months later noted a defect in the leather. called rtg, would not replace the chair and ottoman but would send out a repair person. the repair was completed. repair was done on ll/23/03. i called rtg, to get service on the repair that opened up and was told it was out of warranty. at the time of purchase i paid extra for a leather bond and was told this will give me 3 years warranty. they now refuse to repair the chair. i spent over l0, 000 at rtg and was given a complete customer satisfaction as there sales pitch and in a pamphlete they gove me.

delivery nightmare

We purchased a bedroom set for my daughter on May 15. The delivery was scheduled in two parts because one of the four items was on back order.

We wanted the furniture delivered asap so the first delivery was an "add on" - this meant we had to wait at home from 7a -10p for delivery.My husband stayed home from work and waited. The delivery arrived mid-afternoon, they began setting up before my husband realized that the bed was not the color we ordered. They attempted to set up the trundle bed, but they did not have the wheels/hardware with them. Then they tried to set up the nightstand for which they were one screw short - so they decided to try putting it together without the last screw, resulting in a broken leg and wobbly nightstand.

The company scheduled another delivery of the right bed for two days later -again because it was an "add on" we needed to be home from 7a-10p. When I called RTG about the nightstand, they said that replacing it would be an "exchange" which would require a separate "exchange" delivery -I explained that the delivery people assembled it wrong and broke it, but they would not agree to combine deliveries. I asked about the hardware for the trundle - they said it would arrive in the mail.

The next delivery date arrived, they replaced the bed (not without chipping the paint first). Then the next delivery date arrived for the chest of drawers that was backordered - that went smoothly. Since the hardware for the trundle had arrived in the mail, I asked them if they could assemble the trundle. They told me no - that I would need to request and technical/assembler call and they would assemble it. Really?!

The next day the same delivery folks arrived with the nightstand "exchange". They attempted to assemble the nightstand only this time there was NO hardware. I kept the hardware from the broken nightstand and they requested the additional screw to be sent in the mail - we would need to request an assembler to come out later! By now the delivery people took pity on me and agreed to assemble the trundle, but it turns out that the hardware that RTG sent in the mail had only 4 wheels - we needed 6 and all the screws were too long they would poke through to the mattress! So we needed to order hardware again!

Over the course of the four deliveries there was never any acknowledgement of the time or inconvenience - no attempt made to quickly solve the problem. When I spoke with a customer service manager he indicated that the processes I have described are their protocols period. Why they couldn't combine deliveries or dispatch quickly someone who had the parts and the ability to assemble the furniture was infuriating.

I would never buy from RTG again - partly because of this experience, and and partly because based on the construction of the furniture (my husband ended up assembling the furniture himself - and it just doesn't seem that durable/worth the money we spent).

cheaply made sofa

This sofa is only 6 months old. We have had problems from the begining. What a piece of cheap furniture? We bought a sofa in November 2009 from Rooms to Go. Within a week, a repairman was out fixing the thing. He put an additional leg on the sofa and refilled the cushions. We told him that it made noices when someone sat. He told us that It happens and It should stop in time.

Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, illness, travel, then, we were able to call, again. We told them that it continues to squeak, the cushions are flat, the stuffing on the arm is so thin that the board is coming through and a leg came off.

The repairman just left. The leg was installed in another spot on the frame because the particle board had a hole from the screw and it was too big to reinstall it in the same location. He also told us that he couldn't fix the rest because it would take two to three hours that he did not have. He would have to take the entire back and arm off to see the problem. The repairman would contact Customer Service and explain the situation. We'll see what happens.

What a mess? We'll never buy from Rooms to Go, again.

  • Da
    David_RTG Jun 03, 2010

    I’m sorry to hear about your experience. I see that you have spoken with our service department and if there is anything that I can do to further help you, please email me at [email protected]

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lying salesmen

Run, do not stop at rooms to go, frisco texas,... Manager is unavailable,... Working on delivery truck !

Yes, this store manager is a mechanic who is often 'busy' worki ng on delivery truck.

Customer service says most problems are a 'store' issue,... Call the store ! ! Rooms to go is definately problems to come. And run from salesman ' nick',... He will lie thru teeth, or phone lines.

This store is terrible, go to ashleys across the parking lot...

  • No
    NoLink May 19, 2010

    What is your 'exact' issue ? rooms to go sucks ! The store 'manager' does not work on the delivery truck, ...They were lying, ...duh !

    I know a lot of things as well and have numerous skills, that has nothing to do with the manager doing the managers job and helping customer issues. If they cannot afford delivery truck repairs, they need to get out of the business !

    Now again, what is your ' issue' ? ? Run do not stop @ rooms to go Frisco ! They suck.

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  • No
    NoLink Jun 13, 2010

    A 'valid' issue ? Are you nuts ? The manager was unavailable because he was working on delivery truck ! ! NO

    The manager was not working on the delivery truck, ...duh. They offered no time that he would be available either.

    Salesman substituted an item in a package purchase, and then lied and said he didn`t. Then manager unavailable to discuss.

    RUN from, ...' Rooms to Problems to Go' in Frisco Tx.

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  • No
    NoLink Jun 15, 2010

    The salesman lied and the manager did not want to talk about it. We were never given a time when he would be available. OK dawniette ? If you don`t see the 'complaint', then you are not paying attention. They lied

    Run; do not walk from rooms to go Frisco Tx. Customer service says call the store, yeah right.

    Stealth pilot apparently does not understand lying, or works for rooms to go ? Yes

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  • No
    NoLink Jun 16, 2010

    stealth you and dawn are somehow tied to rooms to go, right? Salesman substituted a item for us and then upon delivery he lied and said he didn`t. Then manager unavailable, ...very easy to understand complaint. dawn cannot comprehend so i repeat ! We are talking about furniture not grass !

    RUN do not STOP at rooms to go ------Frisco Texas. ! !

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  • No
    NoLink Jun 16, 2010

    So you guys are trolls who have no real interest in consumer complaints and warnings ?

    Get a friggin life ! !

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  • No
    NoLink Jun 17, 2010

    No, your a troll and have no reason to be commenting on this 'documented' (You get paperwork when you buy furniture ) complaint.

    You are tied to rooms to go, or you have a psych problem, ..Why are you here ?

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  • Li
    Ling Chi Jun 17, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I farted in this thread.

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  • No
    NoLink Jun 23, 2010

    Rooms to go -------- Frisco Tx. is a joke; with a wimp of a manager who has his assistants lie for him, ' he`s working on the delivery truck ' ...what a gaff !

    Just like the trolls here who have no life !

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  • Mm
    M Martinez Aug 14, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    If I would have done my homework first I would have never ever ever bought a bedroom set from ROOMS TO GO. They delivered the bedroom set incomplete, called customer service to check on the status of the pieces missing and they assure me that the pieces would be overnighted. Of course I didn't received them. I could go on and on but I don't see how this will help me. At this time I am still waiting for someone to come and put my bed together. If you want to avoid headaches stay away from ROOMS TO GO. I thought that speaking to a manager would help but I was so wrong. As a matter of fact all he is good for is for excuses.

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poor furniture quality

I have had my livingroom set now for little over a month and the cushions are already "flat". This is so unbelievable for furniture that is so expensive. I honestly wish I had kept my 7 yr. old couch I practically gave away because the cushions on it weren't nearly as worn in those 7 yrs. as these are in a month. It's just unreal! I agree to the question as to whether Cindy Crawford knows of all the complaints because I would like to get my money back and I still have to pay for this crap!!! If there is a way to blog on this will someone please start it because that may be our only way to get word to Cindy to get her name off this stuff. She's gotten her money already. I just wish I could take this junk and block their doors with it everyday when they have to go to work. Of course that would be harrassment on my part, but they can get away with collecting money for furniture my 6 and 8 yr. old grandaughters could have made. I have already made a promise to myself that I will never buy anything from Rooms to Go again and will spread word to as many people as possible to stay clear of their cheaply made furniture they don't guarantee. WHAT A RIPOFF!!!

  • Da
    David_RTG May 12, 2010

    I’m sorry to hear about the troubles that you have had with your living room set. I would like to hear more about your experience. If possible, please email us at [email protected]

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  • He
    henrietta king May 13, 2010

    i recently brought a leather sectional by ashley from homechoice store here in rockford illinois. i have had the sectional for 6 months and the cushions are beginning to sagg, i have notified the store and they have been out to look at the sofa which i believe is a factory defect. i have been told that they will pick the cushions up on Monday or Tuesday of next week and sent to get restuffed, i no i have been ripped off because i, m paying over $2500.00 for a sofa that i know will look like crap in the next few months. i have always loved ashley furniture but i won't purchase from them again.

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sent out to our home 8 times broken furniture

Horrible experience from Rooms To Go in Montgomery Alabama. I purchased the top of the line leather den furniture at this store in Jan. 2010. Since the first day of delivery, I received broken end tables and a damaged recliner. RTG has been out to my home 8 times to continue to bring out more damaged furniture. Finally on the 8th time of delivery and two months later I was able to get RTG to come out and pick up their over priced and damaged goods. I would never ever step foot in another store such as this. Poor management on all levels. No customer appreciation what so ever.

  • Je
    Jeff Koryciak May 03, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It may be top of the line for RTG but their quality is cheap- thats why it dosen't cost like the other quality furniture stores. We bought a couch/loveseat from RTG and within 4 months it was breaking down-- They restuffed it 2 times-- still the same-- we gave up and won't buy from them again-- I guess you get what you pay for..Also our credit account was breeched through a RTG in another state that we never been to. Disputing it right now..

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delivery hassles

I purchased a set of furniture for my daughter - a bed, drawers, bedside table and tv package. The salesman got all of the furniture entered in and totaled up and then told me that the bed was on backorder and it might take 'a little longer' to deliver. I said OK he rang up the total. I paid in full. Then he scheduled the delivery - more than a MONTH later. My daughter was very disappointed - the bed was her favorite part of the set. But it was already rung up so we scheduled it.
I must've put in the wrong time frame in my calendar because when Rooms To Go called to confirm they had evening and I had put morning into my calendar.
I called to change the delivery time. First she acted annoyed that I was changing it and then she tried to pressure me into changing my plans to take the delivery ! Rude. Then she informed me that she could 'stop' the delivery but I would have to call BACK after 48 HOURS to reschedule. I asked her why and she mumbled something about 'open inventory' policy and how they had already loaded the truck (this was 2 days before the delivery mind i'm sure that's a bunch of crap) and how they would have to unload it and i couldn't reschedule until all that happened. She also added that because this is a popular bed it might be another TWO MONTHS before they will be able to deliver again.
I let her know that she already had my money for the bed and I couldn't even get the TV until after the bed was delivered and told her that I was very unhappy. She acted annoyed again and said she was sorry in a tone that was anything but. I'm stuck now. I can't take delivery Saturday so I'm screwed. Rooms to Go Kids has TERRIBLE customer service and RIDICULOUS delivery policies and I will NEVER buy furniture from them again.
I'm sure that if I told them they would have to wait 3 months for the money they wouldn't think that was reasonable. How can they think that me waiting 3 months for the furniture I've already paid for is reasonable?

rude employees

I went in last Sunday and purchased over 3000 dollars of furniture at the brookshire tx location I wasn't told by salesman the criteria of the express delivery so today when I completed my order I was told by office manager I was not going to have my furniture delivered for another week I asked they make an exception because of not being told correct information and michelle said she couldn't help me I asked for her manager and then spoke to a cliff he asked me if I wanted my refund but they couldn't change the delivery date for me ...both cliff and michelle were very rude and did not apply to their customer satisfaction policy I spend money with rooms to go often and have never had this problem I will take care of this issue with the upper management with no doubt!

it is simply defective fabric

Rooms To Go at Baybrook Mall has replaced my living room set three times because of defective fabric. I explained in detail to them that because of the small size of my person, most couches are too deep and my feet do not touch the floor. When I finally found this set I was delighted with it's comfort, and it also fits well in the limited size of my room. I had shopped all stores in the Houston/Galveston area because of my requirements regarding this furniture. Rooms To Go only guarantees a refund if you request one within 48 hours. They say that I can exchange this room for another of equal value, however; they do not have one that meets my needs. The fabric begins to show "splotches" after a few weeks, not within the 48 Hour window. I have been dealing with this issue and exchange policy for over 6 months now and cannot resolve this problem even after speaking with the store representative yesterday. I do not want to keep furniture in my home that is an embarrassment to me in that the fabric looks as though there are stains on it, with new "stains" appearing every week. I paid their charges to have their faabric protection applied; however, these spots are not due to spills of any kind. It is simply defective fabric tht they should not be selling to unsuspecting consumers.

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