Romans Pizza Promenadeputrid service!

A Aug 03, 2018

The Romans Pizza Promenade (Mitchell's Plain) staff is highly rude and unprofessional!!! I had the worse experience at this store ever! I came all the way from Old Belhar on Friday (03 Aug) to purchase pizza at this place when the cashier/manager swiped my card. The machine kept saying declined then I paid cash. When I went back to the bank close to R700 was missing from my account. I went back to the store to inform the manager and she handled it completely unprofessionaly!!! She actually insulted me telling me that if I owed the store I wouldn't have brought the money back. I was really upset not at the situation but at the way it was handled. I came all the way to purchase pizza and that was the [censored] that I received!! They printed their entire purchase receipt for the day and told me I had to go through it to check if my money was in their account. No responsibility was claimed on their behalf even though the manager f* up and she was completely unprofessional about it!! I will never be back at that place ever again!! And I hope that some action will be taken as the service is rotten!!! Utterly disappointed by the blatant disrespect I received from the manager!

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