Rochester Furniturerefund not received / unethical behaviour

G Oct 07, 2019

I purchased a dining suit from Boksburg. My first question to the salesman Sizwe was..." PLEASE do NOT send me the table which is standing on your showroom floor" No, no, I was assured we will send you a brand new one from the warehouse. This was on the 25th September 2019 and was told that the suite would be delivered on Friday the 27th, after the chairs had been master guarded. When the chairs arrived, I queried where the table was and the driver said his paper work only showed the 6 chairs to be delivered. He knew nothing about the table. I called Sizwe and told him there was no table. He then spoke to the driver and I could hear they were arguing with each other, although I could not understand their language. The driver then rudely told me to sign the paper work for the chairs so that he can get on with his other deliveries. Sizwe informed me that another truck would be delivering the table later that same day.

The other truck eventually arrived at 18h45. They assembled the table and the wood cracked in 2 places (of which I have photos). I called the store on the Saturday and informed Sizwe that the table was damaged. He was totally unaware of this. I then checked the 2 delivery notes and was that the table was collected from Boksburg store K503...then I knew...Sizwe was being dishonest and sent me the table from the store.

I then went to the store and he almost fell off his chair when he saw me enter the store. Then to make matters worse, he lied to me and told me the table had been delivered to someone else "Just that same morning"???? Really????? I am NOT an imbicile. I had taken photos of the table in the store before I had decided on which set I was going to purchase and all this after his "NO, no, we will deliver a brand new one from the warehouse". It so turned out that there and NONE at the warehouse and they are still awaiting the shipment.

After hearing this, my husband inspected the chairs VERY thoroughly as well and we then realised that the entire set if of an inferior quality.

We then went to the store AGAIN on Monday the 30th Septemberand advised the manager Colin that we no longer want this dining suite and that we would like a refund.

He asked me to send confirmation of my bank account as well as my ID and the refund could take up to 7 days. It is now the 7th October and I have still not heard anymore. Today when I called Colin, he informed me that they had to collect first before I receive my refund.

This is unacceptable...I have read NUMEROUS complaint on Hello Peter about people who after 2 and 3 months are still awaiting their refund.

I have now requested a refund from the cash department and the lady Sherrie is escalating the matter to the area manager. I told her I want my refund before they collect. I will now be subjected to paying interest on my credit card and I'm sure Rochester will not re-imburse me those charges.

They expect me to trust them, but they will not trust me to collect AFTER receiving my refund.

These things should work both ways.

I am a VERY unhappy EX rochester customer.

I was even considering purchasing another set, but after this, I point blank refuse to deal with this company.

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