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online order and customer service

I placed an order online. In the process of doing so, I updated my shipping address from an old address I used to occupy. Upon completing the order, I got an email confirmation that contained my old address. I called the customer service line multiple times; I was either hung up on immediately or my call was never answered. I submitted online contact forms; they said they could redirect the package for a $14 fee if I provided my credit card number. I provided the number I placed the order with and they said it was incorrect, directing me to call in.

After delivery, they refused to do anything whatsoever. I guess the fact that they delivered something somewhere matters more than doing the job right.

Oh but they have physical stores! Why not just go there instead of online? Because customer service is terrible there too. I've stood around for 20-30 minutes on multiple occasions, around the store and at the register just trying to spend money, and had to walk out in frustration.

misleading advertising

7/28/2017 shopped for shoes on company website. Found a pair that was "in stock and ready to ship." Placed order and got confirmation email saying item was in stock and would shipped immediately. Eleven days (11) later shoes still not shipped. Called customer support, spoke with a rude "Allison." She said shoes were on back order. Misleading advertising. VIP membership here a rip-off, doesn't do what they claim and they automatically charge an annual membership fee of $27.99 without informing you at time of sign-up. DON'T do business here.

Unauthorized credit card charges

I had a large purchase a couple of years ago when I first joined the club. About a year later, I stopped...

Unauthorized charge

My wife told me that she had noticed a strange charge on our credit card statement of $24.99. The statement mentioned the following information: Merchant Name ROADRUNNER CLUB RENEW [protected] CA Merchant Phone Number Not Available Merchant Description Catalog Merchants - Direct Marketing Transaction Date March 31, 2015 Post Date April 1, 2015 Transaction Amount $24.99 Although my wife has purchased gift cards through Roadrunner, we have never signed up for any VIP membership. We had to call our credit card company and have a new card issued, cancel the old, and dispute the charge. Reading online - it looks like a common occurrence for many individuals to run into this phantom charge.

  • Ch
    chrissywright Jan 23, 2009

    cant cancel roadrunner by twc/broadband!!! I cannot afford it!! Do not like it !!! Want it cancelled!! Thank you!!!

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Fraudulent CC Charges

My wife told me that she had noticed a strange charge on our credit card statement of $29.99. The statement mentioned the following information: Merchant Name ROADRUNNER CLUB RENEW [protected] CA Merchant Phone Number Not Available Merchant Description Catalog Merchants - Direct Marketing Transaction Date May 18, 2009 Post Date May 18, 2009 Transaction Amount $29.99 Neither my wife nor I had ever heard of that company. Even more strangely, we just got a new credit card from our credit card issuer because the previous one had supposedly been corrupted. Even my subscription services such as the Financial Times and Netflix contacted me because they could not process the payment for renewal because of my new credit card information and asked me to update my informations. She called the telephone number mentioned right after the merchant name and heard an automatic message regarding credit card charges. She then spoke with a very slippery man who immediately asked her to give him her credit card number, which she refused. He then tried to locate our 'account' with our name, telephone number and e-mail address with no avail and kept insisting that it would be far easier if we would give him our credit card number, stating quite sarcastically that he already had it anyway. As the man was unable to process our request for refund and cancellation of all unwanted services, we had to process this claim through our credit card issuer which will reverse the charge and issue a new credit card to us. I also filed a complaint with the California attorney general and the DC attorney general.

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Automatic VIP Club renewal without permission

Roadrunner sports automatically renews your VIP membership for $24.99 the following year. I purchased shoes last year and joined to save the shipping. I was surprised to see the renewal charge on my credit card bill this month. The info on the site currently says "The $1.99 price is a first year introductory special. Annually the Club renews at $24.99." It does not state that the renewal is AUTOMATIC. I read through the link where it said I could 'read to my hearts content' about the program and can't find anything about automatic renewal. Check your credit card bills and bank accounts.

VIP Club

I am a VIP club member with Road Runner Sports. As I run a lot and buy a lot of running shoes, this membership has been worth it for me. However, I just became aware of a practice this company does that I think is wrong. I established my VIP membership several years ago and the yearly renewal was $44.99. Now you can get a membership for $1.99 for the first year and a $24.99 yearly renewal. When I called to complain, they told me that if a customer notices and calls, they can get the cheaper renewal. But you have to notice it first and complain. You can bet if the VIP renewal was increased, they would across the board raise everyone's renewal rate. I think they should charge everyone the going rate, not punish long time VIP member with a higher rate. I would urge everyone to pay attention when your credit card is charged with a renewal and check for lower rates. This company is cheap and does not stand up for its loyal customers.

  • RoadRunner Sports is running a MAJOR ripoff scap with the VIP program. they sweet talked me into paying $1.99 for a VIP membership to get free shipping on shoes...not telling me that in the new year I would be billed $24.99 to renew that membership whether I wanted it or not! I was never asked, this is unauthorized use of my credit card. I'm going to call and demand a refund, or I'm calling the California Attorney General.

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  • Sa
    san diego run Apr 14, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This is correct. There was no identification anywhere visible stating that at the year I would be automatically billed. Had I not check my account I would have never seen the charge. This is not the style of business I want to be associated with, nor would I recommend them to anyone else. There are many other shoe stores that offer the same deals without the hook.

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VIP Club

I purchased sneakers from Road Runner sports and they asked me to sign up for their VIP club. A year later my...

The=se guys are scammers

I reluctantly dealt with this business because it was at the time the only placed to get a particular New Balance shoe. They had me pay $35 for a so called lifetime VIP membership, promising me UPS shipping and discounted "VIP" pricing. Then they renegged on the UPS shipping, claiming no knowledge of the previous terms, then they added a new chicken-X&o$# $1.99 VIP charge. I went along with it, and they billed me the full non-VIP price, and did not deduct the $10 online coupon. The VISA charge was $33 higher than the total on the order confirmation. Stay away, you can now buy the same New Balance shoes elsewhere online.

Terrible policy

I purchased a VIP plan at Road Runner Sports which entitles you to a free pair of shoes up to $100 after purchasing 5. I have purchased 5 pair by the end of 2008. Their policy is to wait 60 days until they mail the coupon for the free pair in case you return the shoes. I qualify for the free pair as verified by the store manager and corporate headquarters, however they are reneging on the deal stating they no longer have the "family plan." I sent numerous e-mails, faxed corporate headquarters, and left numerous messages to no avail. Their e-mails state they will only offer me 15% off, and their next offer was $40 off. They never sent me the free coupon or inform me they no longer have the plan. They cannot negate a contract that offers a free pair of shoes. I even made these purchases before they stopped the plan.

  • Updated by francisco mendoza · Dec 04, 2017

    i suscribe to the road runner vip club two years ago more or less,
    and last year i canceled my suscription to the road runners vip club,
    and now i got a charge in my credit card from u, i want to canceled the
    suscription that i have already cancel last year and also i want my
    money back in the credit card,
    francisco mendoza

  • Du
    duffyruns Mar 21, 2010

    I had the same problem. I e-mailed them multiple times to complain and each time they said there was nothing they could do. I finally sent them an e-mail telling them that I had a lot of friends and family nwho purchased merchandise from RRS and that it would be a shame if I had to tell them not to shop there anymore. The next e-mail I received from them stated that I was correct! they did owe me a pair of shoes and I could pick any pair that I wanted from their online store. It was really irritating and I have been a much less loyal customer since.

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  • Fr
    francisco mendoza Sep 02, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i suscribe to the road runner vip cluib just for one year, last year i canceled
    the membership and also this year i got a charge from this club on my credit card, eventhogh i canceled the suscribtion last year,
    and now i want u to cancel the charge on my credit card, and aslo canceled
    the suscribtion forverer,
    francisco mendoza

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