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I placed an order with Eastbay on 30th nov for shirts and shoes for my boys for Christmas. I was given an email saying your order is shipped and will be delivered on the 10th dec. 10th came and went and nothing happened. I started looking for the tracking no for my order there was no tracking no on my statement but their website said order shipped. So I have being calling them from Australia daily to talk to someone, all I get on their phone is a automated message " we will be with you shortly" I was on the phone daily for a week for nearly an hour at different times on the day. The phone calls are costly me a fortune but no one answers the phone. So decided to email them, there is no email address to contact on their website. I sent a enquiry on Friday 20th asking them for a tracking no. Got a reply saying we will email you back within 24 hrs. Today is 23rd and still no reply and no products ordered for Christmas.

team order of shirts

Our team order with this company was worse than disappointing. Non-responsive customer service person, patch. Wasted months with him putting together team order, then it took this company more than 6 weeks to fulfill the order. At outrageous prices for items and shipping. Sent us our items 2+ weeks after we needed them and the shirts that arrived were 2 completely different colors. We engaged this company at the recommendation of our athletic director, who wants the school to be a nike school. There are other vendors out there who are deserving of the business. Will never buy from them again and have suggested that the ad suspend other teams from working with them.

missing item in my order

I order two items, but they shipped separately. I received two shipment notice but no tracking number. Finally I only got one item but never get another one. Try to contact CS by email (as I am in HK) few times but never get respond. Finally I post at their Facebook page they finally respond me, but really not helpful. My order is placed on 8 Mar but up to today I still do not get my ordered item. I open a case with PayPal and the CS just threat me that if there is a case opened with PayPal they cannot help me. What a poor experience I have...I just want to settle the case as soon as possible.

custom service

Your value as a customer is measured by how you're handled by a company's customer representatives. I called Eastbay for help with my order immediately after placing the order. The manager, Dave, was very rude and refused to assist me in rerouting my order to my correct address. After explaining to him that I had not noticed until my order was complete, he made it very clear that it was my error and expressed that I should have paid more attention. He expressed his opinion in how I had fails myself very often between my plea for his help/assistance. I ended the call very anger because at my many requests for him to escalate my call or provide another person or way to request help he refused and continued to taunt me.
My order of $245 is lost and the CSR manager refused to help me less than 12 hours after my completed order.
I am a single mom gifting my son his desired school shoes in appreciation of his goal accomplishments this summer.

custom service
custom service

eastbay sucks: return not received and no exchange

They sent the wrong size and I returned it using their smart label attached to invoice. The smart label is pre-paid and pre-addressed. Returned shoes in the same package it was sent but they are saying the shoes were not received and that package was mailed wrong. Why attached a wrong return label in the first place if the customer is not supposed to use that. Anyways, i've ordered a lot of shoes from them but first time i got scammed.

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item not in stock

I have placed four order from Champs Sports and Eastbay (they are owned by the same company) in the last two weeks and have yet to receive a single item. So far two of the four items were out of stock, even though the website said they had the items. One item they are still looking for and said it take 4 business days before they cancel due to not having the item. Shipping is 5-6 business days so I would have time to find them somewhere else. The hold times were ridiculous when I called and let's not start with how rude and unapologetic their employees were. I have never experienced this level of service. I'm done with them. I would rather order from finish line and Hibbett Sports. Service has been awesome with them and quick free shipping.

don't buy anything from this terrible company or you will be sorry!!!

I bought a membership to Eastbay where would receive special discounted rates. It was a one time fee of $20. I spent about $350 on six shirts and three pairs of sneakers. Low and behold the offer of the 20% discount only applied to the three pairs of sneakers. This shipment came piecemeal from different vendors and the real problem was that two of the pairs of sneakers seem to be defective. I am an owner of six pairs of these particular pairs of sneakers already. When I called East Bay to discuss the issue I got nothing but a runaround from the customer service representative. They put a complaint resolution person on the phone after I waited another 10 minutes to speak to them. This person was very rude and didn't seem to be able to provide any resolution he said that since I tried a pair sneakers on and wore them out once that they wouldn't take them back and less they were defective. I tried to explain to this man that that's exactly what the problem was and that that's why I was speaking to him and I thought that I shouldn't have any problem returning the two pairs of the defective sneakers. He then stated that I needed to write a complete and send them back to the returns department with the exact issues I told him that I was disappointed and that I thought that they should be able to relay the information to their complaints department. He said that they have no ability to communicate with the return department. Which I think is ridiculous that there's no communication within their company especially the fact that this gentleman that I'm speaking so it supposed to be the resolution person you would think that he would at least be able to circumvent any kind of system and take care of a problem but he is not. Furthermore I requested the return label that they told me they would send me for the two pair of sneakers so I may send them back it's been 10 days and I still haven't received it. Do yourself a favor don't buy anything from this company because if there is a problem you won't be able to have it resolved their prices are that are retail prices and their product that they provide you are substandard go somewhere else and buy a product from a reputable company so you don't have to end up with $200 worth of sneakers that you can't wear. Sincerely and regretfully Matthew Driscoll Mantua New Jersey

poor customer service

ordered $130 pair of football cleats for Son, turns out they were too big, so I reordered the correct size, and sent back the pair that was too big. 3 weeks later I received them back again with no explanation. When I called eastbay, the rude, and poorly trained customer service person, placed me on hold for 20 minutes, then came back to tell me they couldn't accept the return because they were worn. yes, they were, on a living room carpet floor long enough to tell they were not the correct size. rude/poorly trained customer service rep would not transfer me, nor have a manager call me back. now I am out for two pair of cleats

jordan eclipse

They sent the wrong size the markings were way off i think this company sells seconds ir fake Jordan's. I sent the shoes back they said they could not restock. The shoes were clean tried the shoes on way too little so they sent the shoes back said could not restock. You never know if they are the correct size until you try the shoes on so they say they cannot take the shoes back. Never order from this company total rip-off

customer service

After waiting on line for over an hour, the customer service representative told me that they had over 400...

cancelled order

I placed the order on 8/2 in the morning before 9am, they never sent me a confirmation email. However I did get an email that night at at 9pm, stating that the company was unable to obtain authorization from my credit card company, and to contact my credit card company for resolution, After speaking to my CC company they verified that they had not blocked the card and that i had sufficient funds for the purchase, and that if there was any issue with the purchase it was on Final-Score's side, not theirs, so while on a 3 way call with My CC card company and final-score and myself, the CC company ensured that there was no issue with the funds.

The representative MIKE from PAYMENT AUTHORIZATION, first off didn't even know what company i was calling about. I had to tell him i was calling about FINAL-SCORE, then he didn't even care that the order was cancelled. I was like "soooo my order is just cancelled and that's it? i cannot get my product?" he was like "right" mind you they said contact us within 1-3 business days or the order will be cancelled, i called them less than 24 hours after the purchase and they didn't care at all.

Need less to say, I obviously had to cancel the order because i wasnt given any other option, and I would much rather pay more to a trusted company than a fraction of a penny to this SCAM of a COMPANY!

What a scam. Never again!!

These people are the worst ever!! I ordered from Eastbay and paid extra money for 2 day delivery because I needed my item as soon as possible, but I did not receive it.
Two days later when I was supposed to get my order I received a message stating that my order was cancelled. I was very disappointed and mad!
Contacted them and asked for a refund and several weeks later received my money, but there is always "but"! They did not refund me the full price and they did not refund the money that I paid for sipping. What a scam. Never again!!

Still waiting for my order!

Placed my order back in February and was told that I'll get a confirmation email later and that I'll be informed about the delivery date. Waited for about a week and asked about the confirmation email and they said that my order was already on its way. Eastbay rep said that they probably forgot to send me my confirmation message! Are you kidding me? So unprofessional! Anyways, two weeks later I called again and asked where my order was and they said that they need to check something and I was put on hold for about an hour and then they just disconnected! Called again and the same thing happened! Horrible experience!! Still waiting for my order!!

Joke company!

I made an order on back in January and they told that I would receive a confirmation email and my tracking number to let me know that the order shipped. I never received anything, these people don't provide actual tracking link! What company doesn't do that? Absolutely ridiculous! When I called Eastbay customer service they put me on hold for about 40 minutes. I tried to call them many times but never spoke to a real live person. And I haven't received my stuff yet! What a joke!

cancelled order

I live out of the country and ordered about $300 worth of items for my son from Final Score. They accepted my order, credit card and sent me a confirmation.

A guest was traveling from the US here and it was imperative that they ship the items within a certain time frame. As I had ordered early, there should have been no problem. Well, at the last minute Final score canceled my order saying I had never confirmed by email... they never sent me an email asking me to confirm my order. I told them I never got it or obviously I would have confirmed it. I said, 'well, I'm confirming it now, SHIP!' before my friend leaves the country! They said they can't do that - I have to reorder. I couldn't remember what all my son (16) wanted and he was gone for the week. After a BUNCH of back and forth, they finally came up with my original order. Several of the items were now out of stock ((naturally...) so we missed out on some great deals, but then they refused to ship it 3 day air and their original sale was 'free shipping' plus the discounts! They said that since I didn't confirm the original email that I never got (and they never proved they sent!), that it wasn't their fault. I said it wasn't MY FAULT they didn't just fill the order after I confirmed on the first email and send the damn things off!

For me to have them ship their items overnight or 3 day it would have cost me too much - the whole purpose of the order was to get this stuff with the free shipping. Baby boy has big feet and his shoes weigh a ton!

Anyway, so I was forced to cancel the order totally and tell my son that baby's not getting a new pair of shoes after all.

This is the kicker.

The next week they had another sale... with FREE SHIPPING!

  • EastbayRep Aug 07, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hey there,

    My name is Ray and I am a Customer Service Agent with Eastbay. I am sorry to hear about the issues you had with your order. If you want us look over your order and see if we can assist you, please e-mail us at [email protected]


    EastbayRep - Ray

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  • Vi
    Vinet Rose Mendez Jul 26, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Final-score website is so bad. I tried to fill out a complaint that and my order won't go through. Also they have a promotional code that does not go through either. Worst shopping expirience ever!!!

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  • Br
    Brieana12 Feb 13, 2018


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  • Fi
    Final Score Sucks Feb 04, 2019

    Buyer beware. I ordered shoes and they did not fit. I sent them back and still have yet to get a refund after two months. I have two emails from them stating that they received my return. I also have the tracking info for the return. One email stating that they will not refuse due to PayPal dispute. They are stealing from their customers and committing internet fraud.


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  • Ro
    Robert Tonio May 03, 2019

    I just ordered from there can someone please tell me if it’s legit or not

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  • Ja
    janine steiger Dec 12, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They sent a pair of shoes that did not match and because my son was not able to open the shoes( he was at college and did not open until his break when he returned home) and notice this prior to their 30 day return policy they would not reimburse him for this. This is despite the fact that my son has done thousands of dollars of business with them. Time to find a new company to do business with.

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Misleads consumers!

On Sunday, 06/13/10, I purchased a power bracelet (weighing .2 lbs)for my 10 year old son's graduation on Friday, 06-18-10 and paid $12.48, which was a lot of extra $ for "guaranteed" 4-5 day shipping. As quoted on their website, "For only $4.99 more, your order will be guaranteed in 4-5 Business Days." I was notified that my item will not be delivered until Monday, 06-21-10...9 days after I placed the order! I contacted the company several times to request that my shipping costs be refunded due to my extreme disappointment which they have refused to do. They stated that the 4-5 day guarantee begins after the item has been shipped - 2 business days after I placed the order. This is very misleading to consumers and I feel that it is false advertising. Also, why are they charging almost $13 to ship an item that weighs .2 lbs? Do not buy from this company! They are scamming consumers and have poor customer service!

  • Jk
    Jkoe1978 Jun 18, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You placed your order on a Sunday. Did you seriously expect that your order would ship on a Sunday? Do you know what a business day is? It's Monday through Friday. If they shipped your order on Monday, Tuesday would be the next day. Wednesday would be the second day. Thursday would be the third day. Friday would be the 4th day. So even if they shipped your order on Monday, June 14th, and the delivery is set for Monday, June 21st...I hate to break it to you, but that Monday, June 21st is the 5th business day. It's not misleading to consumers who have any common sense and an ability to count.

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Very rude customer service

I ordered a pair of UGG's for my daughter for Christmas 09. Well least to say her mother gave me the wrong size. I called Eastbay.com to tell them my dilemma. I also had lost the invoice through the "hubbub" of the season ( I know very stupid on my part!). So Jan. 4th I called and spoke to someone. They tell me they can mail out the invoice, or fax it. This being the modern age I said "Hey! Fax it on over!" Then i was told it would take 24 to 48 hrs. to fax. I wasn't to excited bout that but what the heck, my little girl really likes these boots. Needless to say 48 hrs. later no invoice. I called them back and spoke to someone else. Of course she apologized I was told it was sent out they didn't know what happened. They said they would send it out by fax again, ( Another 24 to 48 hrs.). After 30 hrs. and no invoice I called them back again this time quite upset. I spoke to a supervisor and I was told the 48 hrs were not up and I still could receive the invoice. What crap!!!... Then I was told the supervisor would get on it and make sure it was sent out that day. Let me not forget she was very rude!!! Her name is Kelly at ext. 4351. "Oh yeah folks this was turning serious!" The next day guess what? Huh? Huh? you wanna guess?

No invoice! Now my wife is spewing fire from her nostrils and of course I am the one being burnt! We all know that crap rolls down hill so I called again. This time no Mr. Nice Person, no someone with sense, just an angry Husband, Father, and Man! I call and ask for Kelly at ext. 4351 I get a switchboard and the operator tells me she answered because the supervisor I called is on the phone and she does not have voice mail. WHAT THE HECK!!! 2010!!! And NO! VOICEMAIL! Then she asks me what company was I calling? WHAT COMPANY WAS I CALLING!!! What kind of "flim flam" stuff! So I get another supervisor and I give her the business no cussing, but the business never the less, that supervisor (oh my bad Connie H. I wont put her last name out there tho I would love to) is just as rude giving me the "Verbal Tennis Routine". ( By the way I made that up, you can use it but do not act like you thought of it). By this point I just want our money back so I demand the invoice by email that very moment and screw the bigger size give me back my dough! Connie H. emailed it over that instant. We will be sending the boots back for a total refund of 129.99 and I will just go to Nordstroms and get her a pair from them. Needless to say, " Hey if it is needless to say then I aint got to say it now. Do I?"

Resolved Ruined my X-Mas

I Made a purchase online to eastbay.com and placed to separate orders on Dec 6, 2008 and the deadline for them to get here was Saturday Dec 15 2008. One order came and one didn't. I called them on Saturday and spoke with a supervisor and he said my money would be refunded in three to five days.

After five I called back and they still are trying to stall my refund they told me that it was approved and would be refunded by Monday which is Christmas eve so I have no way to order my kids new gifts in time. my kid other house was just burglarized and all there Christmas gifts were stolen and this was my last shot at getting them a gift on time. They told me it would be here by the 15 and they lied, they told me id have my refund in 3to 5 days and they lied, and now I don't have the product or the money for the gift. I told them the urgency of the situation and that they had already lied to me twice and I really needed it so I can try to orders gifts overnight and hope they come in time.but instead they apologized for the is takes and said it could be another 24 -72 hours or they would give me store credit.i have no money and no gifts for the kids and if they ever give me my refund it will be to late.i would like to report them for fraud but I just don't know were to go.

They want give me a refund and they won't give me the stuff I ordered and in turn they ruined Christmas. can someone please help me report this company because doing this to kids who have already suffered this Christmas is horrible.

Resolved Duplicated my order, debited by card twice

Company backorders every item I order. Send me multiple emails regarding status. With this order, they stated...

Resolved Bad service

Horrible. Last time I ever order from this company again. I had a $25 gift card I had to use, so I was looking for something to buy. I ordered a Phiten Power sleeve on 12/5 - received notification it would be backordered until 12/12, then 12/19. Okay, now it's 12/24, and I just received an email it's backordered until 1/20/09. This was something I absolutely needed to have sooner than later, and now I may not get it at all until sometime in 2009. I'm not to going to badmouth the company and call them any names, but I am extremely disappointed, and this will be my last order with them.

  • Ta
    Tanita Jan 07, 2009

    Horrible. Last time I ever order from this company again. I had a $25 gift card I had to use, so I was looking for something to buy. I ordered a Phiten Power sleeve on 12/5 - received notification it would be backordered until 12/12, then 12/19. Okay, now it's 12/24, and I just received an email it's backordered until 1/20/09. This was something I absolutely needed to have sooner than later, and now I may not get it at all until sometime in 2009. I'm not to going to badmouth the company and call them any names, but I am extremely disappointed, and this will be my last order with them.

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  • Ma
    Majahead Aug 29, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I pay all the items at the eastbay including the shipment, why that the ups call me and they said that im going to pay for another $55 dollars when it convert to Philippine peso it is almost 3, 000, what a hect, i've been ship 2x at the footlocker and i don't have any problems regarding the delivery, what is this all about.

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  • Ge
    Geesade Nov 22, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    When I recieved my Northface sweatshirt it had a hole in the middle. It took eastbay 3 to 4 weeks to credit my account. They didn't refund me the total price when it was their fault in the first place. Took them forever to talk on the hone. I'll never buy from them again!

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  • Ve
    Very.Angry12345 Aug 20, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Scam website do not buy take your money and send you garbage...

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  • Ka
    Kaira Jatan Sep 03, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was not notified about items being unavailable for exchange. I have waited over a month since I placed my initial order and have not even received my money back. I was over charged for shipping.

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  • Al
    Alexus Pipkin May 28, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Ordered 3 pair of shoes. I only received one of the three. They started an investigation and lost over 200.00. Never received my items. I was supposed to receive these shoes back in April. I have called in over 8 times to speak with different representatives and still not receive my items or money back. This is beyond ridiculous.

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