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Academy Sports And Outdoors Complaints & Reviews

Feb 17, 2021

Academy Sports And Outdoors — Lack of sales quantity limits

Please Limit Primer Purchases at your stores located in Anderson, SC and Greenville, SC Both stores have no...

Academy Sports And Outdoorsoutdoor gourmet grill with side griddle

We have owned assorted grills and smokers for 20 years. A couple of years ago, we splurged and purchased your Outdoor Gourmet gas grill with side griddle. We spent double what we normally do and have been completely disappointed in the quality. After only a couple of summers use, it has totally rusted out and is falling apart. I will never buy another one.

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    Academy / Academy Sports And Outdoorsprice match

    I found a product cheaper at another store. When I chatted in and send screenshots and information 1st I was told that was not same product and they did not carry that product. When I showed them it is same product by circle item number and the name of product they did had me on hold again and came back and said oh that is wrong retailer we do not price match them. Even though it is the company that makes the product. Ok I understand you have a list you price match with. My deal is why not say that at the start. You tell me not right product then when I show you it is you say oh wrong retailer. Just seems like doing everything you can to not price match like you advertise. When I ask to speak to a manger I am told ok hold please and then get disconnected. So I chat back in and told nothing they can do I ask for manger this time I am told h there is no managers on chat I would have to call in. Well when you call in there is no Proof of what you are told. Then I giving and email I can send Complaint to .
    So long story short is wasted 1 hour of my time and academy does not care and no one can give you a straight uanswer. This is Ridiculous very bad customer support

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      Jan 17, 2019

      Academy / Academy Sports And Outdoors — online ordering

      I attempted to purchase two items. The transaction would not go through. I called the provided number and...

      Academy / Academy Sports And Outdoors — gun counter sales personal

      The personal at the Sherman, Texas store are inconsiderate, uneducated on the products and laziest group of...

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      Academy / Academy Sports And Outdoors — blacklist grievance

      September 11, 2018 From: Reggie Padgett 8005 Sholar Drive Baton Rouge, LA...

      Academy / Academy Sports And Outdoors — store manager

      I worked for academy and the store manager is as hateful as they come, she wonders why they can't keep...

      Academy / Academy Sports And Outdoors — dm

      Since the new DM "Ricky" has been brought on there have been numerous people who have left due to the way he...

      Academy / Academy Sports And Outdoorsdelivery of 2 pelican kayaks

      Academy uses a logistics company.. Ceva Logistics. If you try to contact Ceva, you will not be able to understand their rep or their driver; their English is very poor and their service is poor.

      We ordered 2 Pelican kayaks back on 5/24/18. We tried to buy in store, but because of their sorry customer service, we complained to their customer customer and were offered enough of a discount to outweigh the shipping cost, and the price was pretty good.

      Last week, I received an email about the order and when I clicked on the link I got nothing.

      So, I called customer service again and this rep was rude and untrained. The first question from her was "..don't you se the little truck moving along the bottom of the link?" I again repeated that. I get a blank screen when I click on the link.

      Rep. ..."well hang on, let me check." 5 minutes of Muzak on hold..then.."Ceva can't reach you at telephone number you provided." I gave them home and cell numbers.. Rep tells me. I have to all them on Monday to schedule delivery. Keep in mind that they have (Ceva) have now had our kayaks for almost a week and a half. No one called either number that we gave when we placed our order and now, they have over $500.00 of our money tied up waiting for this carrier to deliver.

      Just this past Tuesday, 6/19, Ceva was to deliver our kayaks from some time between 11:00. AM - 3:00 PM. At 4:00 PM, I call Ceva and I am told "we ran out of room on the truck, we will deliver tomorrow, 6/20 same timeframe."
      Same thing happens on the room on truck.

      Today, Ceva shows up in our neighbors driveway. My husband goes out to get kayaks and the driver is now dragging the kayak over a gravel driveway to "deliver it "...notice I said kayak, not kayaks, and more importantly DRAGGED OVER THE GRAVEL!

      Considering that this kayak was even the kayak we ordered, which it was. NOT, who in their right mind would sign for something treated so poorly?...and we don't know what else was been damaged because we wouldn't accept the wrong kayak...I hope that whomever they try to stick this kayak knows to look really close at the bottom!

      Through this whole mess, Academy has sat back and really done nothing to get our order delivered. No wonder companies like Amazon are taking over the market! And now, we have to wait until Ceva returns the wrong kayak that has been ruined to get our money back. I'm told two weeks until we can even look at our refund!

      Maybe this isn't a lot of money for some, but it's something we have saved for! This has got to be the worst consumer experience we have ever had, bar none.

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        Academy / Academy Sports And Outdoorswt striker-x camo drone

        On 5/27/18 my 11 year old son was so excited to purchase this Striker-X HD camera drone. The controller would not turn on. I took him back to Academy Sports and exchanged the drone for the exact thing. The lady working the service desk was great and put the same batteries in the new controller and it came on. However, after charging the drone fully, the controller would not sync to the drone. I called the customer support number for the drone, waited about 7 minutes on hold only to be told if it wouldn't sync then they couldn't help me. My son has been so disappointed with this drone. I do not expect to receive such poor quality in any item purchased at Academy Sports.

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          Academy / Academy Sports And Outdoorsnot receiving product or refund

          I ordered a fishing rod on 12-19-17 for my grandson for xmas guranteed delivery before christmas it never came I called and supposedly it was damaged in transit they said they had to cancel the order could not ship another one this was mid december they said they would credit my account I have called twice since then and was told each time they would expedite a refund it is now Jan. 14 2018 and I still have not received a refund I live on a fixed income and dont have money just to go buy another present for my grandson this is terrible business false advertisement and ruined my grandsons christmas and mine also

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            Academy / Academy Sports And Outdoors — customer service

            On 12-23-17, I visited the Academy Sports location in Benton/Bryant, Arkansas. I was "filling stockings", and...

            Academy / Academy Sports And Outdoors — check being declined

            I was in Academy doing Christmas shopping and did a debit and it went through fine for $85.18...two day...

            Academy Sports And Outdoors — poor delivery and customer service

            I ordered a treadmill from Academy online. During the purchase, I received free shipping and all seemed well...

            Academy Sports And Outdoorsthey didn't have necessary size

            I have bought cleats for my son from Academy Sports and Outdoors. I checked their stock and found out that they didn’t have the necessary size. I spoke with the rep, who offered me to wait 3 more days and they would get the necessary size. 3 days have passed a long time ago, but the rep continued to advise me to wait more. I wanted to cancel the order, but the rep promised to get necessary size. I don’t know when I will get these cleats.

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              Academy Sportsonline ordering debacle

              I ordered a gift card online and typed in the gift card message. It states that the message must be limited to 100 characters. I typed in 58 and had 42 remaining. I placed the order. The email confirmation had truncated my message and showed the gift was ONLY from my wife, but not me. This was gift from BOTH of us for our grandson's 14th birthday. I initiated an online chat with Jordan to find out if it was JUST the confirmation email that had truncated the message, or was the message truncated within the order, as well. Jordan verified that the message on the order was also truncated, then disconnected the chat a minute after... while I was typing to tell him to properly "fix" the gift message! I was quite angry. I called the 888 number, was put on hold for long time, then the automated "voice" asked if I wanted someone to call me back. I hung up & tried chat again. Crystal looked up the order, verified that the gift message was wrong, but said the system wouldn't allow her to get in to fix it. I told her to cancel the order! It's quite sad that a customer can't order an Academy gift card online in a quick, easy and error-free manner. Their online ordering system is a joke, plus, they have to snail mail the gift card... no immediate printing of a gift (certificate" at your home. That causes 7 - 10 day delays in getting the gift card to the intended celebrant. They need to return to the drawing board. NEVER AGAIN, ACADEMY!!! I'll order an Amazon gift card instead!... their system actually works!!

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                The complaint has been investigated and
                resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                Academy Sports + Outdoorscancellation of order

                I placed an order with said company on 11/26 about 5:30pm. Received email saying they cancelled my order because product was unavailable. I personally know of people that ordered exact same item at a later date & time and had their orders fulfilled.

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                  Academy Sportsunequal advertising

                  I recently went into the Academy Sports and Outfitters located here in Wichita Falls, TX to shop for items for school for my two high school students. I was very disappointed to realize that this Academy did not sell any school apparel for Hirschi High School. Wichita Falls has three public high schools in town but they only had a display of items from the other two high schools ranging from basketball shorts to hoodies with the school logo on them. I asked Kim, who was very helpful, why Academy did not stock and sell Hirschi HS apparel. She stated that they do not sell enough Hirschi HS merchandise and the “buyers” decided not to purchase any more of these items. I relayed to Kim that Hirschi students would not have been disappointed if Academy chose to purchase a SMALL amount of Hirschi merchandise, but to not purchase any merchandise was a slap in the face to my children who are proud to attend Hirschi HS as well as the other students, teachers, alumni, etc. I also mentioned that of course Academy did not sell as much Hirschi HS merchandise as they did for the other schools because the other High Schools have double the students at WFHS and almost triple the number at Rider HS.
                  The fact that Academy did not purchase any Hirschi merchandise due to the fact that they did not sell very much merchandise was very frustrating to me since they have sold Hirschi apparel in the past.(which I have bought and many other people have bought since I see them wearing the same shirts in the community and at different functions that I purchased at Academy) If Academy is part of the Wichita Falls community, I believe that they need to represent the WHOLE community. Sometimes businesses make decisions that is just good PR for the community even though they may not make tons of money on a certain project. I definitely understand that the 600-700 students enrolled at Hirschi HS is a drop in the bucket compared to the amount of students which attend the other two public High Schools in the city, but you would think that just so Academy would not alienate a particular set of people, they would at least make a minimal effort to order some merchandise to represent each public high school. I guess Academy does not realize that Hirschi High school students, parents, alumni, supporters and friends buy more items besides just Hirschi merchandise at Academy. Just two weeks ago my daughter and I ran into Academy and spent almost $100 on items she needed for Volleyball camp.
                  My children and I came upon the High School display after shopping for school shoes, soccer cleats, back packs and pool supplies. Not looking for Hirschi apparel at the time, but after seeing the HS display we were very interested in purchasing some items for school. After speaking with Kim, as pleasant as she was, I left the store without purchasing anything! If Academy does not care to represent each public school in the community, then I do not care to spend my money at Academy. If the 600-700 students stopped shopping at Academy including the parents, alumni, supporters and friends, I wonder if all of a sudden it would suddenly become in Academy’s best interest to represent each public high school! I can definitely say that I am telling this story to everyone I come in contact with. People who are Hirschi supporters or not! Even some of the students and parents who attend the other high schools were shocked about Academy’s deliberate decision to exclude Hirschi High School merchandise from their purchase list.

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                    Academy Sportspoor customer service and took my money!

                    I ordered (2) rawling youth players series 9 t-ball gloves left hand gloves for a right hand throw. The order came in 9 days later and to my boys disappointment they both were right hand gloves for left hand throw. I called that same night and talked to customer service and was assured I would be taking care of and have the correct gloves out to me in two days, but that I needed to pay for shippin on the gloves back to them and once they recived them I would be refunded that money.
                    I told my boys the gloves would be here on fri and they never showed. Saturday my boys are asking where there gloves are, I figured for sure they would be here mon! Well monday came and went and still no gloves so I call academy sports, and was told that those gloves are discontinued and that I should have been sent an e-mail, problem is I was never sent that e-mail only my order confirmation e-mail!!! Nice academy sports you guys really dropped the ball on this one! 2 full weeks 2 orders and no gloves! What a joke!!! Good luck if this is the way u run a business!!! On top of that they were supposed to refund my full shipping costs and they refunded 1/2 of the cost! They are crooks!

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                      Academy — ammunition

                      I have been trying since Jan 1st to purchase 22 Ammo from this store. I go to this store 4-5 times a week...

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