RHB Bankrhb bank pls improve your service

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Date: 4/07/10 (Saturday)
Venue: giant hypermarket bandar bukit tinggi klang
Time: around 10am

I’m one of the rhb saving account holder since 2007 without atm card. I opened my account at jalan stesen klang. I never withdraw my money until today i feel wanted too…but… the rhb indian lady at the counter with roughly said “ how u going to withdraw money for u…there’s no signature on your account book!”…she said that the book too old already until cant detects my signature…” you must come back on monday~!, next….(Calling for the next customer)….

I really disappointed and walk away.

1st please speak to your customer politely.
2nd. Please explain to your customer why this problem happen and not ignore us and calling for the next customer..
3rd is there any problem with rhb account book quality?Why she mentioned that the book already old?...2007 to 2010….(4 years only)...Does it mean that the saving not belongs to me anymore?????

Pls improve your service~!


  • Ms
    Ms. Yee Yi Peng Oct 21, 2010

    Date : 21st Oct 2010

    From : Ms. Yee Yi Peng (ViSA/ MASTERCARD : [protected] & [protected]

    RE : RHB Bank Please Improve your staff manners services!

    Yes i am not is your RHB Bank good customer credit card holder, but on my economy down I also has call your RHB-Collection Department to adjust how to repayment to your RHB Bank Bhd.

    I have 6 account in statement, last year what month I ready forget, I has receipt your RHB Bank statement only is 4 account and one sets “Mahkamah Majistret Letter” then I call to your RHB-Collection Department to ask what for, I ask her to help me? But u staff I feel she not “Respect” me. This is i fist time call on last year.

    Yesterday I also receipt ”Mahkamah Majistret Letter” from your advocates “Zahrin Emrad & Sujaihah” why ? before one year ago I deed not receipt any remainder letter
    I no change new address & no change new working place why? I also call back to RHB-Collection Department to ask what for, your staff name : Ms. Murni (card recovery unit RHB BANK BERHAD ) under Ms. Soo Bee Loon (Head, Receivables Management Department “RHB-Card & Unsecured Business Division).

    Your staff Ms. Murni, is very no “Respect” me, I have given her three times my I/C No. three times she also ask me wait her she want to check account me, but three times I waiting she checking I listen she singing in the phone why? I think she very happy lo? And I say to her why I deed not receipt your any remainder letter one year ago, Ms. Murni say we has to send out remainder letter 4 month for your house, Ms. Murni I think you don’t know all my document from RHB Bank Berhad is send in my office only. No send to my house.

    For today I ready fax : 03-[protected], yesterday Ms. Murni given me the Repayment Proposal Letter to RHB Bank Berhad.

    Yes i don't have money on two year ago including this year, but i feel it's my duty to get it done to repayment for RHB Bank Berhad. i never no to say no repayment to your bank.

    Please “Respect” me.

    Thank You.

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  • Te
    tess goh May 21, 2011
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    Verified customer

    The staff at the mines is very rude and don't respect the customer ! Actually if below RM5000 have to bank in by machine but i'm in a hurry so i walk in the bank to bank in the money as that time in the bank don't have the customer ! Do u know what is the action of the staff, the staff say loudly to me :why don't want to bank in with the machine, So i'm very unhappy and very angry...how can she say this to a customer ...do they respect me as a customer although if they want me to bank in with the machine ...please respect me ...what a rude staff...

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  • Qu
    Quek Lee Eyean May 26, 2011

    I am applying for the HP loan for a new car. First day when submit the documents they tell me 3 days will knew whether the loan is approved or not. After 3 days i make a call back and they said the signing person was meeting for a whole day and not yet go thru the application. If this is the commitment bank given to its customer then shouldn't it comply. Very dissappointed service from the loan department.

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  • Az
    AZHARI Jun 20, 2011

    Merujuk kepada rujukan tuan SSB/SR/mfs/6824075 bertarikh 5 April 2011.
    Saya TIDAK pernah membuat tuntutan daripada AMBB sebagaimana yang dilaporkan oleh RHB.
    Saya hanya membuat tuntutan daripada BANK RAKYAT apabila mesin ATM yang terletak di bangunan ECONJAYA Kok Lanas, Ketereh Kelantan gagal mengeluarkan wang. Saya telah mengisi borang tuntan dan menyerahkan kepada pegawai RHB Cawangan Ketereh. Kekeliruan mungkin berlaku kerana apabila wang saya tidak keluar dari mesin ATM Bank Rakyat saya terus ke ATM AMBB yang terletak di S7 Kok Lanas. Di harap pihak RHB dapat membetulkan keadaan ini. Terima kasih
    AZHARI BIN ZAKARIA ([protected]@yahoo.com)

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  • Pe
    Perlie Oct 01, 2011

    Will RHB management notice this board? How to reach them directly thru email or by post?

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  • Me
    melissa wong Oct 04, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    u all can complaint thru here...is the main website for RHB bank..i did it b4..the RHB people surely will contact u...and said SORRY

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  • Ef
    efrancis Jan 18, 2012
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    Verified customer

    Generally, RHB Collection Centre Staff, VERY INEFFICIENT!!! Full payment made1 1/2 months ago, yet to receive release letter and refund. Not helpful, at all. Call them from morning till late afternoon, their standard reply 'Person in Charge engaged on another line'. If leave message, never bothered to even call back!!! I am glad I am done with RHB!!!

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  • An
    angels_on_icyfire Feb 28, 2012

    I owe RHB Credit Card since 2008 as I lost my job when I got admitted to hospital for surgery in 2007. Since then, I have no proper and stable income. My the boyfriend (husband now) and I were not on stable monthly income. During 2008 until early 2011, we were on 'kais pagi, makan pagi. kais petang makan petang' life. I manage to find an office job early March 2011 but also left in June 2011 due to my health problems. I have to recuperate myself at home while my husband have to ask financial help from family and friends. He quit his job earlier because his previous employer did not pay his pay on time and failed to pay his much delayed commissions. Therefore, he had to look for part time jobs to make ends meet. He has a son from previous marriage but luckily we get to persuade the mother to take care of him alternately with us while we're in this situation.
    When all fails to meet, I have to sacrifice my insurance and manage to withdraw about RM2K from there to support my family until I find a job with stable income. And thank God that by end of November, I manage to find it. As for my husband, he tries his luck in property, which he will only earn as and when he manage to close a sales or rent out properties.
    With my income, we manage to pay off most of our electric bills and support the household necessities. With the prices of everything going up today, it is actually quite difficult to save up a lot.
    Then last week, I receive a call from RHB Collection Department. At first, I was so ready to pay off my credit card bill even though I have to stretch it to 24months repayment with 9% interest. Then this lady named Mona took over from the previous girl.
    This Mona started to tell me that the bank insist that I pay off at least 1/3 of my balance. The balance now is twice the amount of what i owed in 2008 due to the interest. It was actually fine with me if they stretch the repayment to 24months or so. But no. She said that the bank insist that I pay at least 1/3 then only I can stretch the repayment to 24 months. I said I don't have that much money to pay the bank so she said at least bank in RM500 by 23rd as the bank insist.
    I've been going in and out of hospital at least twice in from 2007 until 2009 so I know emergency cash is very much needed especially now I have no insurance coverage. And most importantly, I need to keep some cash for my family. And you know what Miss Mona say to me? She said that paying up what I owe is my main priorities now since I should have "settles down" with my financial. And when I told her that even though I have that little extra cash in hand, I need to keep it for in case of emergency and for my family. She casually replied that paying the bank should now be my priorities and responsibilities. When I asked her if she's married and with family, she coolly replied no comment.
    I told my husband about this and so we tried to get some cash from family and friends (again) to pay off "the bank". Just now she called me, asking why I have not paid the RM500 yet to "the bank". When I told her I will pay the money when I get the money, she ask me do I have salary. I was like, 'Hello. I got salary but "the bank" is not my main concern'. I have to pay off my household bills first and set aside some cash for groceries and food, no need to mention for my step-son's education as well. You'll never know when you need to buy books or anything for your children studies.
    When I told her that, she said, "I don't want to listen to your tales, THE BANK insist that you make your payment." Getting angry at this, I asked her if I should rob someone or another bank to pay THE BANK. I already told her that my husband is trying to get some money to pay her bank, she just replied, "I don't care what happened between you and your husband. Whatever it is also keep it to yourself. It is not your husband's name or IC number that appear here. It is your name and number stated here so I will follow up with you." This was said with much sarcasm. I can feel the disrespect from her from the moment I asked her if she is married and with family.
    I got so irritated when she kept on saying THE BANK INSIST THE BANK INSIST THE BANK INSIST. So TH BANK INSIST already, then i have to starve my family and live in the dark to pay THE BANK. Don't they realise that a lot of people drag their payment because they have such collector? What's with the deal the bank understand your needs and will accommodate to it? What good does it bring when you push them into the corner? They will not only bite you back, they will even run. So how is THE BANK gonna get payments?
    I did not write here to ask for sympathy or anything. Just want to express my feelings that THE BANK is not much different than AH LONG. As a matter of fact, some AH LONG can sit down and discuss repayment terms with you as long as they get back their money.
    I can't wait to be done with RHB Bank and I am considering to close my husband's and child's account there. Why should I support them so much when they don't give a damn when you need them most?

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  • Ab
    Abs79 Aug 02, 2012

    I also having problem with RHB. I'm starting having problem with financial since 2006. Which I owe many banks money and unable to pay back. Many banks have send alot collector chase me for money thru my house and office which affected my live and worki g.
    I have try this few years to settle many things Ang prepare for the cards resolution as well. I deal with most of the bank and most of the bank willing give me very good offer which deduct out the interest to meet my affordable amount and allow me to settle the account.
    When I called RHB, the earlier staff is manner which assist me to get the offer but I'm failed to settle due to insufficient fund. After I manage to get the backup, I talk to their collection department and ask nego the amount. The last answer only discount RM200 with total amount. I ask why, other bank can do better offer because they want customer to settle the account. But she insist no other discount, said that is other bank, here is other bank. It's different. And warn me if I don't settle it, they will send outsider to go to my house and office to disturb me.
    I mean, hey. Im the customer wanted to pay u back and I'm not a money printer. If I'm not intend to pay I back, why i need to update ur system about my phone have change. Why I need to call back and nego price with you. It's that the RHB treat the customer like this?
    Really disappointed.

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  • Qu
    QuiteShocked Aug 08, 2012

    The loan officer is nice ... but the back end credit officers are just slow with response and request for proof here and there. I wanted to apply for housing loan at about 50% margin. we have FD which is ">" than the loan amount but of course with another bank. Take long time to reply and still must check this and that. Will likely to go with another bank and forget about them.

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  • Se
    Service design Oct 29, 2012

    i'll just want to ask where can i collect my release letter, from which RHB delta finance...that's it as simple as that. I'll call RHB bukit bintang no one answer [protected], 03-[protected] - answering machine that's does not help at all, i'll make an effort googling and found this number [protected] - number not in service, [protected] no one answering at 3PM. Finally i got this number [protected] and someone answering and pass me to person incharge, as usual no one answering probably busy with zalora .com or groupon.com maybe...but i'll keep waiting then after a while i'll got back to the same person again and this time he reckon to call back after an hour. But, i'll figure out why don't just give me a contact no directly or ext no instead. Din dong cause me like half an hour ...and nothing settle and celcom deduct my prepaid RM16 for time spend waiting for someone just to past me an information where should i collect my release letter or in Malaysia (geran kereta) that's what a familiar term around here. Since inception until towards the end the only thing that i heard 'please hold the line, the line is busy' or 'our operator is busy, ig u know the ext. please press hash and ...so on...so on... oh my god please la Rashid Hussin Berhad update your customer service or in a proper manner technical term for co-creational value is called " System service" or in academic value we call it's "Service Design" . Service design has been discovered, implement and successfully implied sustainability for business since 2003. Creating and generating billion of dollars and pound sterling by updating system service for business and hospitality, method used such as "User journey mapping" touch point and channel mapping, Synthesize analysis gap, user journey prototyping, really helps a company to realize a gap within their system services. Please la..Rashid Hussin Berhad, allocate some money for staff training or atleast hire a consultant from 'service design' fields and expertise. Of course an united states consultant are very expensive and too much improvise, just hire a humble Melbournian consultant they're cheaper and truthful. Your case study is exactly similar to NAB or known as National Australia Bank, where is in some period NAB failed to provide a better services to their customer, but luckily they're manage to realize this, and hire a 'Service Design' consultant. This consultant come up with the design ideas of "user journey Prototyping' where he and his mate build a whole NAB bank inside an abandon factory. Everything from customer services to front desk services where investigated and research thoroughly. Then they re-build the whole system services and everything include interior design, communication design, technologist, human user interface..and so on inside that abandon factory, and the results of this NAB manage to be a competitor to other bank in Australia. The suggested prototype (the abandon factory and the whole bank interior) of NAB actual Bank now re-known as a centre for training for NAB staff. There is a design innovation out there RHB Bank just allocate some fund for that.

    Designer Turn Technologist Turn Anthropologist

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  • Cc
    CC HOLDER Mar 11, 2013

    RHB Bank Please Improve your staff manners services!


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  • Cc
    CC HOLDER Mar 11, 2013


    rhb mempunyai staff yang kurang ajar...tidak beraklak...seperti bintang...

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  • Cc
    CC HOLDER Mar 11, 2013

    seperti binatang hang aku dengan customer...memang kurang ajaq...babi...!!!

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  • Pe
    Pelanggan kecewa Apr 15, 2014

    Selamat sejahtera RHB Bank..

    Saya kecewa dengan perkhidmatan yang disediakan oleh RHB. Terdapat dua isu yang pihak RHB gagal selesaikan dengan baik. Antaranya:
    1. Saya telah menjelaskan penalty charge sebanyak RM672 disebabkan saya pernah menamatkan ASB loan dengan Easy RHB. Saya telah membuat bayaran penuh di kaunter di cawangan RHB Tmn Nusa Bestari Johor pada 03/04/2014. Pegawai Pn Azian bt Awang di Recovery Unit akan mengeluarkan kepada saya dalam 7 hari bekerja. Namun sehingga sekarang (9 hari bekerja) tiada maklumbalas dari beliau. Sila ambil perhatian bahawa kesilapan dari RHB sendiri telah menyukarkan saya membuat pinjaman rumah di bank lain.
    2. Saya tidak berpuas hati dengan perkhidmatan Easy RHB warna pink ketika membuat pinjaman ASB di Giant Plentong Johor. Tiada penerangan lanjut mengenai bayaran dan penalti sekiranya mahu menamatkan pinjaman. Akibatnya saya terpaksa tanggung kerugian RM672 akibat sikap tidak bertanggunjawab pegawai itu.

    sila hubungi saya secepat mungkin bagi permasalahan akibat kelekaan pegawai RHB. Sekian

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  • Sa
    sajus007 Jun 05, 2014

    Hello RHB
    My Name is Sajeev writing here on the issues i am going through more than 2 weeks regarding my ATM withdrawal from RHB ATM machine at pearl point shopping mall on 20th May 2014. My complaint ref No is [protected].
    The story is like this - I have Bank Account with DBS at Singapore, When i tried withdraw money from here ( Malaysia ) RHB ATM at Pearlpoint Shopping mall the Machiine got struck and money didn't come out. The same time i have given this complaint to RHB call centre and they provided me the above report number. Fortunately / Unfortunately this money ( RM2000.00 ) not yet come back to my DBS Acconunt as of today. When i called DBS, They says RHB claims department have to send email to DBS on the Payment ref number and VROL # & etc . This was dragging since this long time, Finally i have been set up a con call between RHB, Me & DBS, According to the DBS official instructions to RHB officials ( call Centre & deposit department ) the email still not received as of today, Due to this my money is still blocked .

    Guys, Come on. Please appoint some professional guys at your call centres and sensitive department to attend those queries as me like Lot's of others are might be in the same issues due to these bank procedures which your team doesn't want to follow.
    This is not our mistake, RHB should take care of this as this is concerned ATM Machine.. I expected some courtesy from RHB to call me and update on the status, but this is becoming very irritating day by day. This call centre guys didn't know how to talk professionally and many times they have put on hold ver long time ( DBS & ME ) while doing our con call session.

    I am damn pissed off with all these, Hoping one day i can see some improvement from this Bank.


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  • Ta
    tak puas hati jun 2014 Jun 14, 2014

    Pada hari in 14 Jun, saya pergi ke Easy RHB cawangan Kompleks Teruntum untuk membayar ansuran pinjaman rakan saya. Saya bertanyakan staff di kaunter berkenaan boleh atau tidak beliau menolong saya dengan memberikan nombor akaun rakan saya bagi tujuan pembayaran pinjaman di mesin ATM. Saya hanya tahu nama rakan tersebut. Setelah membuat percubaan beliau kemudiannya menyatakan bahawa saya perlu mendapatkan nombor kad pengenalan rakan saya.
    Saya kemudiannay mendapatkan nombor kad pengenalan rakan saya tersebut dan pergi semula ke kaunter. Staff Easy RHB, 2 orang perempuan menyatakan bahawa SUSAH untuk mendapatkan nombor akaun tersebut dan meminta saya bertanyakan rakan saya nombor akaunnya. Kalau rakan saya ingat nombor perlukah saya pergi kekaunter dan bertanya??? Saya kemudiannya meminta pertolongan mereka untuk mendapatkan nombor akaun tersebut. Salah seorang staff memberitahu tidak boleh beri kerana takut nanti tersalah masuk akaun. saya agak bengang tetapi masih bersabar dan saya nyatakan apa tersalahnya kalau saya dah beri nama dengan nombor IC. Beliau tidak dapat memberikan jawapan cuma menyuruh saya memberitahu rakan saya supaya datang sendiri.
    Yang buat saya bengang ialah
    1) kenapa pada masa saya datang kali pertama suruh saya dapatkan nombor kad pengenalan kenapa tak cakap sahaja tak boleh
    2) dari cara percakapan mereka, mereka kata susah nak dapat bukan tak boleh dapat. Jadi di sini dari cara percakapan mereka nampaknya mereka enggan memberikan pertolongan kepada saya dan bukannya polisi yang menghalang mereka dari menolong saya.
    Saya berharap perkara ini mendapat perhatian dari pihak RHB

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  • Jo
    Johnnydog Jul 29, 2014
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They even call me early in the morning the third day of Chinese New year, I say please lar, some more now is Chinese New Year and before it I already made 2 months payment, but the ### person say although 2 month payment made, you still have 1 month outstanding.
    Now my payment already left 1 month, I request for ANY waiver in interest or other charges...
    Please lar, if I got money, I would not get personal loan from Bank loh!
    I told my friend regarding RHB Collection, they just reply me they are LICENSED "AHLONG" COLLECTOR, They din't scold you BABI or any rough words means you are very lucky jor.

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  • Ya
    yau Jul 06, 2015
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear RHB staffs,

    I just wanted to share some of my experience towards RHB bank services. I have purchased a car and I have applied the car loan with RHB bank. In fact, there were some miscommunication between the agent in between me and the RHB officers. There wasn't any formal information to be told on how to apply the direct debit services until i called to the customer service and lodged a complaint regarding this issue. At last, I have applied the direct debit after creating a saving account from RHB branched in Puchong boulevard. I was told that the direct debit will be done every 23th of each month since my agreement is been issued at the date of 23rd May 2015. However, one of the officer from RHB called me on 6th July 2015 and told me that my installment is overdue, I have to make the payment manually. I told the officer that I have applied the direct debit service for my saving account which i was struggled for the car installment payment. However, the officer never listen to my reason and some how just rush me to call for customer service or make payment as soon as I can at RHB puchong boulevard as similar as the first payment. The officer was very rude and unfriendly. I hope that RHB staffs can take this into consideration. I have called the customer service and they took around 1 hour to check for my issue and they told me the same thing about the overdue issue. After I have explained about the EXACT due date of the payment deduction and the date of my money been banked into the saving account, i definitely banked in the amount of money before the due, which is 19th June. I hope that RHB staffs can be more polite and friendly to the customer where we are actually not aware if there are any mistakes or errors has been made either from me or the RHB staffs themselves. They should be more aware about the issue, check by themselves first before calling customer with unfriendly tone and rude manner. I hope that RHB officer can take into action to ask the person who called me on 6th July 2015 around 3pm, she is a female. If possible, I hope to get an apology email from her personally and I am looking forward to see the improvement of the customer services not so long in the future.

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  • Br
    Brenda Hope Sep 09, 2015
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Ini adalah untuk memaklumkan kepada orang ramai bahawa Puan, BRENDA HARAPAN pemberi pinjaman pinjaman peribadi mempunyai membuka peluang kewangan untuk semua orang yang memerlukan apa-apa bantuan kewangan. Kami memberi pinjaman pada kadar 2% kadar faedah kepada individu, syarikat dan syarikat-syarikat di bawah syarat-syarat yang jelas dan mudah difahami dan keadaan Dari
    $ 20.000 untuk $ 7000000 USD, Euro Dan Pounds Sahaja. Saya memberi Pinjaman Perniagaan,
    Pinjaman Peribadi, Pinjaman Pelajar, Pinjaman Kereta Dan Pinjaman Untuk Bayar Off Bil. hubungi kami hari ini melalui e-mel di: ([protected]@gmail.com)

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  • Az
    Azriani Ayuni Jan 06, 2016

    Saya zan azriani binti rahim ingin mengadu mengenai asb sy yg telah di block oleh pihak bank tanpa sebarang notis yg dikeluarkan ke alamat rumah sy 1398 bagan dalam 12100 butterworth, saya jugak telah terlewat untuk mmbuat byran slma 2 bln jumlah tertunggak RM 170.00 .
    Dan apabila sya ingin mmbuat byran di mesin, ddpti transaction semua diriject, trus sya hubungi pihak bank dan myatakan akaun saya memang telah di block kerana pihak bank tidak dapat mnghubungi saya, di sini saya sememangnya tidak berpuas hati tindakan pihak bank tnpa mengeluarkn notis [protected]@meminta saya ke bank untuk selesaikan masalah ini..Ini Kerana salah seorang keluarga saya jugak trdapat kes sperti ini tetapi bank yg berlainan(MAyBank)memanggil untuk berbincang dahulu, dan memujuk supaya jangan batalkan asb wlaupun dh tertunggak, inin kerana mereka bukan fikirkan untuk kepentingan company sendiri tetapi jugan untuk mnjaga hati&masa drpan rakyat..saya memohon agar pihak bank RHB dapat pertimbangkan &buka mata untuk membuat sesuatu kerja dengan cara yang lebih baik agar semua masyarakat di malaysi boleh trus support dengan adanya product knowledge..

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  • So
    solusi cepat kaya Jan 09, 2019
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @Azriani Ayuni , , ., KISAH NYATA,
    Aslamu alaikum wr wb..Allahu Akbar, Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar
    Bismillahirrahamaninrahim, , senang sekali saya bisa menulis dan berbagi kepada teman2 melalui room ini, sebelumnya dulu saya adalah seorang pengusaha dibidang property rumah tangga dan mencapai kesuksesan yang luar biasa, mobil rumah dan fasilitas lain sudah saya miliki, namun namanya cobaan saya sangat percaya kepada semua orang, hingga suaatu saat saya ditipu dengan teman saya sendiri dan membawa semua yng saya punya, akhirnya saya menaggung utang ke pelanggan saya totalnya 470 juta dan di bank totalnya 800 juta, saya stress dan hamper bunuh diri anak saya 2 orng masih sekolah di smp dan sma, istri saya pergi entah kemana dan meninggalkan saya dan anakanaknya ditengah tagihan utang yg menumpuk, demi makan sehari hari saya terpaksa jual nasi bungkus keliling dan kue, ditengah himpitan ekonomi seperti ini saya bertemu dengan seorang teman dan bercerita kepadanya, Alhamdulilah beliau memberikan saran kepada saya, dulu katanya dia juga seperti saya stelah bergabung dengan KI JAMBRONG hidupnya kembali sukses, awalnya saya ragu dan tidak percaya tapi selama satu minggu saya berpikir dan melihat langsung hasilnya, saya akhirnya bergabung dan menghubungi KI jambrong di No [protected]. Semua petunjuk AKI saya ikuti dan hanya 3 hari Astagfirullahallazim, Alhamdulilah Demi AllAH dan anak saya, akhirnya 5M yang saya minta benar benar ada di tangan saya, semua utang saya lunas dan sisanya buat modal usaha, kini saya kembali sukses terimaksih KI JAMBRONG saya tidak akan melupakan jasa AKI. JIKA TEMAN TEMAN BERMINAT, YAKIN DAN PERCAYA INSYA ALLAH, SAYA SUDAH BUKTIKAN DEMI ALLAH SILAHKAN HUB AKI JAMBRONG DI [protected]. (TANPA TUMBAL/AMAN).


    Catatan: satu kata sudah cukup untuk orang bijak dan terima kasih banyak atas bacaan kesaksian dan kabar baik saya
    Tuhan memberkati kalian semua!

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  • Su
    subashini Feb 26, 2016

    I first and foremost think your customer service guy is very rude and he doesn't have proper customer service. you may want to back track on the recorded conversation we had and I haven't been very pleased. i do not appreciate the tone I am spoken to and i truly believe that your staffs has to assist customers in sort of way. But he was very incorporative, my saving account was blocked because of due payments and when i asked him to unblock my account and minus the due amount as i need to use MY money urgently. He said he will try and he can't promise me anything by today despite me mentioning that i need to use the money urgently. RHB bank claims they have every right to block my account. they should also acknowledge the customers need. why block the entire account when the due amount is only RM 140.
    I feel very insulted by the way your staff has spoken and i do hope you would take necessary action against him. If he can't speak in the right tone to customers then he shouldn't be in the department where he is suppose to speak to customers.
    I will be closing all accounts with RHB and i will also mention it to my family and friends and need to the press and the social media that your staff is very hurtful and insulting and to need have any sort of business or accounts with RHB.
    I really hope my complaint is taken seriously.

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  • He
    Hema Hema Feb 29, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    HI, I'm Latha..recently I took a pinjaman ekspress from Easy Rhb . Im a good paymaster until I have some confidential issues going aroud and it took for me to postponed my payment ...ex: ever month my due is on 16th each month and I will only pay on the 29 or 30th on the same month ...on the 18th rhb collection officer will call me and ask for the payment date I will give them a date and will exactly pay on time. Even though the days I drag a bit late I had never postponed a month or more than that. But the problem now on between that 16th to 29th every single day I will receive 5 to 10 sms, 2-3 calls to ask for the same payment again and again even though I already fix my date on a payment your staff will call and ask the same question "Ms .Latha confirm need to made a payment on the date as promise". "We will like to confirm the date again"...is this how you trained your collection STAFF ???Every time they call I pack with my work and there is also sometime I will receive a miss called for once after two minutes they will call direct to my office and look for me. For god sake I am not running away and always answer their calls...Before the date I promised to pay I will also receive so many sms which says they were about to freeze my account my name will be in CCRIS and the last one they will send an officer to look for me in home/office. Seriously I regret on RHB service

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  • Lo
    Loancompany Home Jul 28, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hello, Adakah anda memerlukan pinjaman dari syarikat yang paling dipercayai dan boleh dipercayai
    di dunia? jika ya maka hubungi kami sekarang untuk kami menawarkan pinjaman kepada semua
    kategori pencari sama ada syarikat atau untuk kegunaan kakitangan. kami menawarkan
    pinjaman pada kadar faedah 3%, Hubungi kami melalui e-mel:

    (1) Nama Penuh
    (2) Alamat Penuh
    (3) Negara
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    (8) Jumlah Pinjaman yang diperlukan:
    (9) Tempoh Pinjaman

    Email kami di: [protected]@gmail.com

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  • Ch
    cherrylimyining Oct 30, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    been trying to call to customer service for several times and not being entertained at all.
    worst part is they put you through all the advertisements and the call ended straight away without any reasons given!
    this happened even when you pressed LOST CARDS.
    EVEN in such critical cases there is no one from your customer service able to entertain?
    who to be held responsible if the cards are being fraudly used??

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  • Da
    David Lau Nov 13, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    RHB Complaint Unit/ Customer Service,

    Kindly respond to my Housing loan issues which had been outstanding since the year 2000, ie 16 years ago.

    Please to attach my recent letters to RHB for your reference.

    I await for your urgent reply.

    David Lau Hack Gin [protected] tel [protected] )

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  • Ma
    Mary William Mar 20, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Apakah Anda mencari pinjaman asli? saya ingin menggunakan kesempatan ini untuk menginformasikan semua orang bahwa Mrs Mary William pemberi pinjaman kredit swasta yang memberikan pinjaman kesempatan waktu hidup. Apakah Anda membutuhkan pinjaman mendesak untuk melunasi utang Anda atau Anda membutuhkan pinjaman untuk meningkatkan bisnis Anda? Anda telah ditolak oleh bank dan lembaga keuangan lainnya? Apakah Anda membutuhkan pinjaman konsolidasi atau hipotek? mencari lebih karena kami berada di sini untuk membuat semua masalah keuangan Anda sesuatu dari masa lalu. Kami meminjamkan dana kepada individu yang membutuhkan bantuan keuangan, yang memiliki kredit buruk atau membutuhkan uang untuk membayar tagihan, untuk berinvestasi di bisnis pada tingkat 2%. Saya ingin menggunakan media ini untuk memberitahu Anda bahwa kami memberikan bantuan yang handal dan penerima dan akan bersedia untuk menawarkan pinjaman. Jadi hubungi kami hari ini melalui email di:
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    Jumlah maksimum yang meminjamkan adalah 600, 000, 000.00 berikut ini
    Mata uang: Dollar Amerika Serikat, Euro dan Pound Inggris
    Terima kasih dan Tuhan memberkati Anda semua

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  • Be
    Bergner Kelvin Feb 13, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    pinjaman! pinjaman !! pinjaman !!!
    Apakah Anda mencari perusahaan pinjaman swasta terkemuka dan terakreditasi yang memberi pinjaman pada kesempatan hidup. Kami menyediakan segala macam pinjaman dengan cara yang sangat cepat dan mudah, pinjaman pribadi, pinjaman mobil, pinjaman rumah, pinjaman mahasiswa, pinjaman usaha, konsolidasi hutang, dan lainnya. Sudahkah anda ditolak oleh bank dan lembaga keuangan lainnya? Apakah Anda memerlukan pinjaman konsolidasi atau hipotek? Cari tidak lebih karena kita di sini untuk membuat semua masalah keuangan Anda sesuatu dari masa lalu. Kami meminjamkan dana kepada perorangan dan perusahaan yang membutuhkan bantuan keuangan dengan tarif 2%. Tidak ada nomor jaminan sosial yang dibutuhkan dan tidak diperlukan pemeriksaan kredit, 100% dijamin. Saya ingin menggunakan media ini untuk memberi tahu Anda bahwa kami memberikan bantuan yang andal dan bermanfaat dan kami akan dengan senang hati menawarkan pinjaman kepada Anda.
    Jadi email kami hari ini di: ([protected]@gmail.com) untuk mengajukan pinjaman.

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  • An
    Angga Annisa Oct 18, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Ini luar biasa saat saya mengira semua telah selesai dengan saya Ibu Iskandar datang untuk menyelamatkan saya. Saya sangat berhutang sejauh orang-orang yang saya pinjam uang dari geng melawan saya dan kemudian membuat saya ditangkap sebagai akibat dari hutang saya. ditahan selama berbulan-bulan maka masa rahmat diberikan kepada saya saat saya dipulangkan dan dibebaskan untuk pergi dan mencari uang untuk membayar semua hutang yang saya terima sehingga saya diberitahu bahwa ada beberapa kreditur sah online sehingga saya harus mencari Karena melalui blog saya berualang kali tertipu tapi ketika saya menemukan Ibu Iskandar CEO ISKANDAR LESTARI LOAN FIRM, Tuhan mengarahkAan saya ke iklannya melalui blog karena daya tarik saya terhadapnya adalah benar-benar mukjizat mungkin karena Tuhan telah melihat bahwa saya memiliki banyak menderita karena itulah dia mengarahkan saya kepadanya. Jadi saya menerapkannya dengan antusias setelah beberapa jam pinjaman saya disetujui oleh Dewan dan dalam dua hari saya dikreditkan dengana jumlah pasti yang saya berikaan untuk semua ini tanpa jaminan tambahan Kredit Tanpa Agunan (KTA) sama seperti saya berbicara dengan Anda sekarang saya telah dapat menghapus semua hutang saya dan sekarang saya memiliki supermarket sendiri, saya tidak memerlukan bantuan orang lain sebelum saya memberi makan atau mengambil keuangan apa pun keputusan saya tidak punya urusan dengan Polisi lagi saya sekarang adalah wanita merdeka. Anda ingin mengalami kemandirian finansial seperti saya silahkan hubungi Ibu melalui BBM-nya: {D8980E0B} atau melalui email perusahaan: (iskandalestari.[protected]@gmail.com) Anda tidak dapat memperdebatkan fakta bahwa di dunia kesulitan ini Anda memerlukan seseorang untuk membantu Anda mengatasi gejolak keuangan dalam hidup Anda dengan satu atau lain cara, jadi saya memberi Anda mandat untuk mencoba dan menghubungi Ibu Iskandar di alamat di atas sehingga bisa mengatasi kemerosotan keuangan dalam hidup Anda. Anda bisa menghubungi saya melalui email berikut: ([protected]@gmail.com)) selalu bersikap positif dengan Ibu Iskandar dia akan melihat Anda melalui semua tantangan finansial Anda dan kemudian memberi Anda sebuah tampilan baru finansial.

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  • En
    Endah Elang Feb 21, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Nama saya Elang Endah Saya seorang wanita bisnis di Indonesia dan saya bepergian ke negara lain karena bisnis saya beberapa waktu yang lalu saya memiliki kemunduran dalam bisnis saya karena seseorang yang saya percayai begitu banyak berbohong kepada saya dan mengambil banyak uang saya. modal dengan harapan mengirimi saya barang. Saya mulai mencari bantuan dan seorang teman memperkenalkan saya ke Arab Credit Group Beberapa bulan yang lalu, saya takut karena cerita yang saya dengar tentang pinjaman online sebelumnya, tetapi saya berkata pada diri sendiri bahwa saya harus mencobanya, setelah menyelesaikan semua persyaratan yang saya miliki. pinjaman sebesar 700jt telah ditransfer kepada saya dan hari ini saya sepenuhnya kembali ke bisnis, jika Anda memiliki tantangan keuangan atau Anda mencari modal untuk memulai bisnis Anda sendiri di sini adalah kesempatan Anda, jika mereka dapat membantu saya tahu mereka akan membantu Anda juga . hubungi Arab Credit Group hari ini dan Anda akan senang melakukannya.

    Detail saya

    nama: Elang Endah
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  • Qu
    Queen Lisa Efendi Jun 14, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    Saya di sini untuk bersaksi tentang kebaikan Allah dalam hidup saya dan bagaimana saya diselamatkan dari tekanan finansial karena bisnis saya sedang menurun dan keluarga saya dalam keadaan asulit sehingga kami bahkan tidak dapat membayar uang sekolah untuk anak-anak, karena kepahitan mengambil alih hatiku
    Suami saya juga menggagalkan karena kami menjalankan bisnis keluarga di (Surabaya, Jawa Timur) dimana kami jadi bingung suami saya mencoba untuk mendapatkana pinjaman dari bank dia menolak pinjaman jadi dia online mencari pinjaman karenaa dia ditipu oleh sone imposters online yang menjanjikan kepadanya pinjaman dan mengatakan harus membayar biaya untuk mendapatkan pinjaman sehingga husbank saya meminjam uang dari teman-temannya untuk membayar biaya maka mereka meminta biaya lagi dengan beberapa alasan dia harus pergi dan meminjam dari saudaranya di (Bekasi) untuk memastikan dia mendapatkan pinjaman setidaknya untuk membi/aayai kebutuhan keluarga dan setelah dia membuat biaya, dia diminta untuk membayar lagi dengan alasan tertentu, hal ini membuat keluarga kelaparan meningkat sehingga kami harus mengumpulkan makanan dari tetangga dekat kami. dan selama berbulan-bulan kami menderita dan bisnis ditutup untuk sementara waktu
    Jadi satu sore yang setia sekitar pukul 14:00 tetangga dekat ini menelepon saya dan mengatakan bahwa dia akan mendapatkan pinjaman dari perusahaan pinjaman secara online sehingga jika dia mendapatkan pinjaman, dia akan mengenalkan saya ke perusahaan tersebut sehingga kami pergi ke ATM bersama-sama dan Memeriksa pinjaman itu tidak ada sehingga kami menunggu sekitar 30 menit kemudian kami mendapat peringatan di teleponnya dari banknya bahwa dia telah menerima monney di akunnya sehingga kami memeriksa saldo rekeningnya dan lihatlah 300 juta kepadanya sebagai pinjaman
    Segera saya berteriak di depan umum sambil menangis dan pada saat itu yang bisa saya pikirkan adalah jika saya dengan jumlah seperti itu, masalah saya berakhir, jadi kami pulang ke rumah saya tidak memberi tahu suami saya, dari 1 juta dia memberi saya saya membeli beberapa bahan makanan di rumah dan berlangganan dan tetangga saya dan saya meminta pinjaman kepada perusahaan karena dia memberi saya pedoman sehingga kami mengikuti prosesnya karena prosesnya sama sehingga setelah semua prosesnya, rekan-rekan saya diberi pinjaman oleh saya
    ONE BILLION RISING FUND ([protected]@gmail.com)
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    Anda juga bisa mendaftar sekarang dan menyelesaikan masalah keuangan Anda
    Saya berbagi cerita ini karena saya tahu bahwa begitu banyak orang di luar sana memerlukan bantuan keuangan dan perusahaan akan membantu Anda
    Gmail saya adalah

    Ratu Efendi Lisa

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