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I applied for a Tesco-rhb credit card two weeks ago, and this week i received a platinum rhb credit card, which is not what i wanted. I called the rhb service line, which put me in line listening to their ads for more than 10 minutes, after waiting for so long, a message said all operators are busy, please call back later. So i tried another number, and this number is a joke, no message even to acknowledge the presence of the customer, just listening to ads ads and more ads until the message to tell me to call back again! It was getting late and i decided to try the next morning. Next morning is the same thing, wait wait and wait. So i decided the call the local branch no. in ipoh, to my surprise...the lady customer service officer just said...all banks are like that!!! I was so angry and fed up!!
(in fact, ambank service is much better, they call me everytime i make a large transaction on my credit card to verify the transaction, their phone line is much answered much faster too... so now thinking about it... i think i will cancel all my rhb accounts and cards and switch to ambank!!!)


  • Me
    melissa wong Jul 03, 2010
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    Date: 4/07/10 (Saturday)
    Venue: Giant Hypermarket Bandar Bukit Tinggi Klang
    Time: around 10am

    I’m one of the RHB saving account holder since 2007 without atm card. I opened my account at Jalan Stesen Klang. I never withdraw my money until today I feel wanted too…BUT… the RHB Indian lady at the counter with roughly said “ HOW U GOING TO WITHDRAW MONEY FOR U…TEHRE’S NO SIGNATURE ON YOUR ACCOUNT BOOK!”…SHE SAID THAT THE BOOK TOO OLD ALREADY UNTIL CANT DETECTS MY SIGNATURE…” YOU MUST COME BACK ON MONDAY~!, NEXT….(calling for the next customer)….

    I really disappointed and walk away.

    1st please speak to your customer politely.
    2nd. please explain to your customer why this problem happen and not ignore us and calling for the next customer..
    3rd is there any problem with RHB account book quality?why she mentioned that the book old ady?...2007 to 2010….(4 years only)..

    please improve your service!!!

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  • Fr
    frust_rated Nov 25, 2010

    Worst experience with RHB P.J...Jalan222, called them the whole day...with all the numbers shown...but there are no answer...just curious, are they doing business or just sleeping in the office????so fed-up with their service...very very bad and poor service...

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  • Ji
    jinot Mar 01, 2011

    im just deposit my asb fiances at rhb deposit machine at JOHOR JAYA, , after im finished my deposit, the machine suddenly bound/out in serv. without i know my deposit is succes or not and without any receipt... it was so jerk, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , im very upset and call the hotline num, , same thing was happened, , wait, wait, wait and wait, , until death, , , , , , RHB should get closed their banking bussiness and doing the SLEEPING BANKING!!!

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  • Ta
    Tajul Mar 14, 2011

    RHB Suck! I am having problem with RHB Call Centre and Collection Department. I do not know whether they are working or all sleeping!! I have been paying my cards every months and update the payment which was due somewhere in February 2011. The lady who pick up my call said that the Collection department will email me the reinstatement and change of address form. It took me a week or so just to get the email from them and I replied right away coz i was planning to use the card afterwards. What suprised me is that after 2 weeks emailing the person in charged (Saharul Nazri Bin Abdul Aziz from Collection Department), the card is not activate and no feedback to know what going on with my card!!I have tried to call him this morning and they just passing around my call and i waited on the line for more than 15minutes. This is totally terrible customer service!!RHB should aware of this and attend to your customer complaint immediately!!

    Tajul from JB

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  • Me
    meor_ahmad Mar 24, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i nak complain ttg SEEKOR staff RHB Parit Buntar, Perak...nama dia AZMAN...kerani kaunter je...mcm sial dan celaka je perangai...dah la lembap buat keje..dia nak sound2 aku x tentu pasal..butuh dia dan pak bini dia..kau tunggu la..aku jumpa kau kat parit buntar townn..siap la kau aku kerjakan...babi..

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  • Ja
    jacksparrow77 Apr 07, 2011

    rhb memang sial..aku ingat aku sorang yg kene..rupanya ramai lg..aku bayar kereta pakai cimb click..sebelum ni tak penah ada masalah..dua minggu lepas keta aku kene tarik..apsal tarik kete padahal tiap2 bulan bayar..rupanya bila aku check balik dah 4 bulan online transaction kene reject..aku call customer service tanya apsal transaction reject..dia ckp reject pasal ada problem dgn diorang nyer sistem...yg pukimak kalo transaction reject apsal ko tak inform aku..dah 3 bulan reject..surat pon tak sampai..call pon takde..tau2 dtg tarik keta..tak pasal 2 aku kene bayar upah tarik rm400..memang pukimak la rhb..cepat2 la ko lingkup..

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  • Md
    Mdm Teoh Feb 17, 2012

    i rang up rhb card centre this morning regarding my card statement.. One miss azimah attended to me saying she will come back to me. How long will i have to wait? one day? one week? one year perhaps!
    regards, mdm Teoh from butterworth

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  • Jo
    [email protected] Apr 11, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Last week i made a complain abt some1 taken money from my saving acc which is w/o ATM card. On 28/3, i went to update &withdraw money at Wawasan Ampang RHB, what surprising me is after update my p/book, it shows all funny transaction & balance was not tally too. Complain to RHB, a clerk ask me to go & wait at home coz they need to find out with HQ later & will come back to me but no response.
    On 2/4, i & my daughter went to look for the MANAGER, asst. branch mgr attended to me but she knows nothing abt it. (I think there's no morning briefing for RHB bank or they treat this critical case as normal???) REALLY DISPPOINTED!! Then we need to complain again, after showing all the detail to her, she told us need to wait & check with HQ. AGAIN??? Ok fine, When i wish to withdraw money & hope to update my p/book she refused & said there's something wrong with my acc, reject my withdraw & said will come back to me after checking with HQ to find out what was happen.
    On 3/4, she called to inform that it was wrongly update in my p/book where some1 using ATM card to withdraw money & cannot detect who & where it was happen. I & my daughter was not satisfied & couldn't accept the reason as it happen in banking business. WHAT A BIG MISTAKE THAT I NEVER HEARD BEFORE. When my daughter question whether my acc is safe to use in future & suspect some1 has misuse my acc, she said will double check with HQ again & come back to me asap. OMG! with such unconfident answer, you all better don't call me lah!?
    Already made police report & complain to so call CUSTOMER SERVICE, so upset, totally no response.
    RHB should pay more attention of this & attend to your customer complaint immediately!!
    For me, these is quite a critical case & i hope RHB should give me a professional answer and apologize letter too to avoid any problems happen in future. I will consider to cancel all my RHB acc & fixed deposit later due to totally "LOST CONFIDENCE WITH U GUYS"

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  • Ji
    jim raynor Apr 25, 2012

    waw..there so much trouble with RHB, I have a problem with one of their ATM, firstly two years ago I've once took money from RHB ATM in Hentian Kajang and there is no problem at all but then on last Sunday (22/04/2012) I took the money from RHB ATM Bank not far away from Hentian Kajang, I took it from Econsave RHB ATM and the machine rejected my card, but then on Monday (23/04/2012) I looked into my account and it's already DEDUCTED!! WTF!! I didn't even get the money, but RHB deduct my account! I already report this to RHB Kajang Branch and one of their clerk said I must wait because RHB Kajang Branch want to confirm it to their HQ! and there is no guarantee at all they could refund my money! they also didn't know how long this process would take time (not very professional I said) anyone please help me if you know how to handle this problem..

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  • Ku
    kurekure Jun 01, 2012

    Very bas customer service. Keep on saying will call you back but no respond afterwards. Keep you waiting on the line for so long but nobody answers your call after that..what are they doing actually????sleeping or working????

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  • Ro
    roslida Jul 02, 2012

    I've been waiting for a setllement letter and car title from RHB delta for more than 2 months! The first call made they promised to prepare them for me and courier them to the nearest RHB branch, which is Jenjarom. After a month, still don't hear from them, I decided to give them another call. This time another officer attended my call and said, "oh you'll be charged for the courier charges", which I don't mind. But to my dismay, they haven't even prepared the things that I wanted!! is it so hard to prepare a letter and I believe the car title is already in their records, right? I don't understand why it takes a longer time to prepare a simple letter? Whenever I call them, it's hard to get through. No one is picking up the phone. The service is bad and sucks!!

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  • Re
    Reallyhopeless Aug 13, 2012

    Really Hopeless Bank

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  • El
    elvischia Sep 29, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I want complaint RHB BANK MALAYSIA at JLN TUN RAZAK, Telesales Department, Sales Manager, Ms.RACHAEL ONG LEE SIEW.
    On 19/09/2012 Mr. Calvin Moi Keong (ID 191487) offer me BEST IN TOWN : PRE APPROVED INTEREST SAVING PLAN BY RHB, Mr.Calvin say 100% already approved RM33, 000/=, and do it for me also settlement my credit card RM18, 000/=, Total is RM51, 000/=
    21/09/2012 Mr. Calvin submit application form.
    28/09/2012 Mr.Calvin tell me he manager only can approved me get cash RM18, 000/=, so i ask him why? he say Manager do decision he also not idea...
    He also inform me he has a lot of customer cases also same to me, he give me example is, he customer 100% approved is RM150, 000/= but he manager only approved RM30, 000/=
    Why have big different?? before ask me apply Mr.Calvin say is 100% already approved... why give us reply is different & amended so many time???
    29/09/2012 Mr.Calvin tell me now he manager only can settlement my card RM18, 000/= why the bank do not credit!!!
    I not understand why bank can do not credit, before bank give us a call they already made last decision, why

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  • Ce
    cerstin chiew Oct 29, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I want to complaint to RHB Bank Berhad to who is preprate statement to kota kinabalu hardware machinery & building materials treaders association sabah.I didn't receipt your statement on August 16, 2012 to september 30.statement of bank is very important for me to report to my monthly meeting.I have contact to your customers service to report this matter, but your staff of rhb bank ask me go to any RHB branch located nearly.i have go to RHB bank lintas kk branch to take a form for request a statement and will be charge rm2.00 for the statement.this is twice time i facing to a same problems.i don't want every month follow up to a same problems.i hope your upgared you service.

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  • Fa
    fatimah raffii Dec 24, 2012

    same thing happen to me. i have make full settlement on my credit card account on 22.12.2012. but until now rhb never give me my releast letter. I want to clear my name from AKPK la cibai. when i call costumer service they let me wait so long & no one pick up the phone. HABIS CREDIT AKU. they promise me to mail the letter also never recieved untill to day. last week i 16.12.2012 complaint to bank negara & cc to RHB. then on 19.12.2012 same person Shalini her name promise me to email the letter but untill today also never received the damn letter. i asked her to fax, but this girl said cannot faxs it. . what the fcuk RHB so big but cannot fax.. i will never dealing with this bank.

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  • Ga
    Gals Nov 26, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Very LOUSY service. Service like HELL. I emailed to them many times for months to request for my credit card total amount that I need to pay so that I can settle the whole lum sum. All I get is the automated email from RHB saying 'Dear Valued Customer, Thank you for your email. We will review and respond to you accordingly. ' Till today NOTHING happen. And then they send lawyer to harassed me and my family and threaten us that they will bring my case to Bank Negara. All I want is to settle payment with you guys BLOODY RHB. Is that so difficult for them to respond with the total amount that I need to pay ???? ###ING MOROON RHB, they are really a license LOAN SHARK that is recognized by MALAYSIAN GOVERNMENT. Very unprofessional and very disappointing bank that I have ever deal with. Will NEVER EVER dealing and recommend this bank to anyone.

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  • Di
    Dissapointed8486 Oct 18, 2015

    RHB Ipoh Garden Branch.
    Person In Charge: Ms Rupidah
    Complaint: Talk too much but no improvement. Sometimes call never pickup, SMS never replied. Terrible service from this lady.

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  • Al
    alsha Oct 07, 2016

    I have been trying to call RHB Customer Service for a week, and no one pick up.. best part is "Everyone is busy" and terminating the call... This has been happening every time. Need to terminate my account with this bank.

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  • Ra
    Ray83 Aug 10, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Yes..RHB Bank was very bad service. At 1.8.2017 I personally came to their branch which located at Inanam Taipan Kota Kinabalu and fill up the form for company acc statement. The staff said it took one day to get the statement. And they promise to email me the statement. But until today 10.8.2017, no email i received from them. They even not call me. I tried many times call their customer service but it takes almost 10 minute just to get talk with the operator. I dont understand why this customer service using ads ads and ads so many ads.

    Im very very upset with their service. I will terminate my acc with them.

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  • Ai
    Aida Hashim Mar 12, 2018

    I called RHB's customer service to ask in the status of my fire insurance under my housing loan. Not only it is extremely difficult to get through the customer service line, its also a miracle if your line doesnt get cut off.
    Of course, their standard reply was ' we will have to check with HQ and will call u back within 7 working days'.
    SERIOUSLY RHB? 7 working days just to find out a status? Other banks are way more efficient and will typically revert within ONE day.
    It seems as though RHB stores everything manually!
    RHB, u guys need to buck up coz it really looks like u folks have taken 10 steps backwards!

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  • Ri
    Richard_Kee Jun 23, 2018

    Went to a branch in Bangi to close my account that day. Their service is a joke. When my turn came after my number was called and I approached the counter, another customer was still being serviced at the counter. I was given "half" a counter, and I could practically hear the other customer's details, her transaction and so on. The lady at the counter was Ms. Tan.
    After that, they couldn't even handle my request, which is another joke. I have to request to see their manager.
    The only thing good about this bank is that their debit card looks cool.
    Why not the owner sell off this bank if he is not interested in providing Serious banking service.

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  • Ca
    Castor & Wheel Jun 29, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    To: RHB Bank, Malaysia

    To the attention of the RHB Management

    Reference: RHB Mortgagee Sales for Property @134 Joo Seng Road, Singapore

    We would like to highlight to your good self and the RHB management about an unethical issue that we've encountered with RHB Bank Singapore (Loan Recovery Department) regarding a RHB Mortgagee Sales for Property @134 Joo Seng Road, Singapore 368359.

    In fact the property had already gone through 2 stages of auctions conducted by an Agent namely Edmund Tie Singapore (Joy Tan Auctioneer) but sales had not been successful so far.
    At time of the 2nd auction, we've then approached the Agent to negotiate a private treaty and proposed to offer the property at S$10.8 million with an evidencing 1% cheque to request presented to the Agent for the purchase of the said property.

    RHB later responded that our offer S$10.8 million was rejected but instead RHB came back to the Agent a final counter price of S$11 million.
    At the final counter price of S$11 million, we've accepted to purchase the and instructed our lawyer UNILEGAL to process the legal correspondence with RHB lawyer Shook Lin & Bok.

    As the lawyer to lawyer were actually in the midst to negotiate the term and condition, RHB Singapore Recovery Department claimed that they have got another slightly better offer and suddenly declined to sell the property to us.
    We've tried many attempts to negotiate with the RHB Recovery Department head
    Mr Tiang Chong Lin and Senior Relationship Manager Mdm Alicia Chua but failed
    to do so.

    On 29 June 2018, RHB Recovery contacted me that RHB proposed that we should go for a bidding at the lawyer office together with the other competing buyer.
    In view of such unfairness, we've rejected their proposal and choose to write to
    RHB Bank for a better justification before we pursue the matter to our Singapore
    Government relevant agency, the Monetary Authority of Singapore or even all out
    to the social media etc.

    We could never believe that a BANK would prefer to neglect the integrity and trust just because to gain a little more interest.
    Since RHB had committed to sell the property to us, we should be given the priority
    to complete the Sale and Purchase. RHB should give us a dateline to close the deal
    before offering the sale of property to another party.

    We really hope that the reputable RHB Bank Malaysia CEO or some relevant persons can help to resolve this problem.

    I can be contacted by mobile +65 [protected] and email [email protected]

    Thank you for your kind attention.

    Best Regards, YP Wong
    Managing Director


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  • Is
    Israel Reuben Sep 27, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Guess what RHB bank in 2018 ! I used my Debit Card to purchase an item online with United States based company and wallah "card is declined" . The same day I asked the bank counter about this problem he said there is no problem about the card and he said check my internet line. I tried to complete the payment same day and still "card is declined"
    This is the service and representing the nation's economic in tilt status!

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  • Ah
    Ahmad Qadi Feb 03, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    RHB deducted more than 80 $ for transfer 1940 dollar from middle east, the highest rate in the world
    please consolidate with me to argue their action

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  • He
    Henderson Yap Oct 02, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The Hell of Customer Services, It say i have a declined transaction and them block my accountt, when i try to solve it, and every time i call it which is around 7-10 mintues, and get "suprise" respond with "our agent was busy, please try again later", this was crazy on it i spend around RM5-RM10 worth call for solve all this question... sadly about this banks

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  • He
    hema asr Oct 24, 2020

    Bill transaction reference -0428fsgc2100458
    dear sir/mam

    sub - for dp payment documents - without collect the payment rhb islamic bank berhad (680329-v), release the documents to 4 th empire trading sdn bhd - (1277014-p), - usd 22700
    please find the attach details

    find the attach swift message from our bank to buyer bank for non - payment (still no reply from rhb) and container release document

    our company export indian ground nut kernels-20mts to 4 - th empire trading sdn bhd malaysia, under documents against payment terms (dp) condition, for value-usd 22700,

    after the shipment, on 18.09.2020, our company asr agro foods send the documents to rhb islamic bank berhad (680329-v) malaysia bank through axis bank ltd bank india for collection of usd 22700 (dp payment)

    bank send the documents rhb islamic bank berhad (680329-v), by dhl - waybill no — [protected] (dhl) on 21.09.2020

    without collect the payment from 4 th empire trading sdn bhd - (1277014-p), rhb islamic bank berhad (680329-v) release the documents on 24.9.2020 (25.09.2020) to 4 th empire trading sdn bhd..

    4 th empire trading sdn bhd - (1277014-p) deliver the cargo form customs on 25.09.2020,

    But still the payment not received to my account,
    need the payment status and justice

    Details -
    buyers bank a/c details — buyer address details

    Rhb islamic bank berhad (680329-v) 4 th empire trading sdn bhd - (1277014-p)

    lot g-04, ground floor, bangunan 2b-2-3, jalan rawang mutiara,

    kwsp, no.5, jalan raja laut, wilayah 3 rawang mutiara, 48000 rawang,

    persekutuan, 50350 kuala lumbur selangor, malaysia.

    account no:2-[protected]-3 contact person:mian +[protected]
    swift code: rhbbmykl +[protected]

    documents details —

    Doc courier no -[protected] (dhl)
    Invoice no — - asr/pl-012 dt 03/09/2020
    Value — usd22700
    Country — - malaysia

    indian exporter bank details —
    bank details — axis bank ltd
    no-169 jn road, thiruvallur -602001, tamillnadu, india
    Ca. a/c no. — [protected]
    swift code : — axisinbba30
    Pls guide asap

    Asr agro foods
    No 7 c.v. n. salai,
    Near water tank,
    Tamil nadu, india.



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  • He
    hema asr Oct 24, 2020

    Bill transaction reference -0428fsgc2100458
     today 24.10.2020,,,,,
    for last two weeks, our company asr agro foods - india, send many mails to rhb customer service mail, but still the problem not rectified, (no response)
    our remmiting bank also send many swift message to rhb bank for that also no reply from rhb bank,
    for dp (documents against payment)-urc 522 rule —
    on believe the rhb bank only, exporter send the documents to that bank, but they itself doing wrong works,
    as per international trade rule - urc 522, they have to collect the payment from importer, then release documents, otherwise return the original document //
    But this rhb bank without collect the payment, release the documents to importer,,
    usd 22700


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  • He
    hema asr Oct 24, 2020

    No payment


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