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Kee Chou Ng (Ng.Kee.[protected] of RHB Group Berhad has intentionally misguided, stolen and held funds amounting to US$400 from Mr. Blair Semenoff since August 20/2017.

Mr. Ng assured me via multiple emails that he would return the funds, but as of August 25/2017 has blatantly refused to rectify this issue and has directed me to launch a formal complaint against him, and for Mr. Semenoff to wait an additional 10 days for PayPal to return the stolen funds back to Mr. Semenoff.

-Attached is Kee's LinkedIn profile where he proudly promotes that he works for RHB Banking. And he deals with clients directly.
-An email by Kee stating he had made a mistake and he would return the funds. (August 23/2017)
-As well as an email directing me to wait 10 days for PayPal to return my money rather than simply calling or emailing PayPal requesting they return the funds to Mr. Semenoff. (August 25/2017)

Bellow are the case details provided by PayPal:

Seller's Name: Kee Chou Ng
Seller's Email: [protected]
Seller's Transaction ID: 9EF482365W7784332

Transaction Date: Aug 20, 2017
Transaction Amount: -$400.00 USD
Your Transaction ID: 4NV466721G652723A
Case Number: PP-[protected]

Buyer's Transaction ID: 4NV466721G652723A

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Aug 25, 2017 9:40 am

Dude, the guy asked you to file it with PayPal to get the money back in ten days. How is that a scam. What's stopping you from double dipping if he pays you cash and you claim it back again from PayPal. So it make sense if he doesn't give you back in cash. It seems like he genuinely has no access to his account from the email. Would totally understand why you are whinging if you can't get the money from PayPal but this isn't the case.

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Aug 25, 2017 9:40 am

@Blair, You were scammed by online scammers. The identity you saw might not exist. What you can do now is to file a fraud report to Paypal. You have to do it yourself. Do it now!

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