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I am having the exact same issues with insurance claim check as many other consumers are and my mortgage is through cenlar. I have been homeless since I filed my two claims for roof damage and inside water damage 7 months ago! This has been devastating! This company tells you different stories about your claim each time you call! They also had all of my financials incorrect which caused major confusion and lost money/money paid out to the wrong claims! They misplaced funds! I have asked to speak to managers over and over for their mistakes made and a manager has never once called me back! They lose documents to the point you have to resend them over and over and over... I'm exhausted. I am exhausted with living in my vehicle and it should never take 7 months or longer to remodel or repair a home that you work hard to pay for! This has been going on for me since february 2019 through current which is october 2019! We all must do something! [protected]. I reside in st. Louis, missouri and need some guidance and help. Thank you!

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Our house burned. Gmac is holding the check. When we have
called to see what the hold up is my husband get one story and I get another. When we ask questions we are told they don't have answers. When I asked to be transfered to someone with answers I get a non working number and am cut off. I WANT A HOUSE.
GMAC has no customer complaint department (surprise) I was told by the person in "customer care that she "could not disclose her location" What is this?????

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    Lyle Henderson Feb 20, 2008

    I have the same problem with them but my house was backed up with sewer water. That was last April and I am still living on concrete. They have the money in a non interest bearing escrow account but the last word I got from them is all work will have to be done by a licensed general contractor. I have already replaced most of the drywall myself and the carpet retailers in Florida are not licensed contractors. I asked for an e-mail address or an extension number but was told they don't have them. I asked for a supervisor and none were available. He said he could transfer me to her voice mail. I asked him how can you do that if you don't have extension numbers. Without him saying another word, I guess the question was too tough; I was in voice mail leaving a message that went unanswered as usual. I would think there would be something we can do as consumers to stop this practice but I not sure what.

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    TullyLawFirm Jul 29, 2019

    If you have a bad experience with Insurance Claim Check, please send me a summary to scott @ tullylawfirm .net I am investigating a possible class action claim.

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