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Complaints & Reviews


Hi. Upon signing up August 2018 I also signed up for training services. I was told upon signing that I could go up to 2 days/week or down to group classes with ease. In February I want to say is when I decided to go down to group classes. In May we put my training services on hold. August 12th I sent a text to my trainer, Tasha, saying my school schedule will not work for me to continue so I would like to cancel my services. I have the texts if you would like to see them. I then met with her and signed forms towards the end of August. During that meeting she told me "This is all I have to do, There will be 2 payments that will be coming out and then I will be back to my normal gym fees". That is exactly what she told me. Upon noticing a third transaction at $90 I called spa lady and asked why am still getting charged and the girl on the phone said cancellation papers were never sent in. I talked to Tasha and she said she never told me that and that I now have to sign papers again and have to pay an addition 2 more full payments on top of the 3 I have already paid. Well, Friday now makes it 6 payments since I have signed papers and was to be not paying for this. Honestly this is disgusting that I can't have my membership finalized and I am being forced to pay this when I have tried multiple times to go back down. I hope there is something you can do. I have told and got quite a few people to start at that gym since and I know word of mouth can make a difference. This is a terrible experience and i have now had to pay $420 in attempts to cancel personal training services I am NOT receiving as opposed to the $140 I was told I would be charged.

refund paying for a service and not receiving the service

I paid for personal training after being pair with 2 personal trainers the quality of training was not there. I paid for 20 sessions and used approx 6. I want my money back for...

over charging

I signed up for a one year membership because I was in my last year of university and would be leaving the province after one year. The trainers were aware of this when I signed up. However, when I attempted to cancel my membership after the year I came to find out that I was somehow signed onto a 3 year contract and could not cancel it without paying a $99 cancellation fee (even though I don't even live near any location and will not be able to actually use the membership for the remaining 2 years). Make sure you are clear with what you want and read the fine print so that they are not able to coerce you into signing up to pay a ridiculous amount of money over a lengthy amount of time.
Very unimpressed

spa lady membership

Hello, my name is adeola with membership number [protected].
I would like to request for cancellation of my outstanding fees as I have stopped using spa lady canyon meadows in calgary ab since september of 2017 (im not sure of the month), I was a good member up until then & I had lost my job and I have experienced hardship after that till date. Please help!

group fitness

I have been a Spa Lady member for over 10 years. For the last 2 years I have noticed a steady decline in the quality of group fitness instructors. There is one instructor in the...

gym membership in general

I got the membership last November, and had only used it a good handful of times. I stopped going mid January due to the fact that I was working far too much and couldn't find the time. I kept the membership going, as I figured maybe I would have been able to use it again at some point, but that isn't the case. Come May, I started receiving calls from the IFH telling me they weren't getting payments as I had lost my job, and I'm still unemployed. They have called me every week, asking me where the money is, when I'm going to be able to pay it, which I'm still unable too obviously. Last month I had received a bill in a the mail of 525 (Or so), which I figured I would be able to pay easily come me having a job, and being able to afford to pay off the membership. (Please note, in February I tried canceling my membership due too not having time, but they refused and told me I would have to speak to the fitness representative or something, who was apparently never in, which I was unable to do, due to the fact that I only had the one day off at the time) Anyway, come today, July 10, 2018, I received an email saying I'm owing 1225. How the hell can my owing spike 700 freaking dollars in the a month?!?!?!?!? By the time I'm able to pay it off, it's going to be like $5000 and I won't be able to do that. I don't understand what you guys want from me. I'm only eighteen years old, I'm going to college in the fall, I don't work right now. I don't have a way to pay off your godforsaken overages, I'm paying out my ass for college and your company is the least of my worries.
I have the request of canceling my membership, and I will pay the current overages as soon as possible but I can't have anymore.

gym membership in general

cancellation articles

I would like to share with you my nightmare with Spa Lady. I had two contact with spa lady one for the membership and the second for the personal trainer for me and my daughter. Before I signed, the person who received me and speak the same language as me, confirmed three times that if I would like to cancel, I just need to pay all my trainers sessions and I am good to stop anytime I want. After two months, the fitness manager confirmed that I can take the whole Ramadan months off and they will reported after the last month for free. Coming back, either me or my daughter, we were satisfied with the services so I asked for cancellation. I was badly surprised when they explain that I need to pay $103 cancellation fee for each membership and another 2 payment for the personal trainer. I do understand that in the membership contract when I reread it, I have to give them 30 days' notice but in the personal trainer contract, all the article that I have initialed specify that I need to pay for all the sessions I have done and I will not be refunded if I have paid more. To sum up, right now, for 2 months of membership, I have paid $577 + 207 cancellation fees +$40 lack of notice. Do you really find it fear?
This my story with the club in west Edmonton mall that still respectful and sorry during the whole process because they couldn't change policy and were transmitting the head office procedure. I was hopeful enough to call the head office, the 1st person who answered was extremely rude and before she hang up on me, this was her last sentence "I am not repeating myself, you have already had all the explanation from the staff and I don't understand why you are upset". I thought for a moment that it wasn't true and I might have misunderstood what happened. The 2nd person was less rude but she confirmed that whatever I will say or is my situation, I will have to pay all what Spa Lady is asking me for and she is not interested to hear more because she was dealing with that for the whole day. I hope that the head office record the calls so they can listen to mine.
This is my story with Spa Lady and their head office, so please, go walk and run in the street or buy material to work at home, it will cost you way cheaper that SPA LADY. No transparency, extra fees, overcharged for cancellation and their only excuse is that the person who served me is no longer part of the staff, do I have to pay for the staff incompetency? Hidden information? I would like the management to look closely in this complaint and give me a feedback.

my spa lady membership at meadows, edmonton ended feb 2018

This is really frustrating and stressing, Spa Lady staff is not trained well to be transparent regarding renewal of contract. This is annoying. I was out of Canada for 4 month...

cancellation policy and communications / unreasonable

I am a student. I wanted to join spa lady to feel better about myself. I became slammed with issues with payment however it was the clubs fault because they entered my...

contract issue/ customer services

I was pushed to sign a one year contract with this facility which is ok and is my fault. The problem is before signing your contract the staff have to tell you all the terms and...


My 1 year membership with Spa Lady Woman's Gym ended in October of 2017.

Spa Lady neglected to inform me at the beginning of my contract, as well neglected to contact me near the end of my contract, that i had to go into a spa lady location and sign a cancellation form at the end of my membership and have been charging me (without my consent) from October 2017 to present January 2018.


I've had my membership for a year now and have paid $19.95 monthly since. All of a sudden Spa Lady starts to charge me random amounts of money from $80-$116 without notice or explanation. I called my branch asking for information and they were absolutely useless and had no idea what was going on. After a couple more phone calls and an email the situation has yet to be resolved. I would recommend going to another gym.

membership problems

I had left the gym in Beacon Hill for medical reasons early in my pregnancy on medical leave. I was informed by email that my payments would restart once I returned to the gym. I was shocked to see a $54 payment come out of my account when I had not even returned to the gym. They had been trying to take out my bi weekly payments and when they declined, the bill just piled up with NSF fees. Lucky for them caught my card at the time I transferred money into it for another bill. I have called customer service who would not stop interrupting me and I had a hard time getting my point across. Customer service is terrible. I asked for a refund as money was wrongly taken and they will not refund me. I wouldn't recommend Spa Lady to anyone. Now I'm struggling to cancel my membership. All they care about is money, and they'll take it when they have no right to.

canceling my membership

I am a single mom of two kids and i recently lost my job and found out I was pregnant with my third child and was put on bedrest due to a high risk pregnancy, for the past two months I have been talking to lady's from spa lady who have been very rude about my situation as all I've been asking is to cancel my payments or membership, the stress this has put on my and my kids is unbearable our only money which got as high as 124$ was taken so we were not even able to eat for a week, I'm not sure how to figure this out but this is ruining my life it seems like and I don't know what to do, I am six months pregnant and no one cares that I can't even work out they just want the money, if there is anything that can be done let me know I cannot afford the cancelation fee nor can I afford to pay for any payments and this stress is hurting me and the baby, thank you for your time

business practices - head office

I have been a loyal member of Spa Lady over the years. Where I live now is not close to a club so I decided to end my contract, fully prepared to pay the $99 fee. It was my happy...

Contract issues

I had moved to Calgary to play Junior hockey in the AJFHL and wanted to train off ice. I was talked into a 3 year contract because she told me if I move somewhere with no Spa Lady I wont have to pay a cancellation fee, but if there is I could transfer it over. I had to move back home to BC where there was no Spa Lady and asked for it to be cancelled. They then tried making me pay this cancellation fee that I was told I never had to pay. I refused to pay it because I was lied to and didn't have the money. They kept trying to persuade me and make me feel bad for not paying but I wanted to stick up for myself so I stopped the payments from going through. Spa Lady called me all the time harassing me for money and I would tell them the same story every time.. Head office didn't do anything about the situation and when they told me they would get back to me, they never did. If there was a Spa Lady where I lived I would have kept the contact, but I felt like they were forcing this cancellation fee on me. I would have never signed a contract for 3 years not knowing if I was going to be living in Calgary for that long. Which is why I was so happy that I could cancel it if there was no Spa Lady where I was moving to. Now, a collection agency called Priority Credit Recover is after me. I spoke with a man named Paul Parker and he gave me his name and number for me to call him back. When I tried calling multiple times and even looked online for the number, it never went through. He told me I owed over $900 and that I wont be able to buy a car or a house unless I pay it. I have very good credit history but now this company is telling me I have to pay this amount. I strongly believe it was very wrong for Spa Lady to lie and hound a 19 year old just learning how to live on their own. No one ever believed my story nor did they ever apologize or try to resolve the issue, they made it a bigger issue.


I've received a very poor customer service from when I tried to call and try to figure out my membership since I was misinformed by Simone at transcanada about how to cancel my membership so I thought calling customer service would solve the issue but it was the worst customer experience ever, I've been a member for over 4 years I pay for a membership I barley use which is my fault but eeays when I called I got yelled it by one of the employees I think his name was Shawn and ask he hung up the phone on me, very very disappointed, I work in retail and I've been telling my story to every customer I've helped since yesterday hopefully everyone realizes how s###ty they are and stop signing up with them worst gym ever

Membership, contract

I signed up for a year long membership with spa lady in October of 2015 where I am to pay $19 bi-weekly. Unfortunately being a university student I was no longer able to afford...

Membership, customer service

I have been deceived by Spa Lady which belongs to International Fitness Holding. I have been told that when I sing a contract and I have to fly back, there will be no fee for cancelation of membership, that the only thing I have to do is to provide plane tickets as a prove.

Unfortunately I have to permanently leave Canada on July 16. I called Spa Lady to let them know about the situation. At this point I found out that I have to pay more than $180 cancelation fee even though I have been told something the opposite.

I simply didn't double check words of staff of Spa Lady. I had no idea that being deceived by company representative, in one of the branches might happen. Moreover International Fitness Holding has very poor client service, staff is very unpleasant and nobody wants to take a responsible now. I would even say they are shameless, interrupt you while talking.

Moreover, I stopped coming to the gym several months ago. The reason is they cannot provide proper care in Spa Lady Kids, my child cries every time I try to leave her there and she is not the only one. I meet some other moms with the same issue.

I would like to get all my money back. I signed the contract in March 2012 for 3 years. Meantime I got pregnant and had to stop going to the gym for 9months or so. I had to provide a medical statement and the postponed my membership. Therefore my contract expires in October 2016.

I cannot believe there are so many people complaining about them and it's still happening.

Spa Lady Fitness (International Fitness Holdings) — poor service & terrible cancellation process

I moved to BC from Calgary a year ago and have been trying to cancel my gym membership at Spa Lady since I left. Each month this bill me $30 for a membership I haven't used...

Will not accept lifetime patrons

Many years ago 1984 my sister and I signed up at Spa Lady fitness club. We were regular clients. We paid our fee for 2 years and got a year free. Then they had a promotion that if...


I signed an agreement and have to move out of province due to a family emergency. With no affiliates even close to where I am moving they said I have to pay a cancellation fee. Although I would continue to use their services if there was an affiliate nearby. I also won't be able to get a stop payment until I have two pieces of proof that I have moved?! So I have to pay for a membership while I am not there until my first bills come?! And then pay again to cancel. Spa Lady is definitely not in the business of customer service or treating people right when they have been long-time customers. I DO NOT recommend ever using their gyms.

Poor Customer Service

here we go...first and most important International Fitness Holdings has a lack of honesty, a complete lack of how members should be treated and the low customer service provided...


I signed a one year membership. Every month after I seen that spa lady was deducting money from me and I thought it was from getting my nails done. I did not get my nails do e...

SpaLady — Contract ABUSE

I am writing on behalf of my friend Stephanie Garcia, who enrolled at Spa Lady a year ago. She signed a 3 year contract. She was not aware of the personal training closure which...

Cancel contract

So I signed up for spa lady, a gym membership. the lady told me that I can cancel at anytime I just had to pay a 150.00 cancellation fee. I called the head office 2 times to try and cancel they wouldn't let me. The lady told me different then what is on the contract. I made a stop payment with my bank so that SPA LADY can't take money from me. They are pissed and now I have collection agency harassing me with phone calls. All I wanted to do was cancel my contract.

  • Zv
    zveez Sep 25, 2011

    So I signed up for spa lady, a gym membership. the lady told me that I can cancel at anytime I just had to pay a 150.00 cancellation fee. I called the head office 2 times to try and cancel they wouldn't let me. The lady told me different then what is on the contract. I made a stop payment with my bank so that SPA LADY can't take money from me. They are pissed and now I have collection agency harassing me with phone calls. All I wanted to do was cancel my contract.

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  • Sa
    sankara11 Sep 28, 2011

    I strongly agree with her.I am also facing similar problem.I wanted to cancel my contract.they are not letting me to do.Don't sign any contract with Spa Lady.I didn't give payment details, they are making calls everyday.

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  • Do
    Donna3 Dec 30, 2011

    Well it's nice to know I am not the only one. I signed up with them 3 yeas ago and what a joke all promises to help me figure out what type of exercise I needed went down the drain on my first visit the girls where so busy talking to each other that they did not even bother with me except to tell me to go on the treadmill that was it. I was so disgusted that I never went back now my 3 years is up and I tried to cancel but they want 1 more payment argh this is only 29.00 but with all the bad service I just don't want to give them 1 more penny.

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  • An
    angrr Jan 31, 2015

    I agree on this scam sh#t.excuse my language but im f56king pissed lady made me sign this contract saying i will have to pay 15.75$ by-weekly, which is all good.but after 6 months they started charging me with some annual fees of 47.on top increased the bi-weekly price from 15.75 to 20 .!!! Thats some scam Sh#t going .when i was signing the contract they did not mention no extra fees.i called them not long ago to cancel my membership they said its gonna cost me 200$ .!!! that place is filled with scam sucking mosquitoes! [email protected]! Parasites i tell you! NEVER GONNA SIGN UP WITH THEM, I RATHER GET FAT IM TALKING 400LBS BUT NEVER GONNA STEP A FOOT IN THERE !!!

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Contract non-compliance

After Spa Lady was purchased by International Fitness Holdings in December 2009, all those with a 'Lifetime Membership' were left with a meaningless piece of paper which used to signify a contract with Spa Lady permitting the card-holder life-time access to any of Spa Lady's gyms. International Fitness Holdings has decided NOT to acknowledge these contracts and instead will offer us 'lifetimers' a really good deal on contract memberships. What would happen if I were to sign a contract with this organization and decide not to honour their contract rules? Maybe I could counter-offer them a really good deal on my payment suggestions? I want this new company held accountable. If you are purchasing an existing company, don't you have to honour the contracts it has already made? If you don't want to, then just buy out the company's assets and absorb them into your own and be done with it.

  • Nt
    NTH1 Apr 14, 2011

    I was disappointed to read the sale was "assets" only and the owners are still involved with the company. To pick and choose from the membership category seems wrong, why not exclude women with brown eyes or a certain weight? It should be considered one asset not dissected for the companies personal benefit. I was also informed I would have to purchase another membership at the same rate and someone walking in, talk about rewarding loyal customers. It made my decision to choose a new gym easy. I did wonder if "we / lifetimers" had grounds for a class action lawsuit?

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  • Ra
    Raise a little hell Jul 08, 2014

    Permanent memberships should mean forever...until the person dies. It is absolutely unjust treatment to the lifetime members who were shocked to discover that the rules were suddenly changed. Of course, in the end it all amounts to pure greed There would be lots of women out there who would probably be eager to start a class action lawsuit against these greedy manipulating $#@%^&*).

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Spa Lady Fitness Club — Theft

"Spa Lady Fitness Club Rob Customers" At Spa Lady fitness club you can cancel your membership by sending them an e-mail with a 30 day notice. Unfortunately this unprofessional...

Contract terms

When you deal with this company the old adage "Buyer beware" really applies. My wife signed with this company and believed that she had purchased a one year contract but just...