Rent-A-Centercustomer service

P Aug 16, 2018

I phoned the kinston nc location and inquired about getting a refrigerator and was told on the phone that it would require a $10 fee to start a new contract no credit needed and in most cases next day delivery and set up or next day if it was late in the day. Well i drove over there today and was told that they do not honor the $10 start program that it was only for corporate locations not privately owned stores however the $10 signage is posted all over this store and then was told it was credit based you can only get the $10 down if you are proved to be credit worthy with a bureau check.. This location or Rent a Center in general will NOT be getting my business or my money i dont have a lot to spend but i damn sure can choose who and where i spend it with. FYI i wrnt to Aarons got my fridge with dollar (one) down and taxes will be delivered tomorrow 08/17/2018 @10 thanks for not renting to me got it cheaper and a lot less stress..

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