Renault Clio5 year old car engine blows after full services, only 60k mileage and no other issues


I purchased a brand new clio in 2010, my first ever new car as i had a new car and i needed something reliable that would last. Last week my car broke down on the motorway with no signs previously that anythign was wrong until the engine light flashed up. My car now needs a replacement engine after only 60k mileage, diligent care, 8 services, 2 MOTs, parts replaced as new and a cam belt replaced last year in advance.
I contacted Renault as i believe it is likely a manufacturing fault as i have had two garages look at it and neither know the cause but have quoted me an expensive reconditioned engine resolution. To add insult to injury I have just finished paying off my finance on this car this month. Renault stated that i would need to pay for all of the tests and towing it to them and that even if they found it was a manufacturing fault i would only get a small contribution to the costs, they certainly wouldn't pay for the repairs or parts.
I find it disgusting that a compnay can say they will not help you repair a car that is very young if it was a manufacturing fault and also the head of customer services was frankly rude insinuating that i had taken poor care of my car or that my mechanics had caused the damage. I will never buy a renault ever again, not because it broke but because of the lack of support from Renault and them being money grabbing buggers.
All i wanted was help determining how a healthy car can need a new engine and if it is a car fault to repair it for me. I was not asking for a new car or support other than getting it diagnosed and then fixed if appropriate.

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