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money transfer

Remitly is truly the worst money transfer service I have ever used. But it's not okay that.. it's the worst service company I've ever interacted with. They are beyond the worst. This third rate joke of a company has no place in the financial services industry. I use TransferWise primarily and WesternUnion or MoneyGram once in a while in a pinch. I found out about Remitly and gave them a try and I cannot believe what I have just went through. The amount of time wasted. The incompetence.

I understand the need for outsourcing to India and the Philippines to pay people $100 a month to answer your calls. But do you have to hire the shoddiest most incompetent phone slaves in existence. Their call centers are a joke.

I sent a total of 5 transfers. The first two I spent over an hour on hold before being asked 20 questions and then the Filipina telling me she was approving my transaction like she was doing me a FAVOR!!

Then after verifying my Identity and saying in an email that they "apologize for the time" it takes for the verification process and it's a "one time" process. And they won't need to do it again. FALSE!

I had to go through their verification questions and sending my bank statements every single time!

Then I sent $500 instead of $200 and they asked again for my bank account which I sent. Then without a word they cancelled my account and refunded the money and the Indian guy on the line laughed and said I can't use their service anymore?!?!?

Stay far away!!! They are a joke! Not even remotely worth the time and pain to save a couple bucks!