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WorldRemit Complaints & Reviews

WorldRemit / documents, unprofessional customer service.

Jul 18, 2019

BECAREFUL OF Worldremit N UR DOCUMENTS!!! How????? Shocking!!! Already ID and 5 Documents of approval had been APPROVE and again this letter. Hi Alfred, As per our conversation. Please see below the additional documents that our compliance team are requesting for you to submit. Source of...

World Remit / transaction declined and don't receive refund

Jul 18, 2019

On July 10th, I had sent money for product service to my friend. Unfortunately, money deduct from my account and transaction has declined due to technical error. I received email that i would get refund in 3 working days. But still am waiting for my refund. I found customer care office...

WorldRemit / refund not received after transaction cancelled, its one month now.

Jul 11, 2019

I have done transaction of 400000 yen from Tokyo to Singapore using world remit and when it was not done successfully even after a week, I started follow-up with them on phone and email ( which anyway I was doing in that week also). They told me you our agent in Singapore could not do the...

WorldRemit / account disabled and transaction not completed

Jun 21, 2019

I made a transaction from US to my niece and nephews in Malaysia with transaction 41960935 and few hours later was called and I explained everything to the customer service representative, and an email followed which I also responded to. But by evening hours, June 21, 2019, my account wa...

WorldRemit / money transfer

Jun 21, 2019

Please I want to know why my transaction to Ghana hasn't been yet recieved but the money has been already deducted from my account while I haven't gotten any message that I sent money to someone or either the recipient has received any message..when I was sending it, the message I got wa...

WorldRemit / we are not able to edit information later once we do the transactions

Jun 16, 2019

I was trying to send money to my country, family. Unfortunately I spell the wrong full name and teller rejected the transaction. So, I wanted to update the full name. I called the representative and also dropped and email. Both gave me same response like i need to wait for 24 hours . If our...

[Resolved] WorldRemit / I have not received my money yet about 3 weeks now

Jun 13, 2019

I was sent 1100 euro from my lovely brother using world remit and it has been for 3 weeks now, the money has still not yet been seen in my account or receive any mail or notification either . he has sent to me and I received it but this time around I didn't receive it .. The senders name...

WorldRemit / money transfer scam

Jun 13, 2019

Used their service for the first time. Tried to send $800 overseas. And they just suspended my account AFTER the transaction. This is called fraud. They charged me within one second and now I have to wait up to 21 days? I'm going to ask my bank for a chargeback initiation and use PayPal...

WorldRemit / ich habe gestern einen transfer gemacht von 30 euro nach nigeria an hrn. odion anuge jude und dieser hat das geld noch nicht erhalten.

Jun 12, 2019

Transfer vom 11.6.2019. Verwendung 81852934 Transaktionsnummer 49399-120120-5CFFBE 4B7CC9 Bitte um dringende Antwort an [email protected] Hr. Odion Anuge hat mich kontaktiert das er das Geld noch nicht erhalten hat. Normalerweise dauert das nicht so lange. Ich habe mit Worldremit überwiesen mit...

WorldRemit / money transfer services

Jun 08, 2019

I am very displeased with world remit. I had opened up a world remit account and designated the wrong country (cad) So when I tried to send money it would not let me change the currency or the country address of where I lived. I have never lived in canada. I have lived in the usa all or my...

WorldRemit / money sent to me but not received

Jun 06, 2019

I was sent 600 Canada dollar by a friend using world remit and it has been for two weeks now, the money has still not yet been seen in my account or receive any mail or notification either . he has sent to me and I received it but this time around I didn't receive it .. The senders name i...

WorldRemit / london worldremit

May 29, 2019

I am putting in a compliant as I have been made to make a payment to a women for her services and I have not recieved the services so I want a refund of my £84.99 back and u are refusing to give me it that is thiefted so u now should give me my money back I'm not happy and I will make sure...

WorldRemit / cancelled transaction

May 28, 2019

On 24th May I paid money to a person I met on holiday .. I soon thought twice and decided it was a possible scam. Contacted world remit with transaction info . They emailed and advised that as the money was never collected the transaction was cancelled and my money was being refunded...

WorldRemit / lost my money

May 27, 2019

I am filing a complaint because 18months ago i called World Remit to tell them about money i lost!! They never contacted me back at all!!! I rang last month to ask once again if Anything was done about my dispute and loss of $503.00 Australian dollars. And they knew nothing about it. I...

WorldRemit / money transfer to ghana

May 23, 2019

date of transfer - 02 May 2019 Transfer number - 144WR39396807 Name of receiver - Felicia Anin Kumi I sent a cash pickup to Ghana, to be collected in Berekum, Ghana. The lady named has received money this way through World Remit before, but this time she went to three banks who all told her...

WorldRemit / money transfer

May 09, 2019

World remit is providing a pathetic service. I didn't like it at all. My brother sent 900 CAD from Canada through worldremit on 4th May 2019 but till date, we didn't get the amount yet. We have an emergency but your customer service people kept on delaying the date. Every day we are...

World Remit / refund

May 01, 2019

I made a mobile money transfer to Zimbabwe on the 9th of January 2019. Immediately after the transaction, I realised I had used an inactive mobile number for the intended recipient. I contacted World remit to cancel and refund my money on the same day, until now, no refund has been...

WorldRemit / declined transaction because made more than one account

May 01, 2019

The reason why I did another account is because I want to use use a referral code from someone that is using world remit too, then when I tried to send money to Philippines using my second account, it says its declined, I get nervous because I thought its because my card is from...

WorldRemit / money has not reached the recipient's bank account after one month

Apr 26, 2019

I submitted a transaction on 30th March to a bank account in Brazil and I got the confirmation that the funds have reached the account. However, when I checked with the recipient, they confirmed that they did not receive the amount. After calling them several times, they sent me a...

WorldRemit / transfer of funds is a total fraud. avoid these people

Apr 23, 2019

I totally agree with the complaints listed above. World Remit received a perfectly clear picture of my passport (for "verification" purposes), removed $1500 from my account, and only then cancelled my account for unspecified "confidential" security reasons. They promised a refund of the...

WorldRemit / I am yet to receive the money that was sent to me by my customer from the usa

Apr 12, 2019

She sent the money on Saturday night (bank deposit) and upto this very moment, I haven't received any money yet and they disabled her account.My customer doesn't have the money in her account has its been debited and she can't access her account on the app also, Pls this has cost me a...

WorldRemit / theft

Mar 01, 2019

I noticed that 3 transactions (debits) were taken out of my account by Worldremit!!! $77.17, $76.98 and $152.87. When I call their "customer service", they young man said I would have to buy 3 Google Play cards @ $100.00 each and forward him the information. First you take my money...

WorldRemit / not really a complaint

Dec 20, 2018

I transferred aust dollars 700 today my account has been suspended I found that the account number to receive the money was one digit incorrect Access bank account number is incorrect 0089567293 code 044 is incorrect The correct number is 0059567293 code 044 can you correct this and...

WorldRemit / money transfer

Dec 08, 2018

My name is Yvette. I tried sending money to a friend in Ghana yesterday, unfortunately the company took the money from my account but the money was not transfered to my friend. In addition the company disabled my account without any reason and they are not answering my calls. I need to get...

WorldRemit / disabled account

Nov 14, 2018

My account was disabled after being a customer for over two months and they wouldn't state a valid reason other the fact that out of nowhere my account doesn't meet their approval criteria. I invited a lot of people(friends and family) receiving vouchers but not used them, because i known it'...

WorldRemit / payment not process

Nov 11, 2018

I made a payment to worldremot on the 9/11/18 from Australia to be transferred to Nigeria. A total sum of $6000 was deducted from my account but the transaction was not processed and payment has not been received. Its 3 days now and all endeavors to reach worldremit customer service team...

WorldRemit / money sent was not received

Nov 06, 2018

Goody bassey Am writting in reference to a money i sent on 5/11/2018 to a recipient dennis okpanefe ref number 31447089 to nigeria which hasnt been received up till now. I called earlier and i was asked to provide bank statement of the recipient account and the confirmation emails from...

WorldRemit / account disabled

Oct 25, 2018

My account was disabled after being a customer for over two years and they wouldn't state a valid reason other the fact that out of nowhere my account doesn't meet their approval criteria . I hope this company is shutdown or investigated by the government as they are misleading customer...

WorldRemit / sponsorship letter

Oct 04, 2018

Kingdom Radio Gnf 94.9fm Gothenburg, , Sweden. Dimvädersgatan 71, 41837 Goteborg, Sweden Tell : +46764343387 Email: [email protected] Facebook: kingdom radio music awards 2018 & Kingdom Radio 94.9 FM, ORGANIZATION NUMBER : 802463-7160. SWISH NO: 1230837393. BANKGIRO...

WorldRemit / am complaining about my transaction been cancel

Oct 03, 2018

Hello worldremit i have a very big problem with my worldremit account i can't make any transaction when ever i try to make a transaction the keep on telling me my payment has been cancil or was decline an even when I try i different card it still those the same thing. So please i need...

[Resolved] WorldRemit / delayed refund

Sep 13, 2018

Case Number 06656257 August 29, 2018 I just mistakenly send money to the account of World Remit, So I requested for a refund, and then I called the World Remit Customer Service they said that provide all the document that certifies that I sent that transaction to World Remit Account then I...

World Remit / money transfer overseas

Sep 13, 2018

Hi, I am residing in Australia. I transferred $48600 through world remit to be receivied in India by my father. I did this transaction on the 28th of August. The compliance team picked this transaction up and asked me to send my most recent payslips which I did and then my bank statement...

WorldRemit / delayed refund

Sep 06, 2018

I have asked for a refund of a cancelled transaction on my WorldRemit account. They have held my savings (funds that I was trying to send back home) for over a week. I provided them with my bank statement and identification, even proof showing that I saved this money, bit by bit over time...

WorldRemit / money transfer payment not received

Aug 28, 2018

I made a transfer to Zimbabwe on the 25th of August via World remit from Netherlands of US$2800. The payment has not been received yet, and I have written to WorldRemit customer service, and also called but up to now they have not acted yet on releasing the payment or returning the money...

WorldRemit / I cannot withdraw my transaction. why?

Aug 27, 2018

hello, its been seven days above i cannot withdraw my money i.e 2375 pkr. i checked in allied bank and bank of punjab but they say your transaction is nil. you can also mail me in this regard, My email is [email protected] I hope you will track out my transaction immediately and will...

WorldRemit / funds transfer

Aug 08, 2018

I normally use Western Union and wish I had stayed bevause World Remit are pathetic. After having a phone interview with compliance to get account up, I was then emailed and asked to send more info. I did that and called to confirm. They said they received it and would forward to...

WorldRemit / transfer money to guatemala

Jul 30, 2018

I need to informed that if you want to used this services do not do it. Worldremit they allow you to open the account and once you enter all the personal information. They take the money and your account will be disable automaticaly. * here is what they sent me after they stole $208.17...

WorldRemit / the promotional offer for reference account

Jul 30, 2018

They stated a referral credit of 35 aud and when we refereed a new ac and tried to make money transfer from it we just called the call centre to confirm on the cr they said taht the offer is not valid and takes 10 business days for it to b active n all irrelevant details. When i asked to...

WorldRemit / verification number not received and account disabled

Jul 13, 2018

I am currently working on MSC ship and use worldremit to send money home(South Africa) i sent money home for collection which was $200. i expected to recieve a varification number and also to be sent to a person im sending money too, but that did not happen till today i have not recieved a...

WorldRemit / dont use worldremit service to send money to us - money not received by beneficiary

Jul 12, 2018

I would like to bring my experience with worldremit into your notice, I used to send money to Indonesia, the first 3 transfers were successful. I used to send money to US using Bank transfer (to Bank Of America), but this time i try to use worldremit. The transfer was initiated on 27th...