Rehlat Online Serviceschanged the travel date without my permission - rehlat booking ref. no-1289125

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I would like to narrate the incident that happens while booking my ticket on 17th July 2019, that day Night I plan to book my travel ticket from SAH to MAA on 4th DECEMBER 2019 but I mistakenly booked on 3rd December 2019 the same moment I called to the Rehlat customer care number and request for change of 4th December 2019 but they refused for free and they come up with the payment procedures for the changing of date so I drop that ideas and I closed that chapter then I Fixed in mind that my travel date is on 3rd DECEMBER 2019 and with that am arranging my family and friends too to travel on the same date(3rd December 2019).
later, 22nd September 2019 when I check my E-mails I notice that Rehlat had changed my  travel to 4th December 2019 without my knowledge/acknowledgment and when I contact the Rehlat representative their replies that they didn't make any changes to my ticket and the booking was made only on 4th December 2019 from the first book itself which never been accepted at all - we have all the proofs as a E-mails and documents for our rights (if the booking is on 4th December 2019 why they come up with the date and penality charges which clearly mentioned in the mail conversation). So, As per my booking, I want my travel date to be on 3rd December 2019 which I ask your Rehlat to book and which they booked for me on the First booking and any fare changes and the penalties will be under Rehalt responsibilities only because the date change decision was taken by them without any intimation to us.

Note: attached 2 screenshots for your references which shows crystal clear for the booking date is on 3rd December 2019 and the date change is also done by Rehlat to 4th December 2019 without our confirmation so we have all the proofs and documents that the booking was done on 3rd December 2019, we can do anything to take our rights. 


Waiting from your side to take the necessary action for my case ASAP...

Thanks in advance...

TWAM Agriculture.

Rehlat Online Services
Rehlat Online Services

  • Rehlat Online Services Customer Care's Response, Oct 01, 2019

    Hi Asaraf,

    We terribly regret the inconvenience.

    I have forwarded the issue to the Escalations Desk who are working on it and would reach out to you at the earliest.

    We truly appreciate your patience and kind understanding.

    You will hear from us shortly.

    Customer Delight Team

  • Updated by Asaraf Ali, Oct 01, 2019

    Dear Rehlat Team,

    Thanks for your fast and immediate action on my complaint (now I am gonna happily travel on the same date 3rd December 2019 with my family, Thanks again). keep doing the same services and we will keep in touch with you for further booking... 

    Have a nice day...

  • Rehlat Online Services Customer Care's Response, Oct 01, 2019

    Dear Asaraf,

    Appreciate your immense co-operation.

    And yes, as per our telephonic conversation, the booking is confirmed on the original dates of your travel.

    We thank you for your patience and kind understanding.

    Customer Delight Team

Oct 01, 2019

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