Regal Cinemasfee for 3-d movies


I took some kids to see 'The Smurfs'. The best time to go was at 2 p.m., which happened to be a 3-D showing of the film. After ordering the tickets ($8.50 for a matinee), I was told the total was $50! I asked why when the sign clearly says matinees are $8.50 and was told that there is a $4 fee for 3-D films! I've NEVER had to pay extra to see a 3-D movie anywhere else! I now refuse to go to Regal Cinemas, even for a non-3-D movie. Such price-hiking is outrageous! And if their intention is to cover the cost of 3-D glasses, why don't they have you put a deposit on them, then get that money back when you put them in the recycle bin they so clearly want you to use? Would they charge a fee if I brought my own glasses? Most likely, as I was told matter-of-factly that 3-D films are $4 more. Outrageous!


  • Jb
    jbfirebird Aug 09, 2011

    back in the day, gas was .75 a gallon. how dare these gas stations charge as much as they do! i never had to pay that much before!

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  • Cj
    Cjones928 Aug 22, 2011

    there is no way other theaters don't charge for the 3-D it's just not possible it has always had a surcharge.

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  • IronGrudge89 Aug 22, 2011

    Agree with CJones928... 3-D has ALWAYS been extra. Besides, $50 is nothing these days. Take those children for food somewhere besides Burger King and you'll easily be dropping a $50.

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