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This is the only theater in town and does not listen to its customers. Their concession stand prices have gone up and up, but they only cook hotdogs on certain days and times. When you arrive, you never know if there are any hot dogs or not. One of the managers even told me that hot dogs were too much trouble and he wished they didn't even offer them. At a whopping $4.50 each, it makes a lot of sense to offer them.

Also, most of the movie screens have huge scratches which is very distracting during some scenes. One of the


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    maria gonzalez Apr 03, 2011

    i"m totally agree with u today i have a really bad experience there bad customer service rude people

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    Mike01902 May 01, 2011

    Do you remember when drive in movies were it? Remember packing the family into the station wagon and pulling in beneath the stars and on a warm summer night finding putting your arm around your wife while the kids watched bug eye bathed in the luminescent glow of the big screen? Well, those days are over and we have to settle for the exclusive entertainment of the film rather the experience as a whole.
    The roomy comfort of the outdoors has been replaced shoulder to shoulder and elbow to elbow crowds and an irritating murmur of texting, chatting and soda straw slurping while the emotional draw that is meant to allow someone to enjoy a film as been all but extinguished. Franchises and large conglomerate corporations have taken over film distributions so our options for viewing have lessened but the personal nature that once made cinema viewing such a wonderful experienced has been replaced by rude, uneducated managers that destroy the emotional contributors that once made theater so wonderful.
    In Doylestown, Pennsylvania, Regal Entertainment Group bought the historic barn cinema and in doing so took away all that made the process enjoyable. One of the most devastating aspects of the change was local theater management. First, understand, Doylestown is a small, quaint town where everyone knows each other’s names and the Barn Cinema is one of those places locals congregate on Friday nights.
    I recall on three separate occasions the manager, I believe his name is Jason Carpenter, a blonde hair, chubby little goofball stepped out of line in a way that is so disgusting I still can’t even believe what I saw. This last event was so unbelievable I have to write about it. A man took his son in to see a film; they picked up some snacks at the counter and went into the theater. I know the boy’s father as he is involved in the political arena and is a standup guy, turns out they were in the same movie as us.
    I said hi and after some conversation we found our seats and then this manager with a name tag ‘Jason Carpenter’ Manager came in. screaming at the boy and his father for not paying for their food and proceeded as if he was going to get violet with the child, I couldn’t believe it, I still can’t believe it. The father stepped up and said, “wait I paid the bill there has to be a problem, please don’t yell at my child, I’m the one who paid”. Jason Carpenter yelled, “come with me ###” everyone in the theater was shocked. Turns out the man did pay, and the lady at the counter picked up the money and instead of putting it in the cash register put it back down about a minute later. The boy’s father was in conversation with another parent and thought it was his change this is so sad, this manager was completely out of line.
    Another time I say this manager step out of line was on a Saturday when they were showing an Indian movie. A girl, about 17 had limited language skills and it was obvious she had just come to the country and lacking English skills. He grabbed her by the skin of the side of her neck and drug her into his office upfront, three minutes later she came out holding her stomach and weeping uncontrollably. He had obviously hit her and her neck was bleeding. Yup! Jason Carpenter, manager of Doylestown’s Regal Barn Cinema a ### among ###.
    Shame on Regal Entertainment Group for employing someone like this, shame on the cops for not dragging a jerk like this away and goodbye to the good old days when the theater meant fun and relaxation time for a family to be together.

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    Cjones928 Aug 22, 2011

    I work at a regal and even though i think they are a greedy corporation as the rest of them I agree with the manager on this one, when we put them on most of the time they do not sell and we have to throw them out which is a waste, at our theater we do it on Friday nights and all day Saturday, which is when we sell them the most, we get one random person during the week that asks for them and we will offer to put them on if he want's to pick them up in 40 minutes, but other than that we shouldn't have to keep them on all the time or it is a complete waste of money and time.

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