Red Robin Internationalgot a email for bogo for 10/01/19

I recieved an email a few days ago from Red Robin, stating that on 10/01/19 they had
abuy one burger and get another burger for free, and so my daughter and myself went
there that day for dinner, and was very disappointed, they were closed for construction
why would they send out a offer like this, and be closed and can't honor the offer.
i have been a very long time customer, and was very shocked about this, its not like
i can use it on a later date, when they reopen for business. the sign on there door said
they will reopen on Thursday 10/03/19. this is the Red Robin in the South Bay Galleria
in Redondo Beach, California.
Best Regards,
Cherri Dinger
Email Address is; [protected]

Oct 02, 2019

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