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L Nov 17, 2017

Reference #TS156346L My check # 14795
On November 17, 2017 Celebrating my twins nieces 9th birthday at 2579 Cobb Parkway location it was about 25 children and 10 adults. And they only give us two waiters . It was horrible the manager set the wait staff up for failure . My food was horrible the shrimp was hard . My waiter Leigh B. Did the best she could she got everyone order right, I feel if we had about four waiters it would have been a great experience. My sister made reservation so the location was aware of how many people will be attending, so there is no reason why this location was not ready . If they were short of staff the manager should on try to call other location to see if they had any staff that will like to look at Cobb Parkway location. The manager set the wait staff up to have a successful night. I feel that the manager made need to take so leadership classes.

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