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I was trying to buy Colgate total toothpaste to get maximum amount of points because I have a personal offer get 600 points for every $3 spent on Colgate total toothpaste. I price matched a store for this product $.98 guardian drugs. I had coupons for $1. The supervisor told me I could only use one coupon per visit!!! I was trying to buy 30 of this product so I could get 18, 000 points!!! Because the supervisor told me I could only use 1 coupon per visit per transaction I could not even get 600 points!!! I was trying to use 1 coupon for 1 product!!! I was not trying to use 2 or stack coupons!!! For example 5 coupons for 5 toothpaste!!! He wouldn't even let me do this!!!He told me if Walmart or shoppers or any other store would let me use coupons this way I should go shopping at those stores!!! He encourage me to leave & buy this product & any other product that uses coupons from other stores!!! I asked him what the point of having a points program or what's the point of having a coupon board!!! He refused to help me get customer service on the phone!!! He told me they did not post or have a coupon policy at the store!!! I finally got ahold of customer service in Ontario & they put me on hold & then disconnected me 3 times!!! I could not hear the phone call because Ben the supervisor at RCSS in Lethbridge kept over talking to me while I was on the phone!!! He humiliated me in front of customers!!! I left the store crying!!! No toothpaste & no points!!! I feel like I cannot shop there any more because I use coupons & I will never get points because I can only use 1 coupon for one product per one transaction per 1 visit!!!
He told me To go to the parking lot come back in & then I could use another coupon!!!

Real Canadian Superstore

Apr 26, 2019
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      Apr 26, 2019

    If you are a extreme couponer you had it coming to you.

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