Real Canadian Superstoremisbehaviour


Today I went to buy a barbecue from the super store at sunridge Calgary mall but due to highly irresponsible, intolerable and rude attitude of the the manager and the related warehouse department my head is still spinning and I never felt so irritated and insulted throughout my life as I did today due to the manager and the related department attitude. they kept me waiting for half an hour and no one bother to assist me to buy that product. Customer service ladies called them several time and no one appear . Its highly annoying and misbehaving attitude toward the customers


  • Dreamlandx314 Jul 15, 2012

    One question is it a costco? You have better tolerance than me, if I have to wait that long to buy a single product, I would be like screw it, I am gonna to another store!

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  • Gh
    Ghost of DocJ Jul 15, 2012

    You missed a nice little dinner last night, ” Chet said. “Terese came along. We talked about you. She’s a fan of yours, but she’s as concerned as I am about your monomania concerning these infectious cases.”

    Jack didn’t even bother to answer. If Chet or Terese knew what had really happened last night, they’d be more than concerned.

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  • whyteboi Nov 11, 2014

    yes this person is right about sunridge superstore, they are like a pack of wolves wearing turbans, I wanted to spend $500 bucks but ended up spending $50 due to being followed and watched like a common criminal!!, out of 10 they deserve 0 for lack of intelligence

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