Real Canadian Superstoremastercard (the perfect gift card)

A Sep 10, 2018

To whom it may concern,

On Sunday September 2nd, 2018 at 11:25 I was at the Superstore located in Scarborough (1755 Brimley Rd, Scarborough, ON M1P 0A3), I was there to pick up a cake that was ordered and purchase a gift card on behalf of the church located at bellamy and progress (Grace Life Center 801 Progress Ave, Scarborough, ON M1H 2X4). I purchased $100.00 Mastercard, $50.00 Visa and a cake and some beverages for a baby shower celebration hosted by me at our church for my sister). On Monday September 3rd, 2018 my sister attempted to make a purchase in Walmart and was told there were no funds on the card. She called mastercard who informed us that the card was activated but had a zero balance, we also mentioned the card had no numbers on it and they said this was unusual and a common type of fraud. In summary, I went to the superstore with my pregnant sister, her husband and myself to resolve the issue and spent 30 minutes in customer service only to be told they had to call mastercard, confirm we were not doing the fraud (the card had not been used) before the store manager could do anything. On Friday September 7th, 2018 I called the store requesting to speak to the store manager as to why this has not yet been resolved or I have not been contacted and was told he was out of office and would call me Monday, it is now monday close to noon and I have yet to receive a call. Our church purchases all of our cakes, gift cards, etc from this location for years for the many celebrations we host (anytime someone is engaged, baby shower, birthday, graduation) and I myself who made the purchase on behalf of have worked at NoFrill's (part of the chain) for 8 years and been a member of PC mastercard for over 10 years. As someone who chooses superstore to be my primary choice and PC mastercard my daily use of method of payment, this type of service is disappointing .
If I purchased a damaged box of cereal at the superstore THEY are liable to reimburse/refund/exchange. So why am I being told that it is MasterCard and MasterCard telling me it is the provider/Superstore. Can someone please assist me with this issue, as this is ridiculous customer service and very unfortunate. My sister who had to come travel from Brampton to come into the store, only to be given a ring around is close to 9 months. I'm not sure why we are treated like criminals who are trying to attempt fraud. Very disappointing experience. I would appreciate the contact info for a escalation team or so I can share this experience with the CEO Galen G. Weston. Thank you and Kind Regards.

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