Real Canadian Superstoredigital photograph

D Sep 14, 2018

Very very disappointed with superstore services.

I got passport size photo clicked for my wife and daugher for PR card at your store. Your executive ensure me specification of Photograph. But from Canadian immigration departent i again got letter stating photographs not upto the specification so they again request for fresh photos. In this whole process i got huge loss and lot of mental stress as we all has to travel to India but as due to your executive's mistake we didn't get our PR cards so they can't travel to India. I paid alost $35 for photographs and then around $30 to Canada post to send those photographs. Plus i had to cancel my international tickets and book again with almost 1.5 times cost and around $3000 i had to spend more. And apart from huge loss of cost. we had a lot of mental stress in this process. Now i got photo clicked at Walmart and they accept it and i will get our PR in next week.

Due to your executive's mistake we were not able to travel and had to bear huge loss and mental stress. I want Superstore to respond and copensate my loss. Definately superstor cant copensate mental tourture we bear but yes i want superstore to pay for loss of my money.


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