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L Nov 18, 2018
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I was in your store located on king george boulevard at kings crossing. They had 8 bins (2 groups of 4 bins) located in the pharmacy department with assorted items. There was even one bin in each group that was the same, emoji lip gloss. The signs on these bins stated 10 items for $10.00 with mix and match below the price. So I picked up 10 items from these 8 bins; 4-liquid hand soap, 2-tooth brushes, 2-emoji lip gloss, and 2-dental floss. The only bin that was not full was the tooth brushes, so it was not like someone picked up a package of dental floss and changed their mind and randomly placed it somewhere. As I moved thru the store there were several more bins that I saw: 4 bins in the christmas decorations section (one bin had the emoji lip gloss) and 4 bins in the pop/juice aisle (1.25l of coca-cola or ginger ale).

After picking up the stuff that I came to this store for, I went to pay. After paying my bill, I noticed that I was charged the regular price for these 10 items. The teller called the supervisor and the supervisors comment was that I picked items from two different groups of 4 bins. I commented that this should not matter as all 8 bins that I took stuff from were in the pharmacy department. Since the supervisor would not honor this or give me these items for free due to the mistake (like safeway does), I asked for a refund. While I was waiting for the supervisor, the teller must of rung up 6 customer's order. This was not a problem for me as the supervisor had not arrived however, two different male customers interrupted the cashier demanding bags for their order. She gave them each 2 bags for free. When the supervisor arrived, she told me that the dental floss that I picked up from one of the 8 bins were not part of the 10 for $10.00 I asked her why they were under the sign. She informed me that in smaller sign that it explained this. This is unacceptable, I returned these 10 items and received my money back, but this is false advertising and is unacceptable. The coke-cola that was also 10 for $10.00 was 1.25l which I purchased 1. The pop cost more than the package of dental floss that I usually purchase at the dollar store for $1.25

Just to let you know, I was on my way to a friends house for dinner and I stopped at this store to contribute to the meal. I am still upset on how your supervisor would not honor the marked price. So you can be that I will be telling 10 people and hopefully they will 10 more.

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