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Raza Communications reviews & complaints

Raza Communications complaints 33

Raza Communications - Extra charge from my debit card

Hello I was recharged my number [protected] but you mistakly charge 2 times my two deferent card I give you last 4 number my card
1 0671
2 8234
I need refund $20 please
Mohan chander
Email [protected]@ yahoo .com
Phone number [protected]

Oct 20, 2019

Raza Communications - bad service crooks

I don't give them nothing those garbage Raza, no star for them, they are crooks lier, bad service useless company, I bought $10 card I didn't even talk or speak all minute gone, every dialing they cut 5 minute or in half, worse company never seen before, I do advice every one, do not even thing to use RAZA phone, are the worse company in the world, trush and garbage.

Raza Communications - poor service and unauthorized recording of my calls

Since the changes were made on your platform the service has been terrible, call quality sucks, continues silence, ring no answer, number disconnect messages. When I call my family in South Africa it...

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Sep 14, 2018

Raza Communications - raza international calling minutes

Nothing has ever made me feel as extorted as Raza has. I have been trying to cope with the cheating for years now inspite of all my friends and family have told me but I seriously have had enough...

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Raza Communications - connecting

I tried to all Pakistan. Tried for half an hour. Every time it responds, "Call later". Later I called the customer service. It said, "There was a connection problem and that it would be corrected. After about a week i call Pakistan again. The moment I complete the number I am calling the immediate response (within one second) is "the person you are calling is not responding". Apparently the company does not put a call through and it responds with a pre-recorded message. The company has my money and I do not know what to do.

Aug 08, 2018

Raza Communications - international calling card online

I contacted this company today 8/8/2018 to purchase calling card. I entered all my information and was able to make an international card. However upon checking my bank account, the billing service...

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Apr 16, 2018

Raza Communications - rates

I have recharged through raza.com app. Money was not credited i called then thwy credited. Main issue there advertise per minute rate is different what actually they charged. I was talking to...

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Apr 03, 2018

Raza Communications - connectivity problem

Previously I could my home phone to call Raze and get connected to International number. Now they say if my phone is through optimum then they do not guarantee the connection.

Secondly when I use my cell phone to dial international Number I do get connected. However in the middle of the conversation the line gets disconnected. This has happened numerous times. I complained to Raze communications and the customer representatives only said that the issue will be fixed in ten minutes.
I have complained five times and each time I get same answers.

When dealing with a bank customer service representative and get disconnected is a big headache.


Raza Communications - recharged my account but money is not credited

Hi, I have recharged online from app and payment was remove from my account and also it's show in app payment history that money $10 is credited but not showing in balance

It take a minute to dedecte from my bank and money is not credited in my app balance ..

Is it a fraud ? Need my refund or I need to report to news

It's a fraud app which take my money but not credited on my account app and call customer care no reply

It's was an emergency call to be made back home and now they have taken my money e.g. from bank but not credited

Aug 15, 2017

Raza Communications - calls drop

We have been using Raza.com for a long time without many issues. But of late their connectivity issues have become the worst. I have complained numerous, I mean NUMEROUS times. Every time their incompetent reps give you bogus lip-services, keep giving different access numbers to make our India calls, but it just never improves. And now it is at its peak worst service. A few minutes ago my wife called India using the very last access number given to us by Raza.com. During 8 or 9 minutes call she got disconnected 4 or 5 times. She gave up! I won't recommend Raza Communications to ANYONE. The company sucks, their service sucks, and their reps and engineers are incompetent. As soon as my leftover fund is used up, I am switching! This company should not be allowed to remain in business. Shame on you, Raza.com.


Raza Communications - lost my minutes: [protected]

I am accused of having talked to [protected] for 54 minutes yesterday on June 4 2017.
I didn't talked to anybody using Raza during that day. I tried many times to call but it kept on failing to go through.

I have enclosed the screenshot of my calls involving Raza yesterday, Take a good look at it. I have not communicated to anyone that day.
Please refund my credit immediately and find out why your system is cheating customers


Raza Communications - Unable to activate application

I have downloaded this app. However it doesn't allow payment from debit card. I do not have credit card as I am new here. So I tried using my friends credit card. When it ask for the card expiration...

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Feb 06, 2017

Raza Communications - Calling plan

Their reps are horrible with low level of courtesy and patience and they get rude after you ask a couple questions. They always seem to be in a rush to end the call and sound irritated if you try to ask for clarification on a question (it almost seems like this company has set a limit of 'only one answer allowed per caller' and 'don’t talk long with customers even if it involves troubleshooting customer issues'. I have been with raza for at least 7+ years and as long as I was in the auto roll plan things were not bad, however, I recently changed my plan (continued the auto roll though) and things have been pretty rough (dealing with the discourteous/horrible reps). I have recommended raza to two friends in the past and they are current raza customers, however, this will end and I will make sure that others know about their horrible reps.

Raza Communications - Adding international minutes to phone

On Friday January 13, 2017 I went to a convenience store to top up an international phone number. I paid $20.00 for a top up. I got email confirmation that the international top up went through, and...

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Dec 27, 2016

Raza Communications - Over sea dialing account

You (Raza.com)have very poor customer service. The reason why I say this is because I use to have account with you. Last time when I try to renew my 1000min/10$, I was charged 12.99 and was not informed that the charge was not$10. So I called back and talked to a lady operator that I wanted 1000min/$10 plan which I have been using for a long time. She said OK I will change it and she gave me a new plan. I asked how many min I had in plan (because there were few min left from the previous plan), she said when you call it will tell you. When I called I found out that I was given 850min and not 1000min. I call this a poor business practice. As a result I stop using this service.

Raza Communications - Calls do not connect

Worst service provider for international calling. Please don't ever use this service. If you call their customer service, they just reset the line for you and it fixes the issue temporarily. But few hours later the issue is back again and the minutes keep getting used up even if the call doesn't connect.
This is honest opinion and I'm just trying to help you here from getting fooled by their false claims.

Feb 16, 2016

Raza Communications - bad software

I have been calling to India through raza for over 30 times and it says invalid number or number cannot be recognized. if I enter too slowly or too quickly or at same pace doesn't make a difference. their number recognition software is worst and its more of a hassle and I have moved over to better service.

Dec 26, 2015

Raza Communications - Network problem

Last week, I had a worst experience with raza calling service and because of their worst network I am in loss of $1000 and lots of mental trauma. I was calling to my family and receiver was able to...

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Sep 20, 2015

Raza Communications - International Calling

I have been using raza for sometime and from the beginning I have placed numerous complaints with them in regards to loosing 3 to 4 minutes each time I make a call. Before making my call I know how many minutes I have available. My phone has a timer and lets me know how long my call lasted, and I always round up to the next minute. I keep a written record of my calls, dates and amount of minutes used. Right after making my call I call back to check if my minutes are calculated correctly. 99.9% percent of the time it is WRONG. The minutes balance is always off by 3 to 4 minutes, I call Raza and they give me the same rehearsed line each time. "we don't see any lost minutes, we will let the tech time check it and send you an email" Once in a while I may get an email, but most of the times I never here back from them. I have lost over 50 minutes with this company, and no one wants to own up that their company consistently cheats me out of minutes on each call I make. I am fed and have to think 10 times before using them again.
People who use RAZA please, please, check your minutes before and after each call for accuracy, and you may realized that they are shorting you minutes also

Raza Communications - spam and fraud

this service is fraud and entirely spam.after I bought a coupon of $5 and charged it to my phone.the call I was able to make was just one and after that the call never reaches.they will start saying...

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