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1888 998 8540(Indonesia) 2 2
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+1 888 998 8540(United States) 1 0
+1 888 880 6890(Canada) 1 2
+44 808 189 1077(United Kingdom) 1 0
+61 390 015 571(Australia) 8 4
+64 99 250 401(New Zealand) 17 16
+32 80 026 172(Belgium) 3 1
+32 25 887 880(Belgium) 1 0
+357 23 030 206(Cyprus) 1 0
+45 80 820 095(Denmark) 1 0
+33 974 483 093(France) 1 0
+49 32 221 091 069(Germany) 1 0
+60 154 815 2095(Malaysia) 1 0
+47 21 031 365(Norway) 1 1
+65 31 584 909(Singapore) 2 1
+27 105 001 909(South Africa) 1 0
+41 315 281 171(Switzerland) 1 0
United States
501, Silverside Road, Suite 105, Wilmington, Delaware 19809

10, Jalan Besar, 10-12 Sim Lim Tower, Singapore, 208787

GlobalHello Complaints & Reviews

GlobalHello / calling service, no response from costumer service

Dec 12, 2018

It's been about 3 months your service has not not responding my calls. I have been calling on costumer service not there is no response. Worst service one can ever get. I won't recommend this to any one. What about the recharge we have done? Initially u were responding. What happened now?...

GlobalHello / calling from nz

Nov 18, 2018

Hello there, We have been unable to make calls from the past three weeks. We have been informed time and again that there has been a server overload and wait for 72 hours. This happened three times. Now there is no reply at all. They have charged us USD 100 two months ago and haven't even...

GlobalHello / charged money without my authentication

Sep 13, 2018

I have been charged in year 2018 in March and May month for $100 Usd and 200 USD respectively which is not been authorized by me. As on agreed decision, the guy from company have to return me the whole amount in September but now they are saying that there is some issue in their system and...

GlobalHello / refund

Jul 28, 2018

I have been charged last year in September for $200 Usd which is not been authorised by me. As on agreed decision you guys have to return me the whole amount in January then because of your team mistake its delayed to April . And later i found out that my refund is coming back in 23rd...

GlobalHello / service

Jul 03, 2018

The service received by this company recently is the worst service I received in my life. Charging money without proper authorisation and taking too long to refund. Even then started telling stories without refunding money (after 8 weeks, still didn't receive my money back). Both the...

GlobalHello / had a online account to call overseas

May 16, 2018

I had an account with global hello to call overseas. I didn't used the account for 2-3 years and started getting calls that I have $200 credit on my account and if I want to use it I asked them so many time to cancel my account as I am not using it any more. They took my credit card...

GlobalHello / unauthorized credit card charges

Apr 25, 2018

GlobalHelloI am sick of this company. This is a fraud company All the customer care representatives from this company is giving me all fake information. This fraud company deduct $149.60 on 27 November 2017 from my credit card, without my permission. They are forcing me to use this money. I requested...

[Resolved] GlobalHello / unethical behaviour

Apr 16, 2018

GlobalHelloHi, I had a balance of more than $100 in my account. A lady called from the office and she was forcing me to recharge the account and threatened me if I do not recharge, she will deduct all my balance, which she did. If I have put $100 hard earned money in my account who is she to just...

Global Hello / calling cards

Mar 23, 2018

This company is trying to rip off money in a very clever way. A lady rang me to advise that the account that I opened in 2014 (and never used) is showing a transaction of $260 and that this is the fault of one of their employees whom they have terminated. I asked them to wait while I check my...

GlobalHello / money withdrawn without authorisation

Mar 21, 2018

GlobalHelloI would like to bring this to light that without my authority, money was withdrawn from my anz bank account dated 21/3/18. I have spoken to 3 ladies over in india and seems no one is responsible for this and was told this happened accidentally which is to me is total crap. Iam just done...

Global Hello / international internet calling

Mar 20, 2018

I finally got my money back from these scamster global hello by launching a dispute through my bank. These thieves charged my account 300 dollars in january this month without my permission. One of their agents called and said "sir, we have accidentally deducted 300nzd from your bank...

Global Hello / unauthorized credit card charge

Mar 01, 2018

Global Hello is a cheating company. I live in New Zealand asked me to provide credit card details to provide cheap calling rate. I have had cancelled the contract with them due to poor service but their sales representative keep forcing us to use their service. At last, without our...

GlobalHello / charging without my permission

Feb 24, 2018

i am from newzealand. i joined this copany in 2017 and referred it to my friends also but they are froud people. once you gave them your card details they just keep on deducting amount without your permission. Me and my friend suffering from same issue. Right now near $400 they charged me...

GlobalHello / illegal transactions by global hello in dbs bank

Feb 21, 2018

Hello, As subjected there are illegal transactions in my account on 2017. Everymonth it was deducting 100-150 usd. Keep on calling to customer care and mailed to global hello support, no response yet. Around 1000usd was deducted in 2017. As im jobless in 2017 i couldn't check my e-statement...

GlobalHello / charged $282 without any authorisation

Feb 13, 2018

I have been charged 282 nz dollar without my permission and when I rang them they had really stupid answer . ( sir we got another client with same name in our system so by mistake we done top up on your account ) guy name Aakash handling my account Dnt even bother to reply to my message...

Global Hello / credit card deduction

Jan 25, 2018

These people have deducted my credit card for usd150 without my authorisation and they have dragging their feet for 3 months about the refund. It seems like their modus operandi of committing fraud on customers. Let's all complain to the authorities in nz and india and stop these...

GlobalHello / calling plans and took money without permission (misuse)

Jan 23, 2018

Hi I am sunny from new zealand ... everything is going alright but in last july they will deduct $70without my permission... when i asked about this they said that is our new scehme and now they deduct US $100 wich is $150 nz dollars and i want refund this time . When i asked about refund they...

Global Hello / deducting my money without my consent

Jan 06, 2018

I have been using global hello for nepal calls since few years. They have charged my account 3 times without my consent. 2 times i have forgiven them and took the minutes. They kept saying that my card is removed but still they kept charging. And again they deducted aud $128. They said...

Global Hello India / unauthorized credit card charges

Dec 22, 2017

Hello there innocent people, Global hello is completely without a doubt a worst company I have ever dealt with. All the people working there are very very clever in the sense of stupid because the will call you again and again on daily basis trying to sell there [censor]ed up service to...

Global Hello / scam

Dec 19, 2017

One of the worst company ever. They stole my credit card details and scammed hundreds of $$$. Today I received a call that we deducted 200$ from your account and the shocking thing is that I wasn't using their service from last 6 months. I asked them to deactivate my account multiple...

GlobalHello / without my permission they deducted money from my account

Dec 18, 2017

Plz guys they are fraud. Dont buy anything from this company without my permission they deducted money from my account $150 and they are keep telling me that it will take time its been 3 months now i havnt get my money back so plz i rwst to everyone sue this company or put complaint about...

GlobalHello / charge without my consent

Nov 29, 2017

I am a customer of global hell from april 2017 . Bought a pack for unlimited calling to india on two phone numbers but only two monthes they said your mintues has been finished and big argument they agree to cancel one number and calls continue.. now after six months they charged my card...

Global Hello / fraud company never disclose any personal details

Nov 27, 2017

For past one year we received call from them telling that we have done a sim card recharge with them and asked us persistently to disclose the credit card details. Beware never disclose any details even simple ones like DOB as they record it and some companies can get information about you...

GlobalHello / update charges

Oct 27, 2017

I am a customer of GlobalHello with my login ID [protected] from New Zealand. Today I got a call to keep my account up and running for which I have to do the update of my account with a recharge of $20, which I did as there was almost a $100 left in my account so I dint wanted my account to...

GlobalHello / stealing money from credit card

Sep 28, 2017

Hi this is Sandeep Vashishta I live in Auckland NewZealand. It has been almost 2 years i am using Global Hello. But from past few months they are charging my credit cards with some schemes without my consent. In August they deducted around US $100 and told me that it was a promotional...

Global Hello / india calling

Sep 21, 2017

One of the worst service ever.. Deducting money without proper notice.. And the staff doesn't know how to talk to anyone. Disgusting and guys if anyone is reading this comment do please do not try global hello service. Even I asked my friends to stop using.. Today I received a call that we...

GlobalHello / fraud and cheating

Sep 20, 2017

Hello I am customer of Global hello. I bought the plan on 6 Feb 2017 from my agent name priya. she gave me deal 0.2 cent per minute for India calling plan. I have paid US $100 for this plan and she gave me 50, 000 mins for unlimited period. But on 22th of July 2017 all of the minutes were...

Global Hello Company / I don't use india calling

Sep 07, 2017

Hey i dont use india calling I have said these things to serval times to thrm n asked them to put my nunber on ignore list bit i am grtfing calls like rvery after a day Why ? Can u guys please stop doing it or i should go for legeal actions They always says take this if i say i m not...

Global Hello / unauthorized charge on credit card without permission

Aug 06, 2017

Hi, I have been using Global Hello service for a long number of years . But from last year I found my credit card has being charged without my concern. On Jul-2017, I was charged USD80 on my credit card. I had called many times to their staff and they will just tell me, your agent will call...

Global Hello / fraud company - international calling plan

Aug 03, 2017

Hi, The Hello Global or Global Hello team contacted me and offered me cheap calling to India from New Zealand. Agent (Priyanka) called me and told me about the $60 USD plan for unlimited calling. I asked several times about the plan and made it clear that i do not want to use my mobile data...

Global HelloLimited / Unauthorised deduction from my credit card

Jul 16, 2017

Global Hello has deducted $ 35.26 from my credit card account without my authorisation as I am not their customer anymore. I had discontinued their services since 2011 as they had never provided any proper service to me. The company promises to give 24/7 customer support but I have been...

Global Hello Service / cheater about rate

May 30, 2017

Hello all people, I am the victim of this [censor] company. These people says the rate are real cheap and say the rate in currency where I live (Norway) but in real its totally fake. They deal in usd only and that is really high. I would like to strongly and highly aware all the new people...

[Resolved] GlobalHello / unauthorized credit card charges.

May 29, 2017

Hi, I am a customer of GH, with my Login ID- [protected] from New Zealand. Your agent( Name: Shweta), told me that I will get nice calling rates and this and that minutes. So I signed up for the first time, as I don't use much of GH to call India, as I have other alternate options as well...

Global Hello / phone service

May 16, 2017

Global Hello has taken money from my credit card without my permission. They have taken USD 250 approximately so far and when I called them to cancel my account they offered my wife a refund of USD 65. This is robbery, theft and outright cheating !!! Tanya Thakur, their customer service...

GlobalHello / calling service to india and the gulf

May 06, 2017

Hi, The team contacted me and offered me cheap calling to India and Dubai. The service worked fine until a few weeks and then they called back saying the amount on the account is empty. To I responded saying show me the call records and I will buy more minutes from Globalhello. They...

GlobalHello / credit card debited without authorization

Mar 27, 2017

My name is Sudhir Raj. I had subscribed to Global Hello in Singapore. In August, 2016 I noticed a credit card debit made of 155USD without my authorization. I reached out to them and their customer service person informed me that the credit will be made immediately. I have had multiple...

GlobalHello / unnecessary deduction from my credit card

Feb 01, 2017

Hello Sir, I want to inform that I am Nishant from NewZealand and I call to India with Global Hello minutes purcsaed, but now I am not purchasing any minutes from them because of bad service as there is always a service problem but now only 2 days back they deducted 73 NZD dollars from my...

Global Hello / poor phone service

Jan 25, 2017

hello im antarpreet singh and i am living in australia. i used global hello service from australia to india and i suggested lots of my friends too. my story is i recommended global hello service to one of my very best friend's gf over to canada. she wants to talk to his bf to dubai. rakhi...

Global Hello / cheating

Oct 06, 2016

Dear friends, Please be careful to deal with Global Hello. I am customer of G H from New Zealand, when G-hello salesperson(Khushi) call me, she talk always like we give 2 cents/min, we are giving very cheap rates to call India using our service, one final day I came to know that when i wa...

GlobalHello / calling card time offering

Jan 11, 2016

Dear Friends, Please don't believe the Global Hello Teleservices Internet calling card company. It is VERY BIG FRAUD company. They promised me that we can talk to India for more than 4200 min. if we pay US $ 30.00. But to our surprise when we talked for around 500 minutes, "Payment...