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Complaints & Reviews

calling service, no response from costumer service

It's been about 3 months your service has not not responding my calls. I have been calling on costumer...

calling from nz

Hello there,
We have been unable to make calls from the past three weeks. We have been informed time and again that there has been a server overload and wait for 72 hours. This happened three times. Now there is no reply at all. They have charged us USD 100 two months ago and haven't even bothered with service.
There is this one person Prince Kumar, who is apparently a service manager or something. He has stopped correspondence from the last one week. Can someone tell us what is happening. We seek redressal of our grievance immediately.
An irate customer

charged money without my authentication

I have been charged in year 2018 in March and May month for $100 Usd and 200 USD respectively which is not been authorized by me. As on agreed decision, the guy from company have to return me the whole amount in September but now they are saying that there is some issue in their system and they are not able to credit in my account. Now it is already September month and don't know what will happen to my money. Please help me to get it back to me.

  • Ga
    garry0808 Oct 18, 2018

    they have done this to my friend to and trying to do with me too. just go to your bank and explain them what was happened. my friend did the same thing and they return his money next day. and for future change your credit card details because they might still have your details and they can charge you as well.

    they told me that your subscription has been renewed and i was like who told you do this. they were like it is auto renew sir. even though they did not deduct any money because i did change my details. and they told me if i want to remove my details from their database i have to give them my new card details. and i did give it to them but i blocked my online transactions before that as soon i gave them my details i received 3 notifications from my bank that someone trying to deduct $200 from your acc. but thankfully i blocked my cards.
    please every one dont activate any service from them.
    they are absolutely scums.

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I have been charged last year in September for $200 Usd which is not been authorised by me. As on agreed...


The service received by this company recently is the worst service I received in my life.
Charging money without proper authorisation and taking too long to refund. Even then started telling stories without refunding money (after 8 weeks, still didn't receive my money back).

Both the agents and refund departments were answering in same way. I requested a call from manager but no response.

Seems like they don't care for customers.

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had a online account to call overseas

I had an account with global hello to call overseas. I didn't used the account for 2-3 years and started getting calls that I have $200 credit on my account and if I want to use it I asked them so many time to cancel my account as I am not using it any more. They took my credit card details on the name of closing the account and debited $200 USD from my credit card in Dec 2017. When I asked for refund they mentioned it was done in error and was assured will get the refund within month. Till yet I have received my refund and again on 15/5/2018 they again deducted $200 USD from my credit card despite I had an email from them that my card has been blocked.

Sales people making fraudulent transactions to fulfill there targets. Accounts department don't know the policies and procedures.

  • Pu
    Punjabisniper Jun 06, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Same thing happened with me today also . They deducted 200 usd from my account .such a fraud company .

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unauthorized credit card charges

I am sick of this company. This is a fraud company All the customer care representatives from this company i...

Resolved unethical behaviour

I had a balance of more than $100 in my account. A lady called from the office and she was forcing me to recharge the account and threatened me if I do not recharge, she will deduct all my balance, which she did. If I have put $100 hard earned money in my account who is she to just bring the balance to zero. I have attached a proof of my transactions and I don't call too much internationally as I use whatsapp most of the times.

Login ID - [protected]

unethical behaviour


I got several calls to get the issue resolved and at the end they unblocked my account.

calling cards

This company is trying to rip off money in a very clever way.

A lady rang me to advise that the account that I opened in 2014 (and never used) is showing a transaction of $260 and that this is the fault of one of their employees whom they have terminated. I asked them to wait while I check my bank account and then clearly told them that I don't see this deduction from my account at that time. On this the lady said that I will see this in a few hours and that the company quickly wants to refund that amount otherwise it will not be possible to refund and she asked me for my credit card details. I started to get an idea thar this was a fraud.

After a long conversation I decided to put restrictions on my card and then gave the number to see what happens. Immediately I received a text from my bank that a transaction of over $250 is declined due to restrictions on my card. I immediately closed my account. The bank confirmed that this transaction and another one a couple of hours later for over $190 was attempted by Global Hello. And to date there is no money deducted from my account that the lady initially suggested their employee had done by mistake.

Anyone reading this please be aware these people have become too corrupt. They are very clever, they use many tactic to get your bank details.

  • Jo
    joy.tilak Apr 04, 2018

    Well done. Wish I had not heed to their pressure and given them my card details. Anyways, I launched a dispute and got my money refunded. Thanks to ANZ bank. They are really good. This fraud company "Global Hello'' needs to be taken to court.

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  • Dh
    Dheerajbhaik Apr 22, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They are fraud... they charged my credit card with out my permission and later told they will refund..
    six month no refund...

    whit i see after six month my credit card is again charged with out my permission..

    guys be aware before giving cc Details.. Company and people are doggy...

    I am not sure how these guys can be prevented doing this loot...

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money withdrawn without authorisation

I would like to bring this to light that without my authority, money was withdrawn from my anz bank account dated 21/3/18. I have spoken to 3 ladies over in india and seems no one is responsible for this and was told this happened accidentally which is to me is total crap. Iam just done with global hello and require immediate refund.
Iam taking this matter further up for investigation and legal action against global hello staff responsible for this. This is total misleading information to me and fraud. Highly recommend not to join global hello.

money withdrawn without authorisation

  • De
    Deepesh Chaudhary Mar 24, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They did to me too and I asked my bank to have it reversed

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  • Mi
    Minal2563 Jul 16, 2018

    @Deepesh Chaudhary Same things happened with me.
    Have you complained to anz?

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  • Go
    goutham1666 Jul 25, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    same thing happened to me as well anz says its not our responsibility

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international internet calling

I finally got my money back from these scamster global hello by launching a dispute through my bank.

These thieves charged my account 300 dollars in january this month without my permission. One of their agents called and said "sir, we have accidentally deducted 300nzd from your bank through automatic payments, we need your cvv number to remove your card from our system. They said it in such an urgency that I could not think this was a scam and gave what they want and they deducted the amount. They promised me that they'll return me the money within a month in a month if I dont ask them for an official email as that will force them to use official methods to refund which may take 8 months and gave me a lot of fake excuses on why this happened. So I agreed. When I did not get my money back, I launched a dispute through my bank. These liars were trying to persuade me not to launch dispute but I did not listen and went ahead with the process and I finally got my money back today.

Guys, dont listen to what these [censor] tell you, just contact your bank and launch a dispute!!

Mine was anz bank.

unauthorized credit card charge

Global Hello is a cheating company. I live in New Zealand asked me to provide credit card details to provide...

charging without my permission

i am from newzealand. i joined this copany in 2017 and referred it to my friends also but they are froud people. once you gave them your card details they just keep on deducting amount without your permission. Me and my friend suffering from same issue. Right now near $400 they charged me for no reason without any permission of mine. Every month they keep on deducting $140 NZD from my account. Seeing so much negative reviews about this company i am filling a case against them so that in future they cant steal anybody money... In Newzealand this company soon will be blacklisted because of so much fraud

illegal transactions by global hello in dbs bank


As subjected there are illegal transactions in my account on 2017. Everymonth it was deducting 100-150 usd. Keep on calling to customer care and mailed to global hello support, no response yet.
Around 1000usd was deducted in 2017. As im jobless in 2017 i couldn't check my e-statements moreover i was some sort of depression stage being with family in singapore. Please do needful and take immediate action this and arrange my money back.

charged $282 without any authorisation

I have been charged 282 nz dollar without my permission and when I rang them they had really stupid answer . ( sir we got another client with same name in our system so by mistake we done top up on your account ) guy name Aakash handling my account Dnt even bother to reply to my message. Worst part they said I gotta wait for 90 [censor] days to get my hard earned money back. Because of their transactions my credit was gone over limit and I have been charged fee for that plus interest for 2 months already ( who will be paying that [censor] money ) to be honest I am pissed of with global hello services and I got 9 of my family and friends who use global services . I promise you guys soon I get my money back will cancel my subscription and credit cards and I will make sure all of my family member and friends does same. I am gonna post global hello [censor] on Facebook and Twitter wherever else possible.

  • Na
    Navsandhu Mar 14, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Global hello is a scam company who rip your money. They deduct $284 from my credit card with out my permission and later on they said it’s non refundable I have to use that money for calling even I don’t want to they are rippers who rip your money. Big scammer

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credit card deduction

These people have deducted my credit card for usd150 without my authorisation and they have dragging their feet for 3 months about the refund. It seems like their modus operandi of committing fraud on customers. Let's all complain to the authorities in nz and india and stop these fraudsters in their tracks. It seems the fraud has been going for quite some time now.

  • Mr
    Mr PSingh Feb 28, 2018

    Its a [censor] GLOBALSCAM company. They called me today after 2 years since I stopped using their service(they cheated me $200). Anyways I got call from some KAYA named [censor] saying globalhello have deducted $200 from my credit card I beleived her and she transffered my call to Ruhi saini in accounts department. Untill that moment there was no transection displayed on my internet banking. She told me it can take upto 30mins or 1 hour for the transection to come on screen bcoz of servers etc. Anyways she took my cards details again to delete it from their system but within next 10 minutes they made 3 failed attemptes to deduct $268, $190 and $127 from my card. Luckly I had locked my card while I was talking to this [censor] otherwise I would have been the victim of this scam. Please try not to take their calls simply hang up. These Globalhello are just big frauds. Im gonna leave a complaint against them I Victorian Consumer Affairs...

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calling plans and took money without permission (misuse)

I am sunny from new zealand ... everything is going alright but in last july they will deduct $70without my permission... when i asked about this they said that is our new scehme and now they deduct US $100 wich is $150 nz dollars and i want refund this time . When i asked about refund they said will take 30 days to get back refund (processing time). They deduct from my credit card but it's more than 3 months. Now i talked about my plans and all ... not answering my phone calls and messages. Really annoying .So i think we should wiped out this company.

deducting my money without my consent

I have been using global hello for nepal calls since few years. They have charged my account 3 times without my consent. 2 times i have forgiven them and took the minutes. They kept saying that my card is removed but still they kept charging. And again they deducted aud $128. They said they will give it back as last time. Last time i waited 2 months but i didnt get back and then i got the minutes yesterday after 3 months. I have changed my card but new card is also updated automatically. They are useless.

unauthorized credit card charges

Hello there innocent people, Global hello is completely without a doubt a worst company I have ever dealt...


One of the worst company ever. They stole my credit card details and scammed hundreds of $$$. Today I...