Ramada Worldwidelost (stolen) ipad

H Jul 18, 2019


I stayed at Ramada Addis July 8th through 10th, with my colleague Mr. Asutay. (accommodation reference [protected])

We arranged a shuttle to be picked up after our flight TK 676 İstanbul - Addis Ababa.

I had my luggage with me all the time, except a short period when we run from the hotel parking lot into the hotel during heavy rain after midnight. Our luggages were carried on to the hotel separately.
Next morning, when I woke up I couldn't find my Apple iPad Pro 10.5-inch in my carry on luggage.
Within a STM Dux Plus case

I have followed up at the lobby in the morning of the 9th and 10th, yet couldn't find a trace of my i-pad.
Even if I and my colleague remember having packed my i-pad when leaving the plane, I have also followed up with Turkish Airlines, yet they din't find it neither.

Having not heard from the hotel meanwhile, I decided to send this reminder.

Best regards,

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