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Hi I recently made purchases at your Lee Massachusetts outlet store. I'm 60 years old with a bad knee and asked the manager to use the restroom in the store. He gave me vague directions to a restroom a quarter-mile away which left me limping back to the store to complete my purchase with my girlfriend. I believe your managers name is Michael Silva.

I have been buying your products for the better part of 30 years. Upon returning to the store I stood at the cash register with four store clerks not waiting on anyone as there are no other customers in the store. The store manager Silva was putting a shirt on top of the pile and I asked three times if someone could come over and ring us out, in a voice loud enough and polite enough for everyone to acknowledge my presence the manager who doesn't wear a name badge or a name tag then ordered one of the assistants to help us complete our purchases. I found his entire demeanor noncompliant with the normal Ralph Lauren standards . I asked him for his name which she gave to me and then didn't bother to ask does anything you could help me with or why I was curious as to what his name is. I do not believe his customer service skills are worthy of a manager at your store. I am very disappointed in the way I was treated.

The secure yesterday and my bad knee is still leaking from the walk I normally never would've taken it if it were not for your manager giving me vague directions for the men's room And insisting I leave the store.
My cell number
Is [protected] thank you

Jun 01, 2019

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