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Just received an $820 special assessment bill in the mail from Raintree Vacation Club, this on top of the $820 we paid for our yearly maintance fee which has doubled since we bout in the late nineties. This is supposedly for membership driven requests for Internet in every room and new cushions for the chaise-lounges. No one ever asked me if I was interested in all these types of upgrades! Also, why does this not simply get paid out of our maintenance fee? The RCI exhange portion of this membership through Raintree is also a joke- you have to order several YEARS in advance they tell me in order to reserve a room in San Francisco in mid August. Similar attemps to utilize that portion of our membership with Club Regina have been equally disappointing. Our contract does not give them the right to levy special assessments on us- it is a membership and for that we agreed at contract signing time to pay a maintenance fee- there was NEVER any understanding or disclosure that we had to pay a special assessment fee when we joined the Raintree vacation club. And despite severalarticles as to the absilutely explosive growth year over year 2008 to 2009 of RVC, we still get hit in the middle of a deep recession with this unwarranted and unfair fee that the contract gives them no right to levy? Use the maintenance fee folks and manage the business! We have never been sent ANY accounting as to how the maintenance fee has been used nor have we received any indication that this was coming on the special assesement fee. Tired and disgusted that we ever bought into this timehare nonsense and hoping it won't cost us another $15, 000 to get out!

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      Jun 21, 2009

    You are being charged for the high rate of delinquencies they've been experiencing over the past year. And they are having a hard time drumming up new business (nobodys buying right now, and all indication are, they won't be buying for a very long time, if ever again.)

    As we know, a business can NEVER, EVERY feel the pinch, every single unexpected loss needs to be passed on to their existing customers in the form of higher fees (or new fees).

    Your only mission right now should be getting out of this contract any way you can.

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      Jun 26, 2009

    We have compiled a list in excess of 100 members that are communicating and strategizing with a goal of contacting the attorney general in multiple states, especially Texas and AG Andrew Cuomo in New York. If you want to be a part of the combined effort, please send your email address to [protected]

    The longest and most thorough thread of complaints and comments is at Raintree — Trying to charge a &Special Assessment&. The title of this complaint is “Trying to charge a ‘Special Assessment.’"

    For the convenience of the authorities who might want to read members postings and for future reference, it seems it would be best to accumulate all comments under the above thread. There are already 13 pages on the thread.

    Thank you.

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      Jul 01, 2009

    This special assessment is is outrageous. Overall, I've been happy w/ the timeshare. The maintenance fee is increasing to quickly, but the assessment fee is out of line. Nothing in the contract discusses an assessment fee.Has any one started a class action lawsuit? I interested in joining. We need to stop this extortion.

    Thank you.

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      Apr 04, 2010

    It is not fare how the company is running the business, in my vacations at Club Regina Puerto Vallarta, talking with the people at works for the sales departmente, they told us that their commisions were also affected, they have taken 20% for cancelations with no limit, they comment that the money never comes back to their pockets. Somebody is doing a side buiness with it. It is amaizing how this company have changed.

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