Raintree Vacation Clubspecial assessment fee for every other year memebership

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I'm agreement with everyone about unfair assessment charge. What's more infuriating is that I have a Gold even year membership and Raintree is charging me a full assessment fee $820 for a half year membership. When I called Raintree and asked about the full assessment fee for a half year membership, they said I have to pay the full assessment and I’m being compensated by matching me up with 100, 000 Raintree vacation Club points. This means I have to use my limited 40, 000 points to get an additional 40, 000 points through RCI. I told the representative that I’m not interested in the points and I should not be charged a full assessment fee for a half membership or any assessment fee for that matter. The representative told me to call Sharon Racine [protected]) in their corporate office that will be able to help. I called her and I got the same response as many of the other people who called; a voice mail and no return call.


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      Jun 23, 2009

    Please go to the following forum for lots of discussion on this Raintree Special Assessment Extortion attempt:

    Raintree — Trying to charge a &Special Assessment&

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      Jun 26, 2009

    Two days ago, after complaining for the same situation, my assessment was reduced to $478.50. Apparently
    it was an error...I am an even year, platinum member with club regina. I don't agree with this assessment, I have written at least 4 times. You may receive an updated bill...the rules change daily. Good luck!

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      Jun 29, 2009

    Trying to contact a customer service representative is impossible. Also I have a buyer for this timeshare and Raintree will not allow the purchase!!! Why?? This assessment appears to be a fraud or a scam. No way do they need this much money for the upgrades.

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      Jul 02, 2009

    Just got an email from RVC and they are withdrawing the Special Assessment and refunding those who have already paid.

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      Aug 02, 2010

    I received the original special assessment fee in 2009, never paid it.
    Then they withdrew it. Now in 2010, they're telling me I owe them another $883 after I already paid the 2010 regular maintenance fee.
    So what is going on, any good links?

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