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Travel reservation

I have tried to cancel my reservation that I made in 10/2019 since April and they will not allow it. blaming...

Not Trustworthy

Do not do business with this company or this person. He will tell you whatever you want to hear. He will...

Took $5000 from us

They get you on the way to Branson. (Bad publicity for Branson) They advertise free room and shows, (.$5, 000 is not free). I still get calls from Branson, I think they still need another $5, 000. I will never return to Branson.

They seem to be hitting on senior citizens, because that is what mostly goes there. Needless to say, Branson is a beautiful place to visit, but those companies/people leave a bitter taste in your mouth. Therefore, we shall never return to Branson.

Beware!!! Visitors to Branson, don't listen to any of them. Pay for your room and your shows, or it will cost you anywheres between $5, 000 to $10, 000.

Bogus travel club

Vacation Travel Club stole $5, 000 from my husband & I over a year ago by making promises on our contract that they did not keep. Not only was I unable to get what we were promised but have yet to take ANY vacation thru them nor will they return phone calls to even TRY to get my money back!This company is a scam and please anyone dealing with them make a formal report with the BBC because as of today they still have an A score!!!I did speak to ONE live person and he was absolutely useless and did nothing more than answer the phone

  • Jo
    John Conner Aug 31, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    What promises did they make? What types of vacations have you tried to book thru them?

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Resolved Refuse to accept responsibility

After plunking down 5 thou, I repeatedly tried to book trips thru VTC. When all my efforts failed, I sued VTC for a refund, claiming failure to deliver promised services. I won my small-claims court suit here in NJ. I haven't collected anything besides the satisfaction of winning, and I am still out the money.

The Benton office said that my problem was with their local franchise, Modern Vacation Planning, and they were not responsible. Well, I've been a franchise owner in another line of work, and I know any reputable franchiser stands behind the franchisee when the name and reputation of the business is at stake.

Stay away from these people. They promise you everything, take your money and deliver nothing.

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Resolved Failure to deliver

After hearing a glowing presentation, we plunked down 5 thou for membership. The company doid not deliver on...

Resolved Poor Service

VTC has consistently let my family down. We have tried to book three trips last year and had to badger them...

Resolved Great Investment

Attended a recent presentation with Vacation Travel Club out of a postal invitation. We were trated well and...

Resolved Very Happy

We attended and purchased the Gold package from Vacation Travel Club in early Sept. We have used our Flight and Hotel savings many times with success. The Resorts we have booked this November have been available and excellent choices compaired to our Time share limitations. We have had excellent customer service and support with all matters related to our travel needs. You can only reach the staff for suport Monday through Saturday. This is an excellent investment for those who travel or have family that would like to use your membership benefits as well.

  • La
    Larry and Shirley Allen Mar 01, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Good for you, but we did not get any service or help with any of our plans for vacations. They never helped in any way. They were very rude when we called the manager, but still did not help on vacations. We had to use a local travel agent to plan a vacation. But of course we still paid each year. Our son called because he was on our list to use the Vacation Club, but they never helped him either. We still tried again to plan a trip to Australia, but never did they get back to us or help us in any way. I tried many times to contact them. They just took our money. To me that is stealing what do you think? We tell everyone about them, so others will not get hooked when in Branson. We do not even want to go to Branson any more. We feel we were ripped off big time. This is hurting Branson and someone needs to stop them. Of course, we would like to have our money back. It took us a long time to save up $5, 000.00.

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  • 52
    521? Oct 28, 2019

    @Larry and Shirley Allen Agreed. The company names are now hidden in realty companies, marketing companies. Multiple holdings, and the same exact travel share company crooks are still running a Branson office but shocker all the companies they have renamed after getting charged by judges and the BBC and told not allowed to participate and closing down the company. The one owner left, who avoided tax evasion charges, opened up other hidden LLC’s located in Delaware and other states to avoid being f singled out in one federal judgement still allowing to collect a d stay in business by changing the name and allowing the 3rd partner in business with Denver and a Thomas wood for over 25 years, Brent headed your the corrupt season Sale Department led by Brent Hedrick’s sales techniques to take advantage of any couple, especially targeted at the families, retired, and elderly who trusted in Destinations and Vacation Services of America located in Branson Mo, only to find out there money was taken, the brochures and contracts do not contain any small print about having to use the plane tickets within a year and most had to hire attorney costing them
    Time and money to get out of the scammed contract represented to them as travel vacation, yet consumers were billed by another scam company who refused to refund their money. Brent James Hedrick, approximately 45 years old living in a 5, 000 square foot home, owner of 5 luxury cars, has strategically figured out an angle in order to hide his extra income from all over the US in companies that would seem unrelated to his time share business. If you check out his marketing companies, realty companies, and his shell time travel companies, you will find this same guy, Brent Hedrick, son of Dale Alden and Cynthia Lynn Hedrick, Beat friend of Denver Wood and His dad for making his a 1/3 partner in order to change the way co summers were sold and how to sell them
    In record time prior to their ability to cancel for a refund. Instead, other sales people with their over prepared pitch fettered them from cancelling their contract, not returning their calls within the 48-72 hour by law cancellation period and not refunding airfares, refusing to cancel me memberships without hard seeking them the ability to discount their rate or upgrading these same people into some other scam they were told protected them until they were ready to go on their first vacation. These people, like the TRUE OWNER OF MOST OD THE ENTURW COMPANY AND ALL OF ITS ENTITIES ARE WHOLLY OWNED BY THE MASTER ARTIST KF FRAUD, SINCERE SELLING STYLE WHICH MAKES MOST CO SUMERS FEEL EXCITED AND TRUSTWORTHY OF BRENT HEDRICK AND HIS TEAM.
    Do your research these folks get involved in charities, autism groups to help others, and excel and their false perception of reality. These are some of the most charming authentic folks you’ll ever meet in person again and again until you do your research!

    And like the above listed, always GO WURH YOUR GUT and not your head on purchasing from Brent Hedrick’s and his floating teams all over the US and Deleware LLC’s. Also check out where your check is being deposited, into which Holding company not doing business as a dba. Because these folks having been in jail and trouble multiple times, no how to work all the angles in their favor.

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The Vacation Travel Club representatives were "less than open and honest" with us when we attended their...

Resolved False Promises

Vacation Services of America promised that as members of Vacation Travel Club, we would be able to get the...

Resolved Cancellation of membership application denial

My name is: James E. Thompson, N7495 535th St., Menomonie, Wisconsin 54751 On December 5, 2008 I filled out...

club membership

As a result of ugly sales tactics after the vacation club presentation what I called brainwash session, I...

Resolved Rip off

Our story is much like many others, unfortunately. Although we resisted the timeshare pitch in Branson, the follow up vacation club seemed like a good idea. What were we thinking! Rebelhorse, What's the status of your action? We're not seeing any savings as promised, and there certainly is no 24/7 support! We don't see much availability of condos that we'd be interested in. On a cruise comparison, the costs are penny for penny what we can find on the cruise line's own site. We've asked our credit card company to dispute the charge. Rebelhorse, how do we contact you?

  • Sv
    sversion2 Oct 26, 2009

    You cannot access any of the Cruise or Flight discounts with-out Membership access. There is no way to compair Vacation Travel Club discounts without being a member. Just like any other membership with sustantiial savings - You must be a member to receive member benefits..

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Resolved Scam and cheating

We got scammed into the Vacation Travel Club while in Branson Missouri. We were promised a free cruise and a free trip to Ireland if we paid the fee and joined. The fee was almost five thousand dollars. This was about three years ago. When we went to take advantage of one of the trips we were told the company that had sold it to us had gone out of business.

As far as I am concerned the whole company is a big scam center and we might as well have flushed five grand down the toilet! We have not found trips any cheaper than we can get them through many other companies.

  • Ch
    Chateau World victim Sep 27, 2008

    Sadly, vacation clubs and scams are everywhere and the con artists that run them just change names and continue ripping people off when they get caught.
    We have a big one in Alberta- started as Royal Club International (scammers would tell you you were buying RCI- then have you sign contracts for Royal Club- a completely different entity)
    Charges were eventually laid and the people behind the scam just incorporated another company called "Chateau World" and kept running the same scams out of the same locations with the same phone numbers... it is incredible.

    There is information on numerous sites about this Canadian scam:

    Alberta Government Services (Consumer Alert)

    Alberta Government Services (Information Bulletin)

    Alberta Government Services (Undertaking)

    BBB Calgary Report on Chateau World

    BBB Calgary Report on Royal Club International:

    CFCN Consumer Watch:

    CFCN Consumer Watch:, C, C/20050714/stampedefreetruck?brand=generic&hub=&tf=CFCNPlus/generic/hubs/frontpage.html&cf=CFCNPlus/generic/hubs/frontpage.cfg&slug=stampedefreetruck&date=20050714&archive=CFCNPlus&ad_page_name=&nav=home&subnav=fullstory

    CFCN Consumer Watch:

    Calgary Herald:

    Alberta Courts (Reasons for Judgment in case with Wayne Barry)

    [redacted] 1:
    /URL removed/

    [redacted] 2:
    /URL removed/

    [redacted] 3:
    /URL removed/

    [redacted] 4:
    /URL removed/
    [redacted] 5:
    /URL removed/

    [redacted] 6:
    /URL removed/ (discussion board)

    TUGG BBS (discussion board)

    Street Talk (discussion board)

    Yahoo Answers

    Independent Traveller (Discussion Board)

    Consumer Blog 1:

    Consumer blog 2:

    Consumer Blog 3:

    Consumer Blog 4:

    Consumer Blog 5:

    Yahoo Answers

    Connect 2 Edmonton

    Ya... it's big.

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  • Ki
    Kim Schram Jun 15, 2009

    Elevations Resorts in Canmore is the same bunch of people as Chateau World, Royal Club International, Royal Club Resorts, Royal Crown Resorts and the Banff Gate Mountain Lodge and Spa.

    Rumor has it that the Banff Gate Mountain Lodge and Spa and also Chateau Canmore (both controled by Andre Muran) are facing foreclosure.

    RCI has removed Chateau Canmore from their listings and members of "Chateau World" are being contacted with offers for "great deals" for investors to get in on Elevations Resorts.

    Elevations Resorts is more from the same damn scammers!

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Resolved Scam

My husband and I were talked into attending a presentation by this group while in Branson, MO.

They say you can get hold of them 24hr/day. Nope.

They say they guarantee best rates, NOPE.

They say you can find great reduced rates. NOPE

They lie and you have no recourse. DO NOT trust these people. I was even threatened when I called to complain about the service or rather lack of. The women said if I came in to complain she would have me arrested.

These are heavy handed criminals as far as I’m concerned and I will tell everyone I can about what kind of thieves they are.

  • Vi
    Vinoboy Jul 17, 2008

    I don't understand this posting. I'm going to Destin Florida next month through the club and I'm paying $325 for an entire week for my family of six to stay in our own private beach accomodations. The cheapest that I could find anywhere for the summer was over $1500 for the week for my entire family. I think this persons complaints are against the person who sold it to them. The vacation club has a great record and is a member of the Better Business Bureau. This company is the best in my book and I would highly recommend them.

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  • Ma
    MaryAnn Stasio Jul 20, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My husband and I were promised a free gas card and 2 free airline tickets to join vacation travel club. I never got the gas card and when we went to book the airline tickets, they said it was too late to get them even though they said we had one year to get them.
    It took them over two months to respond to our original request for the tickets and when we finally said we wanted to cancel the took the full price for the membership and would not refund us a penny even though they never followed through with the gas card or the airline tickets.
    These people are thieves, pure and simple and I will file a complaint with the better business bureau and take them to small claims court.
    I don't know who the company was that charged our credit card for $3, 314.00, but it wasn't VTC, it was Ender Management. In going after the charge, our credit card company was no help at all so I will also have to take them to court.
    This has been nothing short of a nightmare.

    MaryAnn Stasio

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  • Ma
    MaryAnn Stasio Jul 20, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Anybody who knows how to get a refund from VTC or knows any information about their parent company, Ender Management, please contact me at [email protected]

    These people have victimized me and many others and I want to go after them.


    MaryAnn Stasio

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  • Ca
    Carrie Jul 27, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I booked a trip for my family to go to Disney World next month. We got roundtrip airfare, accomodations at Disney's All Star Resort, five day park hopper passes, all of our taxes and Disney's magic transportation for under $600 per person!!! The cheapest I could find anywhere else was more than double the price! I looked into the Better Business Bureau and they are an accredited member with a satisfactory rating . That means that they are taking good care of their customers. This company is by far the best. I would recommend them to anyone.

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  • La
    Larry Stevens Nov 07, 2009

    I joined the vtc three years ago and only saved money on airline tickets one time out of five. We was also suppose to get a cruise out of the deal and was never able to get ahold of anyone to help us. I feel like I've wasted my almost 4000.0 dollars. My husband wants me to try to cancel the membership to at least get out from under the yearly dues. I wish I could at least get our cruise as promised. I would feel like keeping the membership and giving it another chance. Disappointed in Oregon

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  • Li
    linnd Feb 03, 2010

    ? i am trying to cancel my anual fee and am trying to confirperson m what hoops I have to jump to cancel to stop yearly acct payment. I have sent fax, certified mail, and writen confirmation of no more annual payments which was in our contract. Please email me if you have had any simmalar issues. Also I had issues getting out of there websit when trying to info on rate and vacation packages when checking out company. Loggin info requesting me to take doem me fire wall--please inform complaintants to never do this... After checking other vacation, hotel, ect. sites ect. have also found this is a scam. We will pursue this--it is a matter of principal and morals... e mail [email protected]

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Resolved They scammed us

October 07 my husband and I with another couple visited Branson. To get discounted show tickets we agreed to...